The economic foundation determines your backbone!

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I have often heard that the economic base determines the superstructure.

It is easy to understand that after the emergence of the bourgeoisie, the superstructure should be the ideology based on the bourgeoisie and the corresponding systems, organizations and facilities. The original feudal autocracy can no longer meet the needs of development. Therefore, there was the British bourgeois revolution.

The same is true in China. When the workers and peasants class becomes the dominant force in society, it is bound to overthrow the three mountains and build a socialist country based on the workers and peasants class. Chiang Kai Shek’s comprador bourgeoisie cannot meet the needs of development and cannot represent the most fundamental interests of the broad masses of the people. This is also the reason why he will inevitably fail.

This is true politically, but do you know that the economic foundation can not only determine the superstructure, but also determine your backbone.

As the saying goes, the economic foundation determines your backbone.

What is backbone?

We have often heard the saying that money is your strength.

Those chicken soup also often tells you that a man must have money, so that he does not need to be humble, do not need to look at people’s faces, and live a submissive life.

A woman must have money, so even if she meets a scum man, after the break-up, others cry and cry, hide in the quilt, brush the drama and eat potato chips, and get fat. But you can travel around the world, skiing in Switzerland, French wine, Los Angeles beach, New York ball game, and have a good time.

In addition, elders and teachers often advise you to be calm when there is a conflict in society and in contact with people, and never do anything, because in today’s society, fighting is not fighting, but money.

Just imagine, when a millionaire and a poor man fight, when they are in the same physical condition, which one do you think is more dominant?

Of course, they are millionaires. They have money. They have the strength to beat you and break an arm. I’ll pay you 100000 yuan, and I’ll pay you 300000 yuan for one leg. They can even buy your life.

But someone said, this barefoot man is not afraid to wear shoes. He is poor and has no scruples anyway. He goes crazy and stabs you. If he really burns with you, what should he do?

On a personal level, you can really think so.

But at the national level.

I have money and strong economic strength. If I beat you, I will beat you. I can manufacture more advanced weapons and equipment.

For example, it’s still the story between the millionaire and the poor man. The millionaire is very rich. He spent more than 100000 yuan to buy a gun. Didn’t you, the poor man, say that you wanted to burn everything?

As a result, you picked up the bricks and were beaten into a sieve before you rushed to the front…

Some people say that killing people is against the law. Even if you are rich, you can’t do this.

Yes, yes, it is true at the individual level, but at the national level.

Between the two countries, what laws are followed is fist.

You’re weak. It’s useless for you to reason with anyone or talk about the law.

Syria also wants to talk about international law with the United States. Is it useful?

Biden also ordered an air raid on Syria. Nominally, it is a group supported by Iran in Syria, but in fact, it is your violation of Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Do you think it is useful for Syria to protest and go to the International Court of justice?

Between countries, no one talks about the law with you.

Only when your strength reaches that level will there be peace of mind, laws, agreements and joint communiques.

Many people think that Syria today is like old China in the past.

Let others be slaughtered and bullied.

But in fact, it was a hundred years ago. If you go back a hundred years, the Qing Dynasty is not so unbearable.

On the contrary, there is more backbone than you can imagine.

On September 23, 1821, an American “Emily” docked in Guangzhou.

After a heavy rain.

The air is filled with moist breath, and the pale light smoke changes in the clouds.

Delanova, a sailor from Mississippi, missed the cherries in his hometown plantation, so he got off the ship to buy fruit.

When paying, delanova complained that Guo Shi, the owner of the fruit stall, had given too little. They had a dispute. During the conflict, he picked up the nearby pot and hit Guo Shi on the head.

Guo was seriously injured and fell into the water and died.

After the murder, delanova took nothing seriously and swaggered back to the ship with fruit.

But of course Guo’s husband couldn’t bear it anymore. When he saw that his wife was dead, he immediately went to the Yamen to beat drums and complain.

Soon, the incident alerted Wang Yunren, the county magistrate of Panyu County in Guangdong Province.

As the case involved people from two countries, in order to be prudent, county magistrate Wang informed the US Consul in Guangzhou, Wilcox, to investigate the case and conduct an autopsy together, and also called the captain of the “Emily” corbran.

The autopsy results came out soon: there were obvious blunt force marks on the back of the deceased’s brain.

Seeing this, county magistrate Wang demanded that the suspect delanova be handed over for a public trial.

