The diplomatic contest between China and the United States at the summit will surely defeat hegemony!

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Author: Ming Shuyuan official account: Ming shuzatan wechat id:laomingdashu

In late June 2022, two summit upsurge appeared on the world stage.

In the East, from June 22 to 24, China hosted the BRICs business forum, the 14th BRICs leaders’ meeting and the global development high level dialogue.

Under the great changes not seen in a century, emerging market countries and developing countries, represented by China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa, hold high the banner of seeking peace, development and cooperation, bringing a positive and strong voice to the international community, which has been hit by the epidemic, geopolitical turmoil and rising inflation.

At the same time, in the west, from June 26 to 30, led by the United States, the G7 and NATO summits were also held in Germany and Spain.

According to various news released before the meeting, the United States is most concerned about how to build the G7 and NATO into new tools to contain China against the background that the United States provokes competition between China and the United States.

In the highly concerned Ukrainian crisis, China and other emerging markets and developing countries emphasize “persuading peace and promoting talks”, while the United States and other western countries emphasize that they continue to arm Ukraine and fuel the situation. The United States, in particular, is preoccupied with how to continue to fight a proxy war against Russia through Ukraine, so as to achieve the selfish goal of consuming and containing Russia.

Today’s China and the United States bring a completely different feeling to the world.

China is full of vigor, ambition and the world.

America is gloomy, anxious and self interested.

As history enters the third decade of the twenty-firstcentury, human society is at a critical crossroads.

Over the past 77 years after the war, emerging markets and developing countries have achieved a collective rise. The impact and change on the international pattern is in a critical period from quantitative change to qualitative change.

Today, nearly 8billion people in the world are facing various traditional and non-traditional threats, such as epidemic, geopolitical instability, soaring inflation, economic and financial crisis, climate change, nuclear proliferation, terrorism and so on.

At this moment, it is all the more necessary for major global powers to take the overall situation into account and work together to lead human society to overcome various risks and challenges and create a better future from the perspective of safeguarding the common interests of all mankind.

However, it is a great pity that the United States, as the world’s only superpower and the world’s largest economy, has many domestic problems, various contradictions are intensifying, and its international status and influence are relatively declining. The United States, which is anxious, full of insecurity and adheres to the binary and narrow thinking of “either friend or enemy”, is not only unable to give full play to the role of the leader of the international community, but is becoming the biggest uncertainty facing world peace, development and security.

In order to contain China, the United States is trying to provoke competition between China and the United States. In accordance with the simple “principle of the enemy and ourselves”, the United States is playing tricks in various countries around the world, seriously threatening regional and global peace and stability, and undermining the spirit of unity and cooperation that the international community should have when facing major challenges together.

The “blackening” of the United States is a negative reality that the world has to face.

In the face of the “blind tossing” of the United States and its core allies on the world stage, we must first recognize right and wrong and strengthen our confidence from a historical perspective.

For thousands of years, human society has been adversely affected by wars and conflicts, which have led to all kinds of catastrophes, large and small. But looking at the world and history, generation after generation of ordinary people all over the world still hope to enjoy a life of peace, tranquility, prosperity and happiness.

Therefore, from the perspective of the general trend of the development of human history, whoever can bring peace and happiness to the overwhelming majority of people is on the right side of history; On the contrary, whoever is creating turbulence and conflict is going against the tide and standing on the wrong side of history.

The so-called Sino US game is not jointly initiated by China and the United States. It is a process in which China and the Chinese people have to fight back against all kinds of containment, suppression, containment and slander by the United States against the background that the United States unilaterally regards China as the largest strategic competitor or even a potential enemy.

China has never thought about actively seeking the United States for “game” or competing with the United States for hegemony. What China pursues is to develop itself and let more than 1.4 billion Chinese people live a better life.

Whether it is a war of trade, a war of science and technology, a war of finance, an information war, or the United States soliciting its allies to form an anti China United Front in the international community, it is an unjust war unilaterally launched by the United States.

From the perspective of China and the Chinese people, passive response in the Sino US game is essentially a just battle to safeguard national independence, national rejuvenation and the people’s right to pursue a happy life.

No matter how many summits the United States has organized, how many new terms it has invented, or how many lies it has created to discredit and attack China, it will not change the historical responsibility that the United States should undertake to take the initiative to provoke the competition between China and the United States.

More importantly, evil outweighs good.

The United States has been playing all sorts of tricks, tricks and tricks that can not be brought to the table. All those who hold the United States in bad stead are 30 or 40 countries. They have always been a real minority in the international community.

China is not only an ancient civilization, but also a country with painful memories of being invaded and hurt by imperialism and colonialism in modern history. Today, China has embarked on the road of rejuvenation, which is the return of historical normality. It also represents the historical trend of rejuvenation and rise of emerging markets and developing countries all over the world outside the United States and other western countries.

In today’s world, both the population and the relative economic strength of western countries are declining. By this time, they had already lost the appeal of “I am the world”. At best, they just keep warm together and engage in small gangs to scare people. However, against the background of the overall rise of emerging markets and developing countries, they can no longer do whatever they want.

The United States’ attempt to contain China unilaterally will eventually fail in the world trend of peace and development and under the strong momentum of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

As for the game between China and the United States, in addition to recognizing right and wrong and strengthening confidence, we should dare to fight and be good at fighting.

The United States is particularly good at making friends in international relations. On the surface, it is indeed easy to create momentum and have the effect of frightening people. But in essence, it is a manifestation of the United States’ guilty conscience and lack of strength.

In order to contain China, the United States can engage in gangs. Then we will hold high the banner of justice and persist in seeking peace, development and cooperation in the international community, making the United States and its small gangs pale in the face.

