The earliest “one country, two systems” in Chinese History: the chess game between Chu and Zhou

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Chu and Yugoslavia

Why is the vitality of religion far stronger than that of dynasties? Because of the mystery of religion.

God is omnipotent, but God is also a liar who swindles food and drink, because they never act or work. But because of this, they will never fail.

Therefore, for any dynasty, it is serious to see more, speak less, and move less. If it moves quickly, it will inevitably shake its foundation.

In retrospect, from King Mu to King Xuan in the Western Zhou Dynasty, their authority was weakened by their actions. When King Ping and King Huan arrived, they further lost their authority.

The bad thing about King Ping is that he surrendered his status and exchanged hostages with the state of Zheng. Therefore, every vassal state would think: why should the state of Zheng be on an equal footing with you, we can’t?

When King Huan failed to conquer the state of Zheng, he swallowed his anger. The vassal states regarded the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty as a paper tiger. They were just like that. So, from the heart, no one respects them any more.

For a second-rate powerful country, the Zhou royal family is no longer useful, so there is no need to pay attention to the royal family. So, later, the princes attacked the royal family.

Strangely, the powerful princes revered the royal family more, at least on the surface. Why? It is not that they really fear the royal family or are more noble in morality, but that the royal family is still useful to them. They can bring the emperor to make princes, and their strength can ensure that they can play the puppet of the royal family.

It is precisely because it is still valuable to a large country that the Zhou royal family could survive for hundreds of years.

The most direct consequence is that the war between the princes is more unscrupulous, and the always ambitious princes are ready to move.

Ambitious, who? Looking south, the state of Chu.

——The origin of Chu state

The state of Chu is in the south, the founding of the state is in Jingzhou, which is today’s Jingzhou, and the state capital Danyang, which is today’s Zhijiang.

By convention, we still start from our ancestors.

At the top is the Yellow Emperor. Let’s skip it. Later, because he had expertise in ignition and fuel, he was named “zhurong”. What is zhurong? It is the God of fire in ancient Chinese legends.

In ancient times, if someone told you that Zhu Rong had come to your house, you would have cried because your house was on fire. Zhu Rong is the ancestor of the state of Chu.

Therefore, it is very important to know the skill.

Zhu Rong’s son was named Luzhong, who married the daughter of the king Guifang. Where is the ghost square? No one knows. It’s called Guifang because no one knows. Maybe Vietnam, maybe India, maybe the United Arab Emirates, maybe Italy. Whatever it is, it is not Chinese.

The princess of Guifang was very powerful. She was pregnant with six children at one birth, which is also a world record today. What is the concept of sextuplets? The stomach is so big that it almost explodes. It is impossible to have a natural birth. Thus, caesarean section, “historical records” records called “crack caesarean section and birth Yan”. I don’t know who moved the knife. Once the knife went down, three people were born on the left, but not yet. One more knife, and three more on the right.

This proves that China has mastered the technology of caesarean section in ancient times. These six children are mixed race.

All six children are sons, and all are healthy. They are not only healthy, but also promising. His name is Jilian and his surname is mi ?. At the end of the Shang Dynasty, Ji Lian’s descendants were called Wei ? Xiong, which was quite powerful.

What does it mean? It means to sell. Therefore, the translated meaning of Yuxiong today is “the man who sells bears”. Today, that is poachers.

The descendants of Yuxiong have the surname of Xiong, and the people who sell bears have the surname of Xiong. So did the ancestors with the surname of Ma sell horses? You can’t reason so simply.

It is reasonable to say that selling bears is physical work, and the people who sell bears have no brains. However, he was very knowledgeable. King Wen and King Wu of Zhou had asked him for advice. According to records of the historian, he was “the son of King Wen”, that is, the son of King Wen and the brother of King Wu. At the time of King Cheng of Zhou Dynasty, some descendants of the sages were enfeoffed as princes, so Xiong Yi, the grandson of Xi Xiong, was granted a viscount in Chu. At that time, Xiong Yi stayed in the great capital to assist King Cheng and gave the state of Chu to his son.

At that time, the state of Chu belonged to Jing man and had not been civilized.

Xiong Yi is the ancestor of many surnames. Xiong, Miao, Chu, Shangguan, Wu, Qu, pan, ban, Cha, Zhuang, Yan, Zhuo, Mo, Jing, Cheng and other surnames are all descendants of Xiong Yi.

