The entrance to the underworld is not only the gate of death, but also four others

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According to myths and legends, there are actually five entrances to the underworld, but most people only know the gate of death. Today, the Xiaobian of China story network has brought you relevant content to share with you.

Dust to dust, earth to earth, soul to hell, this is the default rule in all ancient myths; After a stranger dies, no matter how noble he once was, he must go to the underworld, drink Mengpo Soup for the good, forget everything, and be reborn into the world of six reincarnations; However, those who are evil will go to hell on the 18th floor and suffer the extreme punishment of the human world. Only when their karma is dissipated can they re-enter reincarnation.


No.1 gate of death

The most famous entrance is the gate of death. Although the Guimen pass is called Guan, it is actually an indestructible archway with a height of thousands of feet. On the archway, there are three powerful characters “Guimen pass”. There are always 18 ghost kings on both sides of the archway. No ghosts or ghosts can escape from the Guimen pass.

This pass is the origin of the underworld. As the entrance of yin and Yang, it naturally has magical power and can appear anywhere. As long as you hold the guide issued by the underworld, you can call out the hell gate and enter the underworld. In myths and legends, the hell’s Yin difference evokes the soul, that is, yin and yang are exchanged through the ghost gate.

It is worth mentioning that in reality, there really exists the ghost gate pass, which is between Beiliu county and Yulin County. Because it is located in the tropics, it is often shrouded in white fog at night. It looks extremely gloomy and terrifying, which is especially in line with the name of ghost gate pass.

No.2 road of fire and candle

This is a road that can only be opened by true love. It is the most illusory of the five entrances. It is said that there were once two ghost errands, one named Bi and the other named an. Heaven stipulated that they could not be together, but they violated heaven’s will and fell in love with each other. Therefore, they were punished by heaven and turned into an eternal flower.

From then on, there was another shore flower beside the yellow spring of the underworld. When the flower blooms, it can light up the whole underworld and form a path of fire and candle. This road lies between the real and the unreal. It has the ability to cross Yin and Yang. Only those who truly love each other can embark on this road and enter the other side of the yellow spring to avoid the suffering of reincarnation.

No.3 under the God peach tree

There are no fixed entrances to the hell gate or the path of fire and candle. It depends on luck to enter the underworld through them. Therefore, most people who want to go to the underworld will enter through other entrances. One of the easiest to enter is the entrance under the peach tree of dushuo Mountain God.

According to the book of mountains and seas, “in the sea, there is a mountain of dushuo, on which there is a big peach tree. It bends for threethousand miles, and the northeast of its branches is called the ghost gate. All ghosts go in and out.” The place where all ghosts go in and out here is the underworld, and the ghost gate is the entrance to the underworld.

No.4 Youdu mountain

Youdu mountain, a strange mountain in myth and legend, is located in the North Sea, towering into the clouds, and can not be seen unless it is destined to be. It is said that it also has the power to communicate Yin and Yang, and can escape into the underworld at any time. The earliest record about it comes from the book of mountains and seas: “there are mountains in the North Sea. They are called Youdu mountains. The black water flows out.” Black water refers to the yellow spring.

In the book Huainan Zi, it is also added that “Yin Qi gathers, so it is called Youdu”. The general meaning is that Youdu mountain connects the Yin and Yang, and even the yellow spring flows through it.

No.5 Fengdu City

According to folklore, the entrance to the underworld is actually in Fengdu city. After death, all living creatures who want to go to the underworld must get directions from Fengdu city before they can enter the underworld. According to Taoist records, the supreme ruler of the underworld is Fengdu emperor, and this Fengdu city is his residence. Therefore, the status and position of Fengdu city in the underworld are extremely special.


It is a place where Yin and Yang meet with each other opened up by the great Fengdu emperor with supreme magic power. At certain times, it will coincide with the Yang. Therefore, in folk stories, people often accidentally enter the underworld.

In fact, there is really a Fengdu city in real life, which is Fengdu County in Chongqing. The reason why it is regarded as the famous ghost city “Fengdu” is that the city name sounds very similar, and that the famous “Yin Jun” Yin Changsheng Taoist priest in history practices here. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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