After the Second World War, the United States played an important role in the international community. On the one hand, the United States developed well, its economy, culture and society were full of vitality, and its military strength was unique; On the other hand, the United States has a strong media, especially good at self packaging, self boasting and self beautification.

But in fact, the United States has long adhered to the “American exception” in international affairs, pursued double standards, and dictated to other countries. Many countries have seen it in their eyes and are angry at it. They just dare not speak out because of the situation.

Today, the collective rise of emerging markets and developing countries, represented by the BRICs countries, has given these countries the condition that they no longer have to “trust the American nose” everywhere.

I have worked in the Middle East for two years. Among the local elites, there are both “spiritual Americans” who admire the United States and “Arab nationalists” who adhere to the anti American position. Many people expect that at a time when “the world has suffered for a long time”, there will be new international political, economic, diplomatic and military forces that will restrict and balance US hegemonism.

This series of BRICs conferences and summits focusing on global development have been held in China in a row. It is a sign of China’s proactive diplomacy and positive achievements. It can also be seen as a strong response to the courage of the United States’ gangs.

More importantly, unlike American style summits, which all think about maintaining hegemony, containing opponents and creating conflicts, Chinese style summits all think about how to develop themselves, benefit others and benefit the international community. This is the difference between “hegemony” and “kingcraft” in international relations in the 21st century.

China adheres to the “kingly way”, closely unites the vast emerging markets and developing countries, and holds high the banner of seeking peace, development and cooperation. It can not only better develop itself, but also better benefit its partners and the international community.

If China and other emerging markets and developing countries continue to adhere to the historical trend of peace and development, they can also avoid the United States and other western countries from bringing the world history into a dark chapter full of conflicts and confrontation.

The United States insists on “hegemony”, and its stamina is obviously insufficient.

At present, the small circle set up by the United States cannot be separated from the nature of the racial and religious binary alliance of “white Christianity”. Japan in Asia has been thinking about “breaking away from Asia and entering Europe” for more than 100 years. It is an island country thinking that misleads the country’s development strategy. South Korea has recently created a “pro american” president. However, if he is involved in “Anti China”, it will shake the foundation of South Korea’s survival and development in the geopolitical pattern of Northeast Asia. I hope South Korea will not forget the historical lessons of the “Korean War”.

The United States now has gangs and gangs playing the trick of “white wolf with empty hands”. The United States uses the so-called slogans of “freedom”, “democracy” and “human rights” to bewitch the people and give itself the cloak of moral authority; But in essence, what the United States wants is how to let its allies join its “big chess game” of anti Russia and Anti China to draw fear from the fire, while the United States can take the opportunity to sell arms and continue to make ill gotten gains.

These allies of the United States, as long as they are not too stupid, will see this sooner or later, as evidenced by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. When inflation is out of control in more and more European countries, and even heating and bathing are problems this winter, let’s see how long they can “draw chestnuts from the fire” for the United States. If some European politicians are really willing to continue to serve interest groups such as the US military industrial complex and ignore the well-being and aspirations of their own people, they will sooner or later step down and become fools and sinners in European history.

Finally, in the face of the small tricks and tricks of the United States, we should still adhere to the long-term thinking and implement the geopolitical game strategy of “encircling cities from rural areas” worldwide.

Since trump launched a unilateral trade war against China on march18,2018, China has become more and more confident.

The United States is good at making concepts, playing with new terms and forming groups, but in fact, in the long run, these things are all frivolous.

As long as the United States refuses to give real money and help other countries, its influence in the international community will be limited.

Today, the domestic political and financial realities of the United States have determined that the United States neither wants to use its own money for the welfare of others, nor is it willing to use its own money for the welfare of others.

What the United States wants is how to let others make chess pieces and consumables for themselves and fight proxy wars. At certain times, there will always be “fools” flocking to it, but I firmly do not believe that the United States can deceive all people at all times.

In the Sino US game, at this stage, the US camp still has certain advantages in terms of economic aggregate, market scale, scientific and technological strength, cultural soft power, etc. However, as the world changes, the power balance between the two camps will change.

When China’s GDP in terms of exchange rate can also exceed that of the United States, when China’s scientific and technological innovation ability can also exceed that of the United States, when China’s spillover effect on the international community is becoming more and more positive, and the spillover effect of the United States on the international community is becoming more and more negative, it is time for China and the United States to win the game.

In China’s new democratic revolution, some people looked down upon the vast rural areas. Today, some people may always feel that the United States and its allies in the nearly 200 countries of the United Nations are economically developed, large, powerful and influential. It seems that developing countries are always a little “off the table”.

My view is just the opposite. We should look at issues from a dynamic, historical and dialectical perspective. Today’s emerging markets and developing countries are all likely to become important forces in the region and the international community in the future.

In addition to the BRICs countries, Indonesia has 262million people and is the largest Muslim country in the world; Iran is rich in oil and natural gas. It is a descendant of the ancient Persian Empire and has a population of more than 80 million; Egypt is one of the four ancient civilizations with a population of more than 100million; Kazakhstan is a large country in Central Asia, with a population of 18million; Algeria is a large country in North Africa with a population of 43.7 million.

Today, the development level of these countries is still relatively backward due to various reasons, but the vast territory, huge population and rich natural resources have laid a foreshadowing for the future development of these countries.

China adheres to the “kingcraft” and, together with the BRICs countries, will lead these countries on the development path of new industrialization in the future, which will completely change the world economic and political pattern.

At that time, when the United States and other western countries open their eyes, they are likely to find that they are not only a minority in population, but also have fallen behind in economic and technological strength.

At that time, we can say to them: “welcome to a more colorful twenty-firstcentury!”

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