——Chu Du

What is Tiangao emperor yuan?

What is a vast world, promising?

The sons and great heroes of the Zhou Dynasty were sealed in the Central Plains. At that time, the Yellow River Basin was still green, so they were very rich. But one thing is that they have no room for development. What is worse, they are under the supervision of the royal family and lack autonomy.

Unlike the state of Chu, the king of Zhou was too lazy to take care of Jing man. From south to west to East, a large amount of land can be occupied and a large number of people can be conquered.

With the advanced culture of the Central Plains, Xiong Yi’s descendants are like fish in water in the land of jingman. No one is their opponent. They don’t have to pay attention to the broken rules of the Zhou Dynasty and the intrigues of the princes in the Central Plains. They are bent on expanding outward. The state of Chu soon occupied the whole territory of Hubei, then Hunan, and then most of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sichuan. In fact, the later territory of the state of Chu was almost as large as that of the Zhou Dynasty.

As a matter of fact, Chu was the most belligerent country in China at that time. It would be a great humiliation for them if they did not invade foreign countries for seven consecutive years. It is very painful to be their neighbors, because they are like tigers, who need to find someone to grind their teeth at any time.

The royal family of the Zhou Dynasty basically forgot that there was such a vassal state, while the vassal states of the Central Plains simply disdained to deal with the backward and barbaric low-level state of Chu.

By the time of the Zhou Yi king, the appeal of the Zhou royal family had been greatly reduced, and the state of Chu had come to the time when xiongqu was the king.

“I am a barbarian, not a posthumous title to China.” (historical records) xiongqu stood on the city tower that day and shouted, similar to Chairman Mao standing on the Tiananmen Gate Tower and shouting “the Chinese people stand up”. what do you mean? We are a barbarian country and do not accept the title of the Zhou Dynasty.

Split the motherland. In short, it means splitting the motherland, or “Chu independence” for short.

Xiongqu did what he said. He was very angry that he was only a small Viscount with such a powerful force. He decided to be not only the king, but also his father; He should be not only the father of the king, but also the father of the three kings. Xiongqu himself was crowned king of Chu, and his three sons were also crowned king. Xiong Kang, the eldest son, was crowned king of Ju, Hong, the second son, was crowned king of E, and the youngest son, Zhubi, was crowned king of yuezhang.

However, xiongqu still feels guilty. At the time of King li of Zhou, Xiong Qu was afraid because King Li was very cruel. He was afraid that King Li would attack him, so he consciously cancelled the king’s name.

Chu Du failed for the first time.

What made xiongqu feel very boring was that no one paid any attention to him, whether he announced to be king or cancelled the king, as if he did not exist at all.

——The concept of “one country, two systems”

Time came when Xiong Tong was the king of the state of Chu. Xiong Tong was very upset because he was not a king. From generation to generation, many princes were promoted, but Chu was still a viscount.

He is biding his time. He wants to be king.

On that day, someone came back from Luoyi. In fact, the state of Chu had spies in Luoyi, or the Beijing office. Of course, it was underground. Although there is no binding force on the spirit of the Central Committee, we should always pay attention to it.

“My Lord, King Huan of Zhou attacked the state of Zheng. As a result, he was beaten by the state of Zheng and ran away in a panic. Now King Huan doesn’t mention attacking the state of Zheng anymore. He was beaten in vain.” The director of the Beijing Office reported in this way.

Xiong Tong laughed. It turned out that the royal family of the Zhou Dynasty had this material.

“I want to be king.” Xiong Tong said that he wanted to make Chu Du.

“Wait a minute.” Make Yin doubobi speak. What is Lingyin? He was the superior Minister of the princes of the Central Plains. The name of the state of Chu was Lingyin, who is now the premier.

Does premier Dou love the motherland more than Chairman Xiong? Than Chairman Xiong?

“Lao Dou, do you object?” Chairman Xiong was a grumpy man and stared at him at that time.

“My Lord, how can I object? Chu has a vast territory, rich resources, outstanding people, hundreds of thousands of soldiers, and is invincible in the world. Your majesty is wise, great, and impassioned. What’s wrong with being a king? But.” Dou said. The word “but” is the most feared word in the world, because there must be knowledge behind it.

Xiong Tong is very happy. Everyone likes to be flattered. He wants to hear what is behind “buts”.

