The embarrassing four minutes, Japan and South Korea really face to face like this!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


The diplomatic details are really interesting.

At the NATO Madrid summit, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Yoon sik Yueh also went for the first time. In addition, Biden also held a trilateral meeting between the United States, Japan and the ROK.

But watching the interaction between Kishida Wenxiong and yinxiyue is particularly embarrassing. Yin Xiyue sits on Biden’s right and Kishida sits on Biden’s left. Anyway, when Yin Xiyue looks up, Kishida always lowers his head. When Yin Xiyue looks directly at him, Kishida tilts his head again. Yin Xiyue doesn’t even get a chance to wink

But the boss’s face could not be spared. The two old enemies sat there for 25 minutes. However, this is the first time that the leaders of the United States, Japan and the ROK have sat together since 2017.

Although South Korea and Japan are both allies of the United States, and Japan and South Korea are neighbors separated by a strip of water, the last time the leaders of the three countries met was exactly five years ago.


Because our two neighboring countries broke up, and now the relationship is “the worst in history”.

It is also a historical issue. South Korean workers claim compensation and believe that Japan has unshirkable historical responsibility; However, Japan believes that the compensation issue has already been solved, and South Korea is making trouble out of nothing.

For many years, and Japan is very strong. Until he stepped down from office, the Anti Japanese text zaiyin did not have any real talks with the Japanese Prime Minister. This time, the three-party talks were mainly brokered by the United States. The two people sat at the same table with no interaction during the whole process.


How about two people meeting alone?

The South Korean side is interesting, but the Japanese firmly refuse.

The international summit attracted much attention, but Japan ignored it and directly left Yin Xiyue in Spain.

Why can’t we just sit down and talk?

Kishida has concerns.

According to the analysis of Japan, if we talk with Yin Xiyue now, some Japanese will regard it as weak and think that South Korea has won. If South Korea wins, Japan loses. So, Yin Xiyue, if you want to meet, wait until after the Japanese Senate election.

The only face-to-face meeting between the two people this time was said to be at the reception dinner of the king of Spain. Kishida chatted with yinxiyue for four minutes.

South Korean officials said that Yin Xiyue told Kishida that he planned to “solve the outstanding issues between South Korea and Japan as soon as possible”, so that the two countries “can move forward in a future oriented way”.

According to the Japanese side, Kishida told yinxiyue that he hoped the other side could restore the “extremely severe relationship” to a “healthy state”.

Everything was very well said, but it was just a gesture. I haven’t seen any relevant photos or videos, but the probability is that the two people exchanged polite greetings and didn’t shake hands. But these four minutes should be all for Japan and South Korea this time.

It suddenly occurred to me that Japan will host the G20 summit in 2019, and the then president of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, also encountered a similar scene.

Abe, the host at that time, had talks with all the leaders. The only one who was left aside was Moon Jae-in of South Korea.

The only meeting between the two was when Abe welcomed all guests at the opening of the G20 and shook hands with Moon Jae-in in an awkward 8 seconds; Then, there was no interaction, let alone sit down and talk.

Well, eight seconds ago, four minutes this time. This should be a long time for the Japanese.



The gratitude and resentment between Japan and South Korea will not be mentioned today.

However, it is estimated that Yin Xiyue did not expect that he was so excited to take his wife to the NATO summit that he was so ignored by Japan.

Of course, the United States is also responsible. You brought Japan and the ROK together and talked about the “common goals” of the United States, the ROK and Japan, including the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and a free and open Indo Pacific “- who is the so-called” free and open Indo Pacific “aimed at? Everyone knows.

The goal of the United States will certainly not be achieved. In fact, the United States could not straighten the relations between Japan and South Korea.

From this point of view, Chengdu does have a set.

It was still 2019 (before the outbreak). That is, eight seconds after the embarrassment of Japan and South Korea at the G20 summit, Abe and Moon Jae-in both went to Chengdu to attend the summit of China, Japan and South Korea. The two old friends talked for about 40 minutes at that time.

It’s long enough for Korea and Japan.

In addition, in a group photo taken in Chengdu, everyone was especially happy. Moon Jae-in was so happy that he could not see his eyes, and Abe couldn’t close his mouth. At that time, I said that this should be one of the most favorite photos in the history of China, Japan and South Korea.

I won’t let go of the photos. Let’s find Du Niang by ourselves.

In addition, the leaders of China, Japan and South Korea specially went to plant a tree in Du Fu thatched cottage. Chengdu people who like to set up Longmen formation also came here specially. They specially found three red shovel and planted a osmanthus tree with three branches

I don’t know if Japan and South Korea have found out. Come to China and be friendly; Go to the West and sulk.

Of course, what Koreans are most worried about now is the possible black gun in Japan.

You know, after 8 seconds of embarrassment, Japan imposed economic sanctions on South Korea, banning the export of a variety of key semiconductor materials to South Korea, which severely damaged the semiconductor industry of South Korea.

Between Japan and South Korea, Japan is still big. This is also the reason why Japan resolutely refused to meet, but from Moon Jae-in to Yin Xiyue, they winked at each other.

This time, four minutes after the embarrassment of Spain, the deadlock between Japan and South Korea remains the same. Will Japan continue to suppress South Korea in order to win domestic votes?

The Koreans have to guard against it.

But why can’t the United States try to persuade them? You know, if you are in China, China will certainly persuade you that everyone is a neighbor. Distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors. Peace is the most important thing

According to the analysis of American media, the world leader has had a lot of troubles recently, and he really can’t spare time and energy to mediate between the two little brothers; Moreover, the authority of the eldest brother is declining, and I feel that I can’t stop the younger brother. In addition, there is a feeling that Japan and South Korea are making such a fuss, which may also be right in the United States’ mind. The more such a fuss, the younger brother will have to look at the boss’s face

It seems that Westerners are still building fire.


Anyway, the most gratifying thing about the NATO summit is that although the Koreans suffered some humiliation in etiquette, the host arranged a good group photo. Yin Xiyue stood in the middle of the second row, just behind Biden.

The first time I attended the NATO summit, I stood in this position. This should also be the highest light position for the South Korean President at the large-scale international summit hosted by the West. As for Fumio Kishida, this time, he stood at the edge of the last row.

I don’t know whether it is Biden’s decision, NATO’s plan, or the Spaniards’ decision. But what would the Japanese think? Will you pinch harder when you go back?

Well, you Westerners, what do you really want?

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