The ending of the Tangshan beating incident: From Chen Mouzhi to Chen Jizhi heralded the ending of the Tangshan beating case

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On June 10, the Tangshan beating case occurred, and because of the vileness of the matter, it caused a heated discussion on the entire Internet.
After 10 days, the popularity of the whole network has not decreased.
But the focus of concern has been changing.
At the time of the incident, people were concerned about whether the suspect could be caught;
After all nine suspects were arrested, people were concerned about whether the case would be a fair trial;
The case was handled in a different place, and real-name reports appeared one after another, and people began to care about the centralized reporting situation in Tangshan;
After Tangshan launched Operation Thunderstorm, people were concerned about the situation of the girl who was beaten;
After the rumor about the death of the girl who was beaten was refuted, people began to pay attention to the issue of reconciliation between the two parties;
After it was reported on the Internet that the family members of one of the girls who were beaten were not private, people began to analyze the final outcome of the case;
The trend of public opinion has been changing, but it remains the same, and people only care about two key points.
First, the future public security situation in Tangshan City.
Second, the final outcome of the Tangshan beating case;
Let’s start with the first point. Since the start of Operation Thunderstorm, the petition hall is full of people, and the masses are enthusiastic about reporting. I believe that the half-month operation of Thunderstorm will definitely create a public security pattern for Tangshan City to “keep households closed at night”.

The second point is the ending of the murder case.
Among them, the injury of the girl who was beaten plays an important role in the sentencing, but we only know that the girl who was beaten is out of danger, and the specific injury has not yet been announced, which has triggered various speculations among netizens, so that there are various rumors spreading out.
Whether the injury should be announced or not is a matter of privacy. The author guesses that the girl who was beaten does not want to advertise her injury report. After all, the girl who was beaten is a young girl, the suspect has been arrested, and the progress of the case is progressing steadily. The main culprit cannot escape.
The injury report revealed that in addition to causing the girl to suffer a second injury, the rest is just a matter for people to talk about after dinner.
Family members with higher self-esteem generally do not agree to disclose the injury report, rubbing salt on the girl’s wound.
Therefore, the author hereby appeals that instead of caring about the specific injury report of the girl, it is better to analyze the final outcome of the beater.
CCTV’s attitude changes
In the previous police report, the main offender of the beating person used “Chen Mouzhi” instead of his full name. Generally speaking, a certain word is used to protect the privacy of the suspect and for humanitarian reasons.
Including in international practice, prisoners appear anonymously.

However, in recent TV reports, the name of Chen Jizhi has appeared, and Chen Mouzhi is no longer used. This signal is intriguing.

You must know that CCTV News is not other media, it is one of the mainstream media in China, and official and authoritative are its pronouns.
Now the three words “Chen Jizhi” appear on CCTV, which just shows the seriousness of this case and gives a signal to the people of the whole country: this matter will not simply end.
The main culprit among the nine suspects will definitely be sentenced, but there is a big question mark on whether it will be dealt with in the highest degree, huge compensation, written letter of understanding, and criminal reconciliation.
If the attacker has a tough attitude, refuses to pay compensation, refuses to plead guilty, and refuses to apologize, then the sentencing must be handled with the highest level.
If the beater pays a huge amount of compensation, has a good attitude of admitting wrongdoing, and obtains the understanding of the girl who was beaten, then the sentencing will be reduced to a certain extent.

Here, whether the victim will write a letter of understanding depends on the comprehensive consideration of the victim. If a letter of understanding is written, I hope the majority of netizens will be more tolerant. This is human nature. The treatment fee and rehabilitation fee for the girl are the same. Expensive expenses.
In fact, there is a precedent for a criminal settlement with huge compensation.
In the case of Maserati driving into a BMW while drunk, causing 2 deaths and 1 serious injury, the result was quite serious. As a result, one of the criminals spent tens of millions to get the forgiveness of the other party, which saved the criminal’s life, and the death penalty became indefinite.

Therefore, Chen Jizhi will definitely be sentenced in the Tangshan beating case, and the sentence depends on whether the victim will write a letter of understanding and the girl’s injury.
Will the final outcome lead to criminal reconciliation? There is a certain possibility.
The reality is cruel, netizens please calm down.

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