“It’s not right to claim the king rashly, that is to split the country. It’s unpopular, and there will be some trouble. I have a better idea. Is your Lord interested?” Dou bobi is very smart. Basically, he can be counted as the sacrificial foot of the state of Chu.


“My idea is one country, two systems.”

God, as early as the spring and Autumn period, there was the idea of “one country, two systems”.

Of course, it was not called “one country, two systems” at that time, but in fact it was “one country, two systems”.

How about one country, two systems?

The Zhou Dynasty is still regarded as the central government. However, the Zhou Dynasty should make the state of Chu king and govern the whole south. At the same time, the Zhou Dynasty can invite the state of Chu to help maintain order in the Central Plains.

One country, two systems: in name, the Zhou Dynasty was still the leader. In fact, everyone was a king. Each governed his own territory and had his own system. They did not interfere with each other. Externally, it is still a Zhou Dynasty.

There is also a greater advantage. With the implementation of one country, two systems, the title of the state of Chu is above all the princes in the Central Plains. In the future, the state of Jin, the state of Qi, the state of Zheng, the state of song, and so on, will automatically be half a grade lower when they meet. In front of the state of Chu, they should honestly and respectfully pretend to be grandchildren.

Dobby did not expect that his original great idea would be used thousands of years later.

“Ha ha, you are so talented.” Xiong Tong was overjoyed.

——Promotion of one country, two systems

The idea of one country, two systems is very good, of course.

However, specific implementation requires skills.

It is impossible for the state of Chu to go to the Zhou Dynasty to apply for the title of king. After not paying tribute for hundreds of years, he asked to sit on an equal footing with the king of Zhou. Isn’t that boring? Moreover, there were so many people in the Zhou Dynasty, and a large number of people who could speak could make you speechless with a theory of sages and sages. With a sense of shame, you can’t say that you will be completely isolated from the people on the spot.

So who’s going to say? This is knowledge.

“Your Majesty, you see, apart from the Central Plains in the north, our sphere of influence is in the West and south. Now, Zheng in the north is strong, so let’s not easily provoke them. There is a suiguo in the northeast, who has always been in contact with the Central Plains and basically doesn’t play with us. Suiguo is a royal family of the Zhou Dynasty and a marquis. It would be ideal if we could go to the Zhou Dynasty to discuss one country, two systems.” President Dou is considerate. It seems that he has already considered this issue.

Suiguo is in Suizhou, Hubei Province today.

“Lao Dou, your idea is good, but why should we do things for us with the country?”

“This is simple. First, we will send people to ask them to sign a treaty of peaceful coexistence. If they do not sign it, we have reason to beat them. After conquering them, we can put forward such conditions.” This is the first plan of fighting against the prime minister, commonly known as “courtesy before soldiers”.

It turned out that although the state of Chu was a land of barbarians, the public clan was from the Central Plains. Their ancestors were still very knowledgeable, so they knew the rules of the Central Plains and the rules of barbarians. However, when conquering the barbarian countries in the south, we should adopt an arrogant method. If we beat you, we will beat you. We will not reason with you. Now, if we want to fight the Central Plains, we must first find an excuse.

The state of Chu prepared both revolutionary and counter revolutionary hands, and both hands were hard.

In 706 BC, Xiong Tong personally led the army to suiguo and came to this place. Later, he sent his doctor to suiguo to ask for the signing of the five basic principles of peaceful coexistence. If suiguo refuses to sign it, then you are welcome to beat him.

The credentials of the state of Chu soon came to suiguo. The monarch and Marquis of suiguo always looked down upon the barbarians of the state of Chu, but they were still afraid of the strength of the state of Chu. Now when I saw the envoy of the state of Chu, I thought that this barbarian country was either blackmailing or blackmailing. When I saw the credentials, I wanted to establish good neighborly and friendly relations. I was relieved at that time.

“Lord, don’t be happy too soon.” Ji Liang, a doctor, reminded him that he had always studied the international situation and had a good understanding of Chu. “Chu is a big country and we are a small country. Chu must have some intentions to pursue good neighborliness and friendship for no reason.”

Just listen. That’s right. When did the weasel wish the chicken a happy new year?

With the subsequent discussion between the monarchs and ministers of the state, and the study of the state book of Chu, the final conclusion is that there is no text trap in the state book. I can’t see any bad intentions of the state of Chu.

