The Empress Dowager of the Han Dynasty who did not want to be buried with her husband after death but had to be buried with her son

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The extraordinary experience of Empress Dowager Bo’s life is unique in Chinese history. Bo Ji was the illegitimate daughter of Wei Wei, the daughter of the imperial family of the state of Wei in the Warring States period. When she grew up, she was sent to the Wei Bao palace, which was established as the king of Wei at the end of Qin Dynasty by her mother who missed her hometown. She became the concubine of Wei Bao. Wei Bao, who used to deal with Xiang Yu with Liu Bang, broke with Liu Bang and dreamed of becoming an emperor because he predicted that Bo Ji would “give birth to the son of heaven and become the most expensive woman in the world”. Unfortunately, not long after the daydream began, Wei Bao was beheaded by an angry Liu Bang. All the women in the “Wei Palace” were used as weaving maids in the Han Palace. Liu Bang once inexplicably entered the weaving room and called Bo Ji, who he didn’t like, into the harem. Bo Ji entered the harem on a rare occasion. She was really happy for a long time. She thought that her prediction that she would give birth to the son of heaven would soon come true. But Liu Bang forgot all about her, let alone called for luck.

At this time, two concubines around Liu Bang often laughed at Bo Ji’s bad luck. Once, Liu Bang happened to hear it. Liu Bang thought that Bo Ji was really poor, so he called Bo Ji to sleep that night. This is the only chance. Bo Ji became pregnant and gave birth to her son Liu Heng. At that time, the Han Palace was full of dark clouds and murders. Empress Lu and her son, crown prince Liu Ying, were on the one hand, and the beloved concubine Qi Ji and his son, King Ruyi of Zhao, were on the other. They fought openly and secretly, and there were many crises. Bo Ji and her son lived carefully in the cracks. Later, when Liu Bang died, the crown prince Liu Ying ascended the throne. Empress Lu took control of the internal and external power of the court and the imperial court, and made a bloody liquidation of other princes and Liu Bang’s favorite concubines. Liu Bang’s sons died one after another, leaving only two of the eight grown-up sons. Only Bo Ji’s mother and son were tolerated and pitied by Empress Lu because they had been neglected and humiliated in the past. She issued an imperial edict to send her and her son Dai Wang to the fief “Dai” to become king and Empress Dowager.

Seven years later, Emperor Hui of Han Dynasty and empress Lu died successively. Lu’s influence was eradicated by ministers loyal to Liu. The puppet emperor who was helped to the stage was also abolished. Who will be the new emperor? At this time, Liu Bang’s sons were only the acting King Liu Heng and the Huainan King Liu Chang. Liu Chang, who was raised by Empress Lu, naturally could not reassure the ministers. The acting King Liu Heng, who had no family power and his mother Bo Ji was kind and benevolent, became the only best candidate for the emperor of the Han Empire! In this way, Liu Heng, the son of Bo Ji, finally became the emperor as Xu negative had expected. He was called Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty in history, and he himself was the Empress Dowager. As a mother, Bo Ji is extremely happy, because her son Liuheng, Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, is not only the Ming emperor who created the “rule of literary landscape” in Chinese history, but also a famous filial son in Chinese history. Among the well-known twenty-four filial piety, there is Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty.

Bo Ji has never regarded herself as Liu Bang’s spouse. Her wish is to live with her beloved son forever. After her death, she was buried in the Nanyuan of Emperor Wen’s mausoleum. Emperor Wen said that he would carry his mother forever and continue to be filial to the mother who had devoted his life to him after his death, and Bo Ji would always guard by his son Liuheng. So empress dowager Bo, who gave birth to such a famous son as Emperor Wen of the Han Dynasty, was buried with her son in the baling in the southeast of Xi’an today.

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