But the arrogant captain of the United States ignored you. Cobran blew his beard and hummed: “it’s the Chinese woman who fell into the water. What’s the matter with us? There’s no way to make friends!”

At first, consul Wilcox wanted to take money for private affairs. When he was refused, he became angry and decided to fight to the end.

Moreover, he was tough and refused to cooperate.

In the face of the US side’s unreasonable provocation, county magistrate Wang was very angry. He refused to give in and insisted on many occasions that the US embassy hand over the suspect.

It was not until October 6 that the two sides took a step back.

If you want to investigate the case, you can, but it must be tried on an American ship. Moreover, Wang Yun can only take a small number of his entourage.

In order to investigate the case, Wang Yunren agreed.

After Wang Yun’s hard trial, he fought his wits and bravery.

In the end, there were both human and material evidence, and delanova had to admit his crime: it was indeed he who killed the female fruit stall owner.

Wang Yunren was so angry that he was sentenced to death on the spot according to the laws of the Qing Dynasty.

But the Americans are not happy.

The consulate thinks that even if someone is killed, delanova is an American, and he has to return to the United States to be punished. What’s the matter with you?

Not only did he openly cover up, but he righteously refused to hand over the murderer.

Moreover, they also ridiculed: you, Wang Yunren, are a small county magistrate, an official of sesame and mung bean. What is it? If you want people, ask the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi and the Emperor Daoguang to come here!

Generally, when things come to this end, it is over.

What else can you, Wang Yun, a small county magistrate do?

Do you have any idea how to treat foreigners?

You can only report it level by level, and the final reply is probably “one thing is better than one thing”, “four people die”, “don’t destroy the relationship with friends for this matter”

In the end, it can only be settled.

But Wang Yunren is not.

The Manchu government at that time was not so.

Wang Yunren immediately sent troops to surround the “Emily” and gave an ultimatum to the US consulate and the captain: “surrender the murderer within a time limit, or detain the captain”.

Ruan Yuan, the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, immediately ordered the suspension of trade between Guangzhou and the United States. Unless the criminals are handed over, there will be no discussion!

Up to this time, the U.S. consulate was still taking a chance and refused to hand it over.

Until later, opium was found on the “Emily”.

Therefore, the Qing court directly seized the whole ship.

At this time, the U.S. consulate panicked. They realized that the Qing court was serious, and finally gave in and handed over the murderer.

On October 28, delanova was hanged in the downtown of Guangzhou.

After the execution, the body was returned to the US side, and Sino US trade resumed.

US Businessmen in Guangzhou have repeatedly jointly lodged serious protests with the Chinese side.

Americans are very dissatisfied, but there is nothing they can do.


How, subvert your cognition?

It turned out that the weak and incompetent Qing government had been so tough and boastful.

If foreigners dare to kill Chinese, they must die for me.

Otherwise, I will arrest your ship, arrest your captain, stop all trade, and we will fight each other.

How did you get such confidence?

According to the statistics of the historian Madison in the millennium history of the world economy: in 1820, China’s gross domestic product (GDP) accounted for 32.9% of the world’s total economy.

The total of Western European countries accounted for 23.6%, while the United States accounted for only 1.8%.

In other words, China’s economic volume was 18 times that of the United States at that time.

The comparison of the national strength between China and the United States is nothing more than hanging and rolling.

If we stop trade, we will stop trade. If we fight, we will fight.

See who’s afraid.

You, the United States, can’t even catch up with China’s spare parts.

If you want to fight, don’t weigh it. Do you have this strength?

We may want to talk, but if we can’t, don’t blame me for being rude.

The economic foundation determines your courage when you throw a plate and lift a table.

In a blink of an eye, the time came 70 years later.

In June 1896, the famous “Juye case” occurred in Shandong.

Missionaries forcibly seized farmland, privately built churches, occupied the people’s good fields and shops, and even dared to ask the people to pay money.

Shandong people with strong folk customs rushed directly to the local church to kill the missionary, and organized a broadsword club to fight back and destroy more than 30 churches.

The Manchu government at this time was not as rigid as it was 70 years ago.

Regardless of the domineering missionaries, they sent troops to suppress the local people.

Later, on the pretext that German missionaries were killed, Kaiser Wilhelm II ordered the fleet to invade Jiaozhou Bay and forcibly land, and sent troops to occupy Jiaozhou City.