Then sign it. I can’t see the disadvantages of signing it, but the disadvantages of not signing it are obvious.

Therefore, I wrote a passionate letter of credentials, expressing my willingness to establish good neighborly and friendly relations with the Chu state and continue to be friendly with the Chu people from generation to generation.

After the letter is written, I will send the doctor and young master to Chu camp to repay.

Dou bobi smiled when he learned that the young division sent by the Marquis had come.

“Your Majesty, although suiguo is not big, it is not small. It is the leader of a small country in the east of Han Dynasty. If they find that we have a strong military, they must be afraid, and then unite against us. If we let them think that we are paper tigers, they will not unite with the small countries around us. It will be easy to deal with them at that time. Therefore, hide the elite soldiers and show the young division some old, weak, sick and disabled.” Dou bobi has studied the politics of Japan for many years. He knows that this young teacher is a useless thing to climb up by nepotism.

“Lao Dou, you have a good idea. Can you hide it from Ji liang?” Asked Xiong Tong. Ji Liang is a wise minister of Sui state. He is resourceful and difficult to fool. Xiong Tong also knows this man and always wants to invite him to the state of Chu.

“No problem. Let’s be nice to the young master, so that he can trust him more when he comes back. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Xiong Tong listened to Dou bobi’s words, warmly received the young master, and asked him to review the honor guard of the three services. As a result, the Junior Division found that the Chu army was just a bunch of scumbags, and it was impossible to have combat effectiveness.

Young Shifu came back from the Chu camp. He was very proud.

“My Lord, the Chu troops are all old, weak, sick and disabled. As long as we attack, we will destroy them.” As expected, young master, I was moved when I listened to his suggestion.

At this time, Ji Liang spoke. It should be admitted that Ji Liang is a figure that even the monarchs and ministers of the state of Chu admire. The only pity is that he was born in a too weak country.

“My Lord, the power of the state of Chu is not boasted. It is obvious that they are luring us to fight. We should guard our own cities.” Jiliang made it clear that Xiong Tong guessed right.

I listened to Ji Liang.

The next day, the Chu army retreated.

——Establishment of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

“Lao Dou, this trip is in vain.” Xiong Tong was disappointed.

“As expected, don’t worry. We have a second step.” Dobby is not a vegetarian either. He takes three steps to play chess. Dobby has taken at least three steps.

What is the second step of Dobby? The league.

The League meeting will be held in a year. Why? Because Dou bobi got an accurate tip: Shaoshi became the Prime Minister of the following country.

“If you have a quarrel, you must not lose it.” (Zuo Zhuan) Dou bobi said that when translated into modern Chinese, it was: this fool was in power, and the opportunity came.

The state of Chu invited Shen Lu, a member of the neighboring countries, to attend the alliance conference. The theme was nothing more than strengthening regional cooperation and common development. In fact, all fools knew that the alliance would inevitably promote the leader of the alliance, which must be the state of Chu.

Of course, the invitation of the state of Chu will not be sent to the Central Plains for the time being.

After the invitation letter was sent, the monarchs of the surrounding small countries came in person. Which countries? More than ten countries, including Pakistan, Yong, PU, Deng, Huang, Qian, Luo, Yun, er, Zhen, Shen and Jiang. For them, the state of Chu is their natural ruler. If the state of Chu farts, they will say that it is fragrant. How dare they not come when the state of Chu has a meeting?

Only two invited countries did not attend – Huang and suiguo.

The League meeting was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere under the warm reception of Xiong Tong, king of the state of Chu, and the chairmanship of premier Dou. The two sides had extensive exchanges on international issues of common concern and reached consensus in many fields. At the initiative of Pakistan and Jianguo, all countries agreed to establish the southern barbarian alliance, or the south alliance for short, and jointly promoted Chu as the leader of the alliance.

The conference was an unprecedented success. At last, leader Xiong Tong entertained the monarchs of all countries who came to the conference.

Everything is fine. Xiong Tong is very happy. As the leader of the alliance, he felt very useful when he gave a speech and watched the flattering expressions and flattering voices of the princes of small countries.

However, he still wants to be king.

He wants to be king even more.

The letter of condemnation from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was soon sent to Huang and suiguo, accusing them of undermining the stability and unity of the region. At the same time, it warned that they must immediately correct their mistakes and join the big family of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Otherwise, it will bear all the consequences arising therefrom.

