The Deputy whip molested two men in public, and British Prime Minister Johnson resigned!

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Today, another milestone in human history has occurred.

After 57 government officials resigned and forced the palace

, British Prime Minister Johnson agreed to resign.

This historical moment is so classic that we have to save the screenshots, because it will become a compulsory subject for politics, history and civil service examination in many years to come.


In this wave of resignations, from the 5th of this month, British Chancellor of the exchequer sunak and health secretary Javid resigned successively, and the next day, on July 6, another 31 government members resigned.

So far, the number has grown to 57, and a delegation of Ministers within the government also formed to force Johnson to step down, including nadeshim zahawa, the new finance minister just appointed two days ago.

The new Chancellor of the exchequer also delivered a speech at the prime minister’s inquiry on Wednesday, publicly calling on Johnson to step down.

How about it? Does it sound too dramatic?

The chancellor of the exchequer took the lead in resigning, and Johnson hurriedly appointed a new one. It should be his confidant, right? As a result, Johnson didn’t sit on the bench. When he looked back, he found that his confidant had defected, and he also came to the palace with a group of people to force him to step down…

What’s the situation? A good British Prime Minister was ousted by his own people instead of being defeated by outsiders. How could he become a street mouse and everyone shouted at him?

In response to this, the reasons given by the major news media are very vague, just one sentence briefly: “because of the sexual harassment scandal of Chris pincher, the Deputy whip of the conservative party, Boris, knowing this, still appointed him to an important position. “

No, just a word.

It seems to say a lot, but it seems to say nothing.

Many people have a reaction after reading it: what, what is the vice whip? Sexual harassment, who did he harass? Also, aren’t sexual harassment scandals often exposed abroad, and the parties themselves resign. What does this have to do with the prime minister? How could this cause so many confidants to defecte and force the prime minister to resign?

Seeing this, do you also have many questions? In fact, these news media, they all have front-line reporters, who can get first-hand information. Of course, they know the inside story, but due to various aspects, they have difficulties to hide, which is not convenient for public dissemination.

This is the concern of authoritative media, but we media is quite free and loose. I don’t have this concern. Today, I’ll tell you something that TV stations don’t allow to broadcast.

One sentence summarizes the reason why British Prime Minister Johnson stepped down: one of his deputy whip, after getting drunk on the evening of June 29, molested two men in public.

It sounds like there’s nothing that TV stations don’t want to broadcast. Well, let me continue to tell you: this vice whip is also a man…

His name is Chris pincher, 52 years old, and he holds the post of deputy chief whip of the conservative party.

He looks like this:


What is the party whip for? The word originated in Britain. It refers to representatives in Parliament and leaders in their political parties, who are responsible for supervising fellow party members and maintaining Party discipline. Most of them are Party authorities.

To put it bluntly, it is equivalent to the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the British Conservative Party, but the power of the whip is greater than that of the Discipline Inspection Commission. It not only supervises the discipline work of Party members, but also prevents a few members from making voting decisions that are not conducive to the party, and also promotes the unanimous outward movement of Party members.

Therefore, the position of Party whip is very important. Generally, it is the No. 2 or no. 3 figure in the party. Whoever dares to offend the party whip will not only mean that your political career in the party is basically over, but also ban you from voting in various elections.

Our Chris pincher is the deputy chief whip, equivalent to the third or fourth figure in the conservative party. It can be said that he is in a high position.

As a party whip, he should supervise others not to violate discipline, but unexpectedly, he took the lead in violating discipline himself.

On the evening of June 30, after getting drunk, Chris pincher publicly fingered two men at the Carlton club in St James’ District, central London, on suspicion of public indecency.

Pay attention to the words, “dig”, I don’t want to explain more, you understand…

And the two men who were molested by him are not ordinary people. One is a congressman, and the other may also be a congressman

Well, as Mr. Lu Xun wrote in those days, there are two trees in front of my house, one is a jujube tree, and the other is also a jujube tree, which has the same merits.

In short, the identities of these two people are not simple. How can they tolerate such obscene behavior when they are members of Congress?

Some people will have doubts when they see this: aren’t foreign countries very open to such things between men and women, women and women? Many other countries support same-sex marriage. Isn’t Britain still called a “corrupt country”?

Well, it’s very common, but you also have to see who the object is. If the other party is Beckham, it’s acceptable, but if it’s uncle pincher, I think it’s better to forget it. I have to vomit disgustingly during the overnight meal…

In addition, even if this behavior is acceptable, it’s not a reason for public obscenity. Did they agree? You just do it, not to mention, in case the other party doesn’t like it, does he have a normal sexual orientation?

Therefore, Chris pincher was immediately condemned by all parties, and he himself rushed out to apologize and announced his resignation.

In his resignation letter to the prime minister, he said, “I drank too much last night. I embarrassed myself and others. This is the last thing I want to do. For this reason, I apologize to you and the relevant personnel. I think the right thing to do in this case is to ask me to resign as deputy whip.”


Generally, when western countries encounter such sexual scandals, politicians resign and finish it. Then after a period of time, it is normal to find an opportunity to make a comeback.

The same is true of pincher. In November 2017, pincher was accused of “unwelcome harassment” of former British rower Alex and resigned. But the following year, former British Prime Minister Theresa May reappointed him.

This time, Ping Che was forced to resign. Maybe he will come back after a few months.

From this point, we can see that although Ping Che’s character is not very good, his working ability is indeed strong. Otherwise, it is impossible for two consecutive British prime ministers to value him so much.

Originally, everything went in the established direction, but unexpectedly, this time, it seemed a little different.