The cowardly Qing court dared not attack the invaders, so it had to cede land and pay compensation, and agreed to all the unreasonable demands of Germany.

The infamous Sino German Jiaozhou Macao concession treaty was signed, which stipulated that the entire Jiaozhou Bay was the sphere of influence of Germany.

This also laid a fuse for subsequent historical events.

In 1919, after the victory of World War I, China attended the Paris peace conference, but the powers forced the Jiaodong Peninsula to be ceded to Japan.

On May 4, the famous May 4th Patriotic Movement broke out in China.

Look at the statistics.

GDP of countries in the world in 1900:

China only accounts for 6.2% of the world’s total, while the United States has changed from having nothing in those years to accounting for 23.6% of the world’s total, nearly a quarter.

At that time, it was 18.5% in Britain and 17.9% in Germany, about three times that of China.

Does the Qing government not want to fight? Does it not want to be as tough as it was 70 years ago?

No, they can’t be tough anymore.

Economic strength and comprehensive national strength are completely crushed in front of others.

It is said that Li Hongzhang is a traitor. Does he really want to betray the country?

What can we do to fight a war? Do we still have silver in the Qing Dynasty?

The national strength is so strong that he can’t help it.

At that time, the San Francisco horn newspaper of the United States was even more blatantly clamoring to kill the Chinese.

Every female missionary killed by the boxers had to execute 500 Chinese women,

Every martyred male missionary had to pay back with the lives of 1000 Chinese men,

Every missionary’s child was killed innocently, and 100 Chinese children were stabbed with Cossack bayonets,

Every missionary’s building that was burned and looted can only be compensated by robbing 100 Chinese houses in Tianjin and Beijing.

Later, the Qing Dynasty perished.

The Republic of China.

The industry has developed, the economy has developed, and the GDP and comprehensive national strength have also increased.

But is it useful?

It’s still useless.

Foreigners can still run roughshod over China.

Shen Chong of Peking University was raped by the US military in 1946, and the Jingming building case in Wuhan in 1948. More than 20 US Air Force soldiers raped and gang raped Chinese celebrities.

The national government, however, dared not even fart.

What’s the use of having money?

The national government does not belong to the people. It is only the ruling tool of a few elites.

In these two cases, the identity of the national government, the comprador government, was vividly and vividly displayed.

It is the first sentence of the article that the economic foundation determines the superstructure, and the economic source of the national government is the Jiangsu and Zhejiang consortia and the comprador bourgeoisie. So, we must naturally serve them.

No matter how rich they are, and how financially sound they are, they are also blind.

Until the founding of new China in 1949,

The good day for the Chinese people has finally come.

In the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, national pride and national self-esteem were displayed.

From then on, the days when foreigners were domineering in China were gone forever.

First of all, we sat upright. The Kuomintang, which represents the interests of the comprador bourgeoisie, collapsed, and the Communist Party, which represents the interests of the broad masses of workers and peasants, established the country.

However, there are always some people who do not believe in evil.

In September 2007, a plane landed at Urumqi International Airport. In the cabin, a passenger’s head was constantly beaded with sweat and looked around nervously.

After landing, he was the first to take off his suitcase, hold it in his hand, stare at it, and look around from time to time, for fear that someone might notice his abnormality.

His name is Akmal and he is from England.

Soon, the customs staff noticed his abnormal behavior.

After a search, four bags of white powder were found in the interlayer of his suitcase.

Through identification, the four packages of white powder are the famous heroin, and the purity is extremely high. The total of 4030 grams of white powder can be sold for 250000 pounds on the black market!

According to Chinese law, Whoever sells more than 50 grams of heroin is sentenced to death.

In October 2008, the Urumqi intermediate people’s court made a first instance judgment on the case of AK Mao bringing drugs into China and sentenced him to death.

Akmao expressed dissatisfaction and immediately appealed.

At that time, he was lucky enough to get in touch with the British government in an attempt to put diplomatic pressure on China to let him go.

Soon, the British government took action and began to negotiate with the Chinese government and relevant departments.

There were 27 ministerial level protests.


On December 29, 2009, two years after akmao was arrested.

The Supreme People’s court still made the final judgment: it rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment.

death penalty.

At that time, the then British Prime Minister Brown called the central authorities to express his shock at the Supreme Court’s approval of akemao’s death sentence, and hoped that the central authorities would consider mitigating the sentence and seek to let it go.