The monarch of the state of Huang immediately realized the seriousness of the matter. As a small Viscount with a surname of Ying, the monarch of the state of Huang dared not offend the state of Chu anyway. The reason why he didn’t come to the Congress was that the monarch was in a bad mood and didn’t come for a while. Now when I saw the letter of condemnation, I was shocked to wake up.

The monarch of the state of Huang came to the state of Chu in person and explained to his face the reason why he did not come: the time was wrong, and recently he was busy fighting floods and providing disaster relief.

In short, the monarch of the state of Huang not only came, but also admitted his mistakes and punishment. He wept bitterly and corrected his mistakes. Fortunately, Xiong Tong didn’t want to deal with him at first, but also wanted to make a show for his country. Therefore, he kindly forgave him and said such nonsense as “consciousness is high and low, and revolution is not divided in order”. He asked him to sign the alliance letter of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and then went home.

The king of suiguo did not come.

“Fuck the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and NATO.” The Prime Minister of suiguo replied to the special envoy of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in this way. He simply despised these nanmanzi, a bunch of illiterate things.

Premier Dou smiled, and the third step will proceed smoothly.

——Northern Expedition of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

The first military operation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia began.

Led by Chu state, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia formed a coalition. In fact, the Allied forces are mainly Chu’s troops. The rest of the small countries either send hundreds of people or send special envoys similar to military observers. Their main task is to watch how Chu kills the enemy, so that they can listen to Chu’s command more wholeheartedly.

Led by Xiong Tong, the Confederate Army crossed the Han River and arrived at suiguo.

“My Lord, send someone to make peace first. If the state of Chu agrees, that’s the best. If they don’t, they will despise us. Justice is on our side, the soldiers will be angry, and the people will be more united. This will grow and disappear, and they can fight against the state of Chu.” Ji Liang was right in judging the situation.

“What? What are you talking about? You can’t eat the meat that came to the door without eating it. Lord, send troops immediately, and they will run away if they slow down.” The young master was impatient. He despised Chu Jun at all.

So he led his troops out of the city to fight the invaders.

War is imminent.

This is not a famous war in history. However, the significance of this war is great. It will affect the whole process of history.

For Chu, this was not only a war, but also a challenge to the strength of the princes in the Central Plains. If the state of Chu is defeated, it will be the first time that they declare the failure of their invasion of the Central Plains, which will be a heavy blow to their confidence and ambition. The Nanman countries will re-examine the power of the state of Chu, and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia will face disintegration.

Therefore, this battle is very important for the state of Chu. Xu Sheng cannot be defeated.

As for suiguo, the enemy is at the door of his home, victory keeps his home, and failure faces the destruction of his country.

Bankruptcy of one country, two systems

In 704 BC, the first war between Chu and the Central Plains began. The two sides were the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia led by Chu and the Central Plains state suiguo.

Before the war, let’s first introduce the tactics of the spring and Autumn period. There are different tactics according to different regions. Here we first introduce the tactics of the princes of the Central Plains.

The spring and Autumn period was dominated by car battles. Usually, soldiers were sent. They only said how many cars were taken, not how many people were there. Firstly, the personnel allocation of combat vehicles is fixed. Secondly, the number of combat vehicles directly represents strength.

According to the Sima FA, there were three soldiers in the chariot and seventy-two footmen. They were called apprentices. This configuration is similar to that of later tanks and infantry. The so-called three warriors are: the “shoot” on the left side of the chariot, using bows and arrows for long-range attacks; The “imperial” in the middle is the driver; A chariot is a chariot with four horses, which can be understood as a four-wheel drive vehicle. The two horses in the middle are called “Fu”, and those on the left and right sides are called “Fu”, or “Fu”; The “car right” on the right holds a dagger shield for melee defense.

Among the three warriors, “shooting” and “imperial” were all educated by the aristocracy. The six arts of the Zhou Dynasty, “etiquette, music, shooting, imperial, calligraphy and numeracy”, were all courses of the aristocracy; The “Cheyou” is a warrior who is powerful, loyal and courageous. The “three warriors” are all noble elites and invincible warriors. It can be seen how important the car is. Not everyone can dance twice. To put it simply, cars are like golf, which is an aristocratic sport. The apprentices behind the chariot are ordinary soldiers, that is, workers’ and peasants’ children and even slaves.