After PINCHE resigned, many scandals broke out about him. Some people said that he had a lot of bad deeds before, and some said that he liked to harass colleagues in the office at ordinary times.

At this time, these accusations are only related to Hirsch himself.

As pincher’s boss, British Prime Minister Johnson will certainly respond. He said that before he appointed pincher, he did not know the specific report about his misconduct, and he was also deeply shocked, deeply angry, severely condemned and other official sayings.

The prime minister responded that he didn’t know about the crime committed by the undertaker. It’s understandable that the people won’t say anything even if they don’t believe it.

But unexpectedly, at this time, a British MP broke the news, saying that British Prime Minister Johnson knew the matter from beginning to end, and that he had “personally listened to the briefing on the causes and results of the investigation”.

Originally, this is a revelation, and there is no substantive evidence.

Johnson’s mouth is stiff. If he doesn’t admit it, it’s over. A congressman can’t do anything to you.

But I didn’t expect that Johnson, who always spoke with a big mouth without thinking, asked his spokesman to change his words again. This time, he said, “Johnson knows some designations against pincher, but the events involved in these designations have either been resolved or have not developed into formal charges. In the absence of formal charges, it is inappropriate to suspend the appointment of binche on the basis of unfounded statements. “

To sum up, there are two points: 1. Johnson knew pincher’s bad deeds.

2. Although the matter exists, has it been brought to court? Is there a formal complaint? We all solved it in advance. Why should I suspend his appointment when there is no factual basis? I just want him to be the vice whip. Why, I’m not convinced? Hold it!

This can be regarded as annoying everyone.

Not only did the opposition party let him step down, but also his Conservative Party united to resign and force him to resign as prime minister.

In fact, Johnson was like this before. He didn’t play cards according to common sense and liked to make decisions based on his intuition.

So many people call him “Trump second”.

But everyone has endured him.

For example, in 2020 and 2021, when the UK implemented the closure order due to the COVID-19, Johnson also held a multiplayer party at his prime minister’s residence.

At that time, he was under pressure from the opposition and the conservative party to resign.

However, on June 6 this year, Johnson passed the no confidence vote and was able to remain the head of the Conservative Party and the British Prime Minister.

The reason is very simple, because the conservative party controls the majority of parliamentary seats, and this vote is also held in the conservative party. Anyway, Johnson is also a member of the conservative party, and his family doesn’t protect his calf, so it’s useless for the opposition party to make any fuss.

However, on June 22, the CPI of Britain’s consumption index in May was released, rising from 9% in April to 9.1%, the highest since March 1982.

Inflation, hyperinflation, even ordinary people do not support him. According to the latest poll data, 70% of British people think Johnson should resign.

This figure has increased by 11 percentage points in recent weeks and reached a record high.


Don’t forget that Johnson is not only the British Prime Minister, but also the leader of the conservative party. His low support rate now directly affects the reputation of the conservative party.

Sure enough, in late June, the results of the by election of the house of Commons of the British Parliament came out, and the conservative party lost two seats.

Everything else is easy to say, but the election of seats, which is the top priority, determines the Conservative Party’s voice in Parliament and even its political status in the whole UK.

Of course, everyone blamed Johnson for this. Just because of you, we lost two seats, Congress lost two of our comrades in arms and two more enemies.

Therefore, since then, there have been calls for Johnson to step down within the conservative party, and the voices are high.

However, all contradictions are slowly accumulating, waiting for the outbreak of a certain moment.

Finally, Chris pincher’s sex scandal broke out, and Johnson lied that he didn’t know when he knew pincher’s bad deeds.

After being exposed, he was still stubborn and cunning, trying to muddle through.

Now, who can bear it?

Even the confidants around Johnson couldn’t look down.

As the saying goes, everyone pushes the wall down. Brother Johnson, now that so many people are against you, just step down. Don’t make everyone look bad in the end.

Thus, the dramatic scene mentioned above occurred: after the original Chancellor of the exchequer resigned, Johnson appointed a new one, but unexpectedly, the new Chancellor of the exchequer made a public speech on the first day of work, asking his boss to resign.

It’s really the best thing in the world.

So, besieged on all sides, Johnson agreed to resign.

However, Johnson will still “stay” at No. 10 Downing Street for a while. He said that he was prepared to hand over the position of prime minister after the Conservative Party decided on the new leader in October this year.

However, after the news came out, many councilors clearly expressed their opposition and asked him to get out now.

Everyone thought, “if we could wait until October, we wouldn’t be forced into the palace now!”

Why dare Johnson leave in such a hurry?

In the next few months, the British Prime Minister will make a decision on the corporate tax and Northern Ireland. I don’t know what tricks you will do if you stay on stage!

So, get out now, no discussion.

What is it called? This is called having completely torn his face, leaving no face at all.

Interestingly, just after Johnson announced his resignation, the pound soared, the UK stock index rose sharply, the UK FTSE index rose 1.18% to 7191.49, and the exchange rate of the pound against the US dollar reached 1.197.

It’s the first time I’ve seen the stock market soar after the resignation of a head of state…


This shows how British people hate Johnson.

Alas, Johnson, Johnson, the Prime Minister of the great British Empire, who can you blame for mixing in such a field?

Not only Britain, but after Johnson resigned, the world was full of joy, and everyone was as happy as a joke.

No one sympathized with him.

Only his enemy, the former president of Russia and the vice chairman of the Federal Security Council, Medvedev, came out to express sympathy. At the same time, he also hoped that such good news could happen in Germany, Poland and the Baltic Sea.


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