The “doomsday plane” of the United States came to the stage, “capable of killing all people on earth”?

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Recently, the “doomsday plane” of the US military has moved frequently.

In late May, during President Biden’s first visit to Asia, the United States

The National Nuclear Air Command and control system (E-4B) was deployed to the Kadena base in Okinawa, Japan, causing concern. South Korea’s East Asia Daily said that when a nuclear war broke out, the “doomsday plane” could command all US nuclear combat forces and land, sea and air forces, such as intercontinental missiles, nuclear bombers and nuclear submarines.

Previously, the US Air Force also organized the first E-4B media opening activity since 2016, and Lockheed Martin (LMT) of the US first disclosed the concept of ec-130j “tacamo” aircraft; Kc-46a Pegasus has completed the E-4B nightwatch aerial refueling test

What is the intention of the United States to frequently expose and show off the “doomsday plane”?

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“Doomsday plane”, go to the front of the stage

The so-called “doomsday plane” is an “air command center”, whose official technical name is the National Air Command Center.

Us E-4B air command aircraft. Figure surging image

Different from the general air command aircraft, the “doomsday aircraft” can serve as the air command post of the country’s top leaders and the top military after the nuclear war. In particular, in the event of the outbreak of nuclear war or the destruction of ground command facilities, the “doomsday aircraft” can take off in the shortest possible time to assume the organization and command function of the “Trinity” nuclear strike force. Usually, the “doomsday plane” is accompanied by the deployment and operation of the president’s special plane “air one”, so it is known as the sister plane of “air one” and the “air Pentagon”.

The doomsday plane was the product of the US Soviet nuclear arms race during the cold war. Under the haze of nuclear war, the two superpowers of the United States and the Soviet Union designed the “doomsday plane” to deal with the “doomsday” and prevent nuclear attacks. After the Cuban missile crisis, the United States converted the c-135 military transport aircraft produced by Boeing into the ec135c “national emergency air command post” (NEACP). Since 1965, a total of 11 aircraft have been produced. In the early 1970s, the U.S. military considered the performance of NEACP inadequate. Based on the modified commercial Boeing 747-200b, the upgraded “advanced air command post” (AACP) e-4a was born.

The E-4B is upgraded on the basis of the e-4a. It is mainly equipped with a fairing for the ultra-high frequency (SHF) secure satellite communication system on the back of the aircraft to further strengthen the communication ability and enhance the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) protection ability in case of nuclear explosion. According to the design, it can serve as the air command post of the U.S. national command organization when the nuclear war breaks out, and take the highest military and political levels such as the U.S. president, vice president and Secretary of defense to organize and command the “Trinity” nuclear strike force. At ordinary times, it often travels around as the seat plane of the US Secretary of defense.

For future nuclear war, the “doomsday plane” is the top secret aircraft, shrouded in a mysterious veil. It is worth noting that recently, the US air force organized the first E-4B media opening activity since 2016, and also flew in the air with a group of journalists for 2 hours. This made the reporters very excited. They could not only witness and experience this little-known aircraft, but also publicly report the internal details of the “doomsday aircraft”.

Surprisingly, the E-4B cockpit facilities are old, fully mechanical, and a three person cockpit. In addition to the pilots, there are also positions for pilots and air machinists. Many command station communication system terminals in the aircraft use almost antique mechanical instruments. The most important thing is that the porthole can hardly be seen in the whole aircraft. This is because the aircraft focused on the prevention of nuclear explosion EMP impact at the beginning of design, and conducted a special EMP impact ground test.

Unlike the current digital cockpit advanced fighters, the cockpit and other stations of the E-4B do not have digital touch screens. The crew said: “the flight conditions of this aircraft determine that it needs

It should be operated in traditional analog mode, because digital technology will be destroyed in nuclear war. As a result, it can withstand any powerful electromagnetic pulse caused by a nuclear disaster. ” “This plane is called the ‘standby Pentagon’, and there is always a ‘doomsday plane’ on alert 24 hours a day, ready to leave.”

“Doomsday plane” can carry 112 crew members and passengers, and has the ability to refuel in the air. The general endurance time is 35 hours. However, the aircraft is designed to

Fly in the air for a whole week without landing. In addition, the top of the aircraft is specially equipped with an “radome”, which contains at least 65 satellite antennas, allowing it to communicate with ships, submarines, aircraft and fixed line telephones anywhere in the world.

Even though many disclosures have been made, the details of the communication station have been deliberately hidden. The upper cabin of E-4B has not been made public. Obviously, it is still a confidential area.

[Note: the Boeing 747 is a double deck cabin, and the upper first class cabin has compartments for the president and the Secretary of defense to live and communicate.]


With the new model, the US army began to “wipe the gun”?