The position of the three warriors is usually fixed, but there are special circumstances, that is, when the monarch and the general are sitting on the car. At this time, the master will be in the middle, the emperor will be on the left, and the right position of the cart will not change. Since the master is on the vehicle, the right side of the vehicle is a warrior among the warriors, similar to the head of the guard regiment; And the emperor drives the horse on one side, which is more technically superior.

Therefore, when introducing the war in Zuo Zhuan, it should basically explain the commander’s emperor and Che You.

At the beginning of the war, the chariots drove to the other side, and the two sides began to fight: first, the long-range, the shooters attacked each other; When the chariot approaches, the right side of the chariot engages with a spear; Then the chariot passed by and drove into the distance. Then the bow and arrow were fired at each other. This process is called “combination”. When the chariots are far away, they must turn around and prepare for the second attack. The process of turning the chariot around is “turning back”. Then the two cars came closer and “closed”. If there is a “return”, there must be a “combination”. In this way, the battle continued without stop. Until one party is defeated, after the “close”, it will no longer “return” and directly drive away.

Because the fleeing party “closes” and runs away, it doesn’t need to slow down and directly rushes out of the battlefield, so it has a certain speed advantage; The victorious party, after “closing”, must slow down and make another “return” to find the other party’s escape and then speed up the chase. There is a distance disadvantage and a speed disadvantage, which is generally difficult to catch up.

For this reason, it was difficult to capture the opponent’s leader in the ancient car battle unless he was particularly unlucky, such as the car broke down or fell into a pit.

——Nanman wins completely

With Hou exhausting all the strength of the whole country, he took 150 chariots to fight. A simple calculation, about 10000 people.

When the two armies faced each other, I watched the Chu army’s positions and felt relieved. It turned out that he was a little guilty and dared to fight. Now he is really a little confident.

Chu army positions, roughly calculated, about a hundred chariots. However, each chariot is equipped with more infantry, about 100, and the total number is more than 10000.

In terms of the number of chariots, the number of chariots was dominated by the country; The number of people is basically the same.

In terms of formation, the troops were divided into upper and lower armies. There was a clear gap between the two armies, but the Chu army did not have such a clear division. From the queue, the troops seemed to be more well-trained and the queue was very neat, while the Chu army’s queue was somewhat loose.

Looking at the weapons, the troops are all the same. The Chu troops are in a mess, with long guns and short knives.

“Hum, the Chu army is indeed a mob. What can barbarians accomplish?” I said to the soldiers around me.

“My Lord, Chu people advocate the left, so the king of Chu must be on the left, and the elite of Chu army must be on the left. We concentrated our superior forces on the right side of Chu army, defeated them at one fell swoop, and the whole team of Chu army must be driven, and then we took advantage of the chaos to defeat them.” At this time, Ji Liang actually had a way to avoid his army’s defeat.

“If you are not the king, you are not the enemy.” The young master was dismissive. He felt that if he did not meet the king of Chu, winning would not be exciting.

The young master was fooled by the state of Chu, and the Marquis was fooled by the young master.

A battle drum, with the army led the first attack. After a few rounds of fighting, the Chu army collapsed and ran for their lives.

“Chase.” At your command.

You can’t believe all the things in the legend, nor can you refuse to believe them.

I didn’t think about it. If the Chu army was so vulnerable, how could the legends about them spread in the Jianghu?

Nanman is always very cunning. After the Chinese Army chased them out for about ten miles, they came to a typical hilly area, a hilly area with dense trees. The chariot can no longer run fast, or it will overturn. Changge is basically useless here, because it is always caught by branches.

The people of the state of Chu always don’t like car fights. Why? Because in Jingchu, there are many mountains, many rivers and few plains, and more rain and less sunny days, it is difficult to drive. When fighting, there is seldom a flat ground for both sides to form an array. The main method of warfare is random warfare and melee, and it is more advantageous to use short weapons in random warfare and melee. Therefore, the Chu army had strong individual combat ability, and was especially good at fighting in places with complex terrain.

Because of this, the Chu army fought with the princes of the Central Plains for the first time. When the car battle was not sure, it used the trick of luring the enemy into the hilly area that was not conducive to the car battle, and then ambushed everywhere. It took advantage of the advantages of individual combat to deal with the accompanying army.

