The details of Li Yifeng’s crime are disclosed, and the lawyer interprets the severity: up to 5 years in prison

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The fact that Li Yifeng was taken away by the Beijing police has been established, and Beijing has used the phrase “repeatedly illegally visiting prostitutes and confessed” to describe the criminal facts facing Li Yifeng.

The next step is the police’s handling of Li Yifeng’s illegal and criminal facts, as well as the follow-up procedures for detention.

Now that it has been hammered, what the public is most concerned about is whether Li Yifeng will return to your circle? Does he still have a chance? Regarding his illegal behavior, is it serious?

I can tell you accurately that if the illegal and criminal behavior of whoring is serious, Li Yifeng will face the end of his job in prison just like so-and-so.

On September 11, official lawyers have begun to interpret the details of Li Yifeng’s crime of prostitution, and have sorted out the circumstances of his crime on the basis of the law.

It is divided into two parts. To put it simply, if Li Yifeng violates the PC law for many times, if the circumstances are relatively minor (normal trading operations, the premise that does not constitute personal injury), he will be detained for 5 to 15 days and fined within 5,000 .

What if the plot of Li Yifeng’s PC is serious? Constituting a crime like XX Fan (dealing with minors, with evidence of forced transactions), then the maximum penalty is not more than 5 years in prison.

Back to Li Yifeng’s body, his illegal behavior has been constituted many times. If there are witnesses in the follow-up investigation of the police and it is confirmed that his circumstances are serious, Li Yifeng will report to Chaoyang Detention Center just like the sign.

The details of Li Yifeng’s crime are disclosed, and the lawyer interprets the degree of violation: serious, punishable by 5 years in prison!

According to the gossip media, at present, Li Yifeng’s PC behavior is another female party, and some people have begun to surface, and some news has been released.

For example, after he issued a public relations document on September 10, Beijing public security detained Li Yifeng overnight. As for the reason, some people said that the public relations had been settled, and Li Yifeng’s document was tantamount to provoking official power, so the official directly Arrest by hand.

There are even some private circles of “WW women” who have mentioned about Li Yifeng, and even released some videos of Li Yifeng’s New Year’s Eve.

In the video, he is holding a tablet to choose a concubine, and even wearing glasses to choose carefully.

This is tantamount to indirectly confirming the method described by the Beijing police as “many confessions by the PC”. He did not make a mistake, he was a repeat offender.

If these evidences are confirmed by the police, if Li Yifeng’s circumstances are serious, then he will face not only retiring from the circle, but the compensation is as simple as that.

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