In addition to the E-4B, the US Navy is also equipped with a “doomsday aircraft” – e-6b “Mercury”. This type of aircraft is mainly a submarine relay communication aircraft. It takes Boeing 707-320 as the platform and has been in service later than E-4B (1989). It generally performs communication tasks with strategic nuclear submarines.

After 1998, the e-6b was equipped with an airborne launch control center (ALCC) with special US Air Force personnel on duty, responsible for “remote control” launch of the “minuteman-3” intercontinental missile on the e-6b for nuclear strike in the event of a nuclear war and the destruction of the ground launch command post.

Compared with the E-4B, the strategic communication and command tasks performed by the e-6b are closer to the tactical level. Open source intelligence practitioners once pointed out that the e-6b is “an aircraft capable of killing all people on earth”.

The United States is now equipped with 4 E-4B aircraft and 16 e-6b aircraft, making it the country with the largest number of “doomsday aircraft” in the world. Nevertheless, in order to maintain nuclear deterrence and nuclear hegemony, the United States has begun to build a new generation of “doomsday aircraft”.

According to media reports, Lockheed Martin recently unveiled the concept of ec-130j “tacamo” aircraft for the first time, and exhibited the new “doomsday aircraft” concept.

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It is based on the C-130J, which is the latest variant of the C-130 “Lockheed C-130 Hercules”. The C-130 was put into service in 1956, with a total output of more than 2000. It is one of the most successful and longest lived models in the United States.

According to the media, the ec-130j is 58 meters long and equipped with four RORO AE turboprop engines. With a cruising speed of 644 km / h, it can climb at a speed of 640 meters per minute and reach the operational altitude in less than 15 minutes. The modified platform of ec-130j originates from the transport aircraft, with a maximum takeoff weight of 74 tons, so it can carry more personnel and airborne equipment.

What is puzzling to the outside world is why the next generation of “doomsday aircraft” in the United States chose the turboprop “master aircraft” instead of the jet? The analysis shows that this is mainly based on the needs of future nuclear war and the advantages of turboprop aircraft.

Although the ec-130j looks old, and its fuselage is much smaller than that of the E-4B and e-6b. The power system still uses turboprop engines, but its core components are hidden in the fuselage – advanced avionics, an 8km long very low frequency (VLF) communication antenna that can be deployed during flight. Through this communication antenna, it can carry out radio communication with the US Navy’s strategic nuclear submarines sailing in the global ocean and issue orders to launch nuclear bombs.

In order to ensure clear and stable radio communication with the nuclear submarine, the “doomsday aircraft” should keep the antenna vertical as far as possible. Therefore, the pilot cannot fly in a straight line comfortably, but must make the ec-130j complete a small circle and steep circling above the clouds. The advantage of the ec-130j is that it can fly in a small circle at low speed. In addition, it can take off and land on a short field runway.



Nuclear deterrence endangers world security

In the context of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States frequently dispatched “doomsday aircraft”, which is not only a show of force, but also a strong nuclear deterrent signal to the international community.

As early as the trump administration, the United States made major adjustments to its nuclear deterrence policy, focusing on the development of tactical nuclear weapons and lowering the “threshold” for the use of nuclear weapons. The Biden administration plans to readjust the US nuclear policy after taking office. According to the information disclosed by the media, the Biden administration is committed to promoting the process of nuclear arms control, stepping up the modernization of nuclear weapons, and continuing to adhere to the vague nuclear policy. At the same time, the United States tried to play up the nuclear threat of China and Russia, intended to pave the way for its own nuclear weapons modernization and the next transformation and development, and also made excuses for seeking more funds.

After the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, facing the unprecedented strategic squeeze of the United States and NATO, Russian nuclear forces entered a special state of combat readiness. In this way, the United States must respond. On the one hand, we will step up the modernization of nuclear weapons, such as accelerating the upgrading of existing nuclear warheads and the research and development of new nuclear weapons; On the other hand, the nuclear deterrent force has been strengthened. For example, nuclear strike forces such as strategic bombers and nuclear submarines have been frequently dispatched to military exercises in sensitive areas. Recently, the “doomsday plane” has been exposed in a high profile.

However, these “nuclear actions” of the United States can not bring security to the world, but release more dangerous signals. In particular, the new version of the nuclear posture assessment report being prepared by the Biden administration changes the expression of the use of nuclear weapons to: the basic role of U.S. nuclear weapons is to deter nuclear attacks against the United States, its allies and partners. This vague statement has greatly lowered the “threshold” for the use of nuclear weapons. In response to the adjustment of the United States’ nuclear strategy, Russia has also formulated the document “the basis of the Russian Federation’s national policy in the field of nuclear deterrence” and drawn four “red lines” for the United States to use nuclear weapons.

It can be seen that the United States’ nuclear deterrence can not bring peace and stability, nor can it restrain war. On the contrary, it has pushed the world to the brink of more dangerous nuclear war. A series of “nuclear actions” by the United States have seriously endangered world security and stability, and brought a potentially devastating threat to mankind.

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