At this time, the young master realized that he had been cheated. It is said that the south central barbarians are very cunning. Now it seems that the South barbarians are not cunning, but very cunning. What should I do? Just when they hesitated, the ambush of the Chu army had been killed from all directions. One by one, holding short knives and shouting unknown slogans, they shook the earth and shook the earth. At a glance, the number of troops of the Chu army was at least three times that of its followers.

Young master saw the situation and made up his mind at that time. What determination? What determination can you have but to run for your life? However, it was not easy for chariots to escape.

“Turn around, turn around.” The young master gave the order in a hurry, and the emperor turned around in a hurry.

Even on the flat ground, the car will overturn if it turns around quickly, not to mention in the hilly areas. The young division’s chariot turned around and fell too quickly. It overturned directly. Thanks to its good skills, the young division jumped off the chariot with a long halberd. The Chu army had already been killed before they were scared.

The fighting capacity of the army was not as good as that of the Chu army. At this time, when they were ambushed, the chariots were basically useless. Why don’t you panic? At that moment, he called his father and his mother in a mess. The Chu army came up and cut melons and vegetables, killing them in scattered places.

The young master was carrying the halberd and wanted to throw it away, but he felt ashamed; However, he could not run with the halberd. On the battlefield, the most taboo is hesitation. After hesitation, the Chu army found that there were generals with the army here, so they rushed forward. Now, there was no chance to escape. The young division’s long halberd was not waved for a few times, but the Chu army forced them to come close. A mess of knives cut them into 18 sections.

Fortunately, suihou himself was at the end. Seeing the situation, he jumped out of the car early and ran for his life. Ji Liang followed him and fled back to the city.

Nanman won the first confrontation.

——Peace negotiations

The young prime minister was killed and half of his chariot was lost. Then I knew I had been fooled. What should I do?

At this time, there was really no other way but to surrender.

As a negotiator, Jiliang came to the Chu army camp.

Let’s talk. What’s there to talk about? When the city is under siege, what can the weasel and the chicken talk about?

But don’t forget, first, the monarchs and ministers of the state of Chu respect Ji Liang very much; Second, the monarchs and officials of the state of Chu had no intention of destroying suiguo at all. They had to go to the Zhou Dynasty with the monarch to be ambassadors of one country, two systems.

“No, at this time, what are you talking about? What have you done?” Xiong Tong pretends.

Ji Liang listened, got up, bowed, patted his ass, turned around, and was ready to leave.

Dobby grabbed him.

“Lao Ji, why do you leave before you say anything?” Dobby asked.

“To tell you the truth, we have great respect for the state of Chu. Earlier, we signed the five basic principles of peaceful coexistence. At first, we didn’t want to fight with your country. It was the foolish young master who wanted to fight. As a result, we fought like this. Now we sincerely seek peace, but your country refused. We have no choice but to fight. Fortunately, we have sent people to the states of Zheng, Qi and Wei for help. We will be there in three days, I hope your country will give us three days to fight to the death. ” Who is Ji liang? This set of statements was thought out a month ago. Just now, I deliberately pretended to leave slowly, just to put it out.

Xiong Tong was a little silly. He didn’t expect Ji Liang to take his trick at all. Although suiguo was defeated, it was no problem to defend the city for three days. When the reinforcements arrived, it was hard to say.

Obviously, Xiong Tong needs a step now.

“Lord, you see, young master is dead, and old Ji is put in high position. This shows that heaven should not perish with the country. Heaven’s will cannot be violated. I think we should live in peace.” Dobby gave a step in time and flattered Ji Liang.

“Well, since premier Dou said so, let’s give Mr. Ji a face. To be honest, if Mr. Ji didn’t come, we must destroy suiguo.” Bear got a step and hurried down.

In this way, peace came and the two countries signed the new five basic principles of peaceful coexistence.

However, peace is conditional, and peace has always been conditional. There are two conditions for the state of Chu: first, Ji Liang, as a hostage, can take his family members to the state of Chu for humanitarian reasons. To put it bluntly, I was optimistic about Ji Liang, a talented person, and returned to the state of Chu to become a civil servant; Second, the king of suiguo had to go to Luoyi in person to submit a package of “one country, two systems” proposals to the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty about the canonization of the state of Chu as king.

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