Earlier, Brown had communicated with the central authorities, but after the failure, he tried again this time.

However, the Chinese side rejected Brown’s request.

Akmao was finally executed.

On the day when AK Mao was executed, the British Foreign Office summoned our ambassador twice within 24 hours to ask for an explanation on the execution of AK Mao.

It can be seen that Akmal was sentenced to death in China and had a great impact in Britain.

They could not imagine that the British people would be tried or even executed in other countries.

The reason is simple.

1? We are not the honorable Manchu government, nor the comprador national government, but the economic foundation determines that we are a socialist country established by the broad working and peasant classes.

Second, the economic foundation also determines that we have the courage to lift the table.

In 2007, when the AK Mao case was committed, China’s GDP was 24.6 trillion yuan, which had surpassed the United Kingdom the previous year and ranked fourth in the world, second only to the United States, Japan and Germany.

So, even if you are an Empire where the sun never sets?

This Englishman akmao also became the first European to be sentenced to death by China for drug trafficking in the past 50 years.

In this way, the British empire lost, very simply.

However, some people do not believe in evil.

The first American in the world, they don’t believe it.

Relying on the world’s No. 1, he acted recklessly.

Because Americans can not be held responsible for killing foreigners.

A casual search on the Internet shows that the atrocities committed by the US troops stationed in South Korea and Japan are tens of thousands of news items.

And the Americans who were really tried and therefore executed.

I’m sorry, not one.

Because no one dared to touch them, and no one dared to challenge Uncle Sam, the world’s No. 1.

Until 2021.

American shadid Abdul Meiting came to our country to be a foreign teacher.

He lied that he was single and cheated the trust of young female college students, and gradually established a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with Chen.

After being found out, Chen asked to break up with him. He was so obsessed that he finally became angry.

One day in June, he came to a bus station with a spring knife and brutally killed Mr. Chen, who had come in advance.

As soon as this incident occurred, public opinion was in an uproar and demanded that the murderer should be severely punished and never be tolerated.

However, there are also many shepherd dogs who say on the Internet that this is an emotional dispute and negligent homicide. They should be sentenced to probation and given another chance.

It’s the first time I’ve heard that someone was killed. I need another chance.

Give him a chance to do what, kill him again?

Is China the same as before?

Is the present Chinese government still the former Manchu and national governments?

On April 21, 2022, the Ningbo intermediate people’s Court of Zhejiang publicly announced the case of intentional homicide of the American defendant shadid abdumetin in the first instance, and sentenced the defendant shadid abdumetin to death for intentional homicide.

Of course, he refused to accept it, and appealed against it. He also clamored to ask the US embassy for help.


On August 25, 2022,

Ningbo American foreign teacher’s murder of female students was sentenced in the second trial, and it is still the death penalty!

It is natural and proper to kill for life.

What if you are number one in the world? Besides, this is only temporary.

In 2021, China’s total economy has accounted for 77% of the United States, and it is truly the second largest economy in the world.

If we continue at this rate and surpass the United States, it is also within sight.

I even hope to see such news one day: Chinese people committed crimes in the United States, demonstrations broke out in various parts of the United States, calling for severe punishment of the murderers, but the US government was finally forced to extradite them to China for trial

This also reflects that truth.

First of all, the economic foundation determines the superstructure and determines the shape of your country.

To put it simply, it’s the butt problem. You have to sit down. Who does your country represent, the comprador bourgeoisie, or the broad masses of the people?

Secondly, the economic foundation determines your backbone when you lift the table.

I remember that in the Han Dynasty, the famous general Chen Tang once wrote a letter to emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty, in which he mentioned a sentence: “Whoever clearly commits a strong Han will be punished even though he is far away.”

Later, it evolved into “those who commit crimes against China will be punished even though they are far away”.

This sentence makes people’s blood boil as soon as it sounds, and it is often quoted by people.

Now, although we are far away, it is still a little difficult.

Some corrupt officials and some financial fraudsters have gone to the United States and are happy. Because there is no extradition agreement between China and the United States, we can not get them back.

This is a reality.

But I believe that one day, this can be done.

What can we do now?

What we have done is: as long as you violate the law in China, no matter where you are, we will definitely punish you.

What, dare to kill people in China?

We can assure you that you will never return to America alive.

The economic foundation is our strength.

Those who commit crimes in China will be punished even if they are beautiful.

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