The double dilemma of China and the United States!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

The president of Kyrgyzstan came out to speak, saying that Russia had ceded Central Asia to us.

After a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia has seen who is the friend and who is the enemy. Now Russia has achieved economic, military, geopolitical and political success, and the four fronts are in full bloom.

Can we be happy?

We can’t. More serious problems lie ahead of us.

Not long ago, I said that the democratic party wanted infighting. Today, the infighting of the Democratic Party is on the table. The whip of the Democratic Party openly expressed his dissatisfaction with Biden. The director of the White House Office also expressed his intention to resign.

If contradictions are put on the table, things will be easier to handle.

By opposing trump, he became a communist in front of the stage. After he came to power, he did nothing. He failed to do two things at home. He said that he would fight against the new crown, and that he would not be able to control inflation. He did not complete any of them.

At present, the resumption of work and production of enterprises in the United States is declining all the way. They can’t even go to work 40 hours a week. The communication at home and office is inefficient. The bosses will have a little doubt about Biden.

The two external events failed to divide China and Russia. Now Russia has completely turned to China. In terms of monetary policy, it has begun to open a way for the internationalization of the RMB and geographically ceded Central Asia. Containment of China is not good either. After half a world of containment, we will all go to the South Pacific.

Biden’s opinion polls have dropped rapidly in the United States. When the Democratic Party followed him and could not even guarantee the mid-term election, Antony Blinken was in charge of the overall situation every day. Biden still wanted to be angry and said that his remarks were clarified every day. He was very dissatisfied.

Under the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russia relied on energy and food, and its currency rose steadily, which turned the western financial nuclear bomb into a financial massage. Kissinger’s words fell on deaf ears, and the Americans were finally woken up.

What should we do if we are faced with difficulties at home and abroad?

This set of measures doesn’t work for Russia. The dilemma of the Americans is that they can’t help Russia to rise again. But this set of combined boxing doesn’t work for Russia. Does it work for all countries?

Let’s think about a few questions.

The US dollar can anchor oil, the ruble can anchor natural gas, and what can the RMB anchor?

If this financial combination fist hits us, will we be able to live and eat?

Russia’s domestic economy can be recycled internally. It is self-sufficient in food and energy. It also has sufficient industrial raw materials. It is not afraid to cut off trade completely.

But can our food, energy, import and export stand this combination?

At the same time, the United States has started to cut off the settlement of RMB, the sea route and all imports and exports to China in finance and economy and trade. Now they can’t do it. Because they also need the products I process.

But don’t they want to break up with me?

Why should they support the manufacturing industry in India and Southeast Asia, and why do they set up the Indo Pacific economic framework?

The answer is obvious and worrying.

Americans have full interest in completely killing my industry and sharing my wealth to tide over the crisis. This is the collective consensus of the US high-level leadership and will not be transferred by changing leaders.

We should give up the idea of sharing Europe with the United States. If we share Europe, our lips will die and our teeth will be cold. After Europe is over, we will be the next to be eaten.

I want to help Europe.

We should make the consumer market and trade routes to Europe. Even if the United States imposes comprehensive sanctions on us, our goods can still reach Europe, and our raw materials can still be re exported through Europe.

Saving others is self-help. There is no future until there is a picture.

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