The era of “malicious refusal to buy a house” has come!

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Original: duanhongbin source: official account: laoduan’s viewpoint

Living in this magical land, you will see all kinds of unheard of operations every day. Today, I was amused by a wonderful policy somewhere. A certain place requires the sub district office below to sign two new houses online in the first half of the year, which is also included in the assessment objective. If you find that your bank has a large amount of deposits and does not buy a house, you should be interviewed, because you are not buying a house maliciously.


The reporter ran to them and asked, are you all true? The local community staff said it was true, adding: “if it can not be completed, our community will deduct points, and the community Secretary may also be deducted.”

In order to save the real estate market, all parts of the country have started their own small brains. Previously, Wenzhou and Huaxia Bank cooperated to develop a new product “Anju loan”. In short, this allows the borrower to only repay the interest in the first three years without repaying the principal, and a little more in the next 27 years. The overall interest is less than the equivalent principal and interest, and more than the equivalent principal. Because the economic situation in the past two years is bad, everyone has no money to make, So the “Anju loan” greatly reduces your repayment pressure in the past three years. After three years, you can repay normally, but you must buy your house now.

At the beginning of this month, Zhuhai, Dawan District, launched a family relay loan policy. The new deal clearly stated that it would implement “one person buying a house for the whole family”. In short, you can ask your immediate family members to withdraw 90% of the provident fund account and pay you the down payment. This is an upgraded version of the six wallets. Don’t you have no money for the down payment? Previously, you could only empty six wallets. Now you can directly empty six people’s provident funds. Finally, the debt will last forever and the loan will last forever. Anyway, it’s important to get on the bus first.

However, compared with the policy of Zhengzhou, the above operations are still a little naive.

Zhengzhou has just released the measures for the implementation of housing ticket placement for the renovation project of large shed residential areas. The first shed reform was to give you a house, and the later shed reform was to give you money to buy a house by yourself. Now it’s OK. No room, no money, just a room ticket. The room ticket is valid until 2024, and you can only buy a local house. If you don’t buy it when it expires, the room ticket will automatically become invalid. In this way, you are forced to buy a house in the past two years.

If you give up, you will be homeless because your old house has been demolished. However, it also gives you a benefit, that is, the house purchased through the room ticket is not included in the number of limited purchase units of the family. In other words, there is no restriction on the purchase of the room ticket, and you can buy as many as you want. This is the official method to break the restriction.

Seeing all these strange phenomena, you have to lament that in less than a year, why did the policy turn 180 degrees? Last year, I wanted to cremate the real estate directly. Now I am transferred to the ICU ward. I can take any medicine. I must save my life.

In my opinion, the reason is too simple. In last year’s article, I repeatedly said:

The only reason why house prices will always rise is that China’s economy has been developing at a high speed. When China’s economy drops sharply, house prices will certainly fall sharply. But we can’t afford the cost of a sharp economic decline, so we can only tolerate the rise in house prices. In the past, house prices have been rising all the time, so people think that there are too many disadvantages of soaring house prices, which is simply intolerable. But this is because you haven’t experienced a fall in house prices. When house prices fall sharply, you will find that you are more miserable. Whether the two evils should be taken lightly or whether the moderate rise in house prices is more acceptable.

When I said these words last year, many people didn’t think so. They repeatedly stressed to me the harm of high house prices, saying that falling house prices would do far more good than harm. Haha, let me give you an example.

Recently, six rural banks were unable to withdraw money. These six banks are:

Yuzhou xinminsheng village bank in Xuchang City, Henan Province

Shangcaihuimin Village Bank of Zhumadian City

Zhecheng Huanghuai village bank in Shangqiu City

New Oriental Village bank in Kaifeng

Xinhuaihe village bank, Guzhen Town, Bengbu City, Anhui Province

It is said that their major shareholders are all Xuchang rural commercial bank. Since April this year, depositors have been unable to withdraw money. It has been more than two months now, so they have gone to Henan to protect their rights. This has caused great headache to the local people. Therefore, a few clever people have come up with a good idea. They have these depositors’ ID number in their hands, and directly make their health codes red, Today, when the epidemic prevention situation is so severe, the red health code means that you can’t go anywhere, so you can’t protect your rights.

The climax of the story is that a depositor had only 20 cents in the balance of a village bank. As a result, he was directly given a red code because he was on the list. He went to the relevant departments everywhere to report the situation, saying that it was OK for me to give up the 20 cents and change my health code back to green. As a result, someone quietly told him that the authority to assign codes was in the province, and they could do nothing about it.


As this fact is too hot, the official will not be able to respond any more. Therefore, the first police information circular was issued until June 18. After reading the announcement, the depositors’ hearts were cooled because the announcement said that since 2011, the criminal gang headed by the company’s actual controller Lu (LV Yi) has been suspected of using rural banks to commit a series of serious crimes.


You know, it’s 2022, which means that this criminal gang has been doing bad things for 11 years, and the bad things that have been done for so long have not been discovered? Do you believe it?

This reminds me of the story of Cao Cao and Wang long.

When Cao Cao marched, he had more people and less food, and the food supply would soon run out. The soldiers ate less and less every day, and all complained. Wang Cuan, the grain officer, ran and said that there was no grain left. What should we do? Cao Cao said, there is no way but to borrow your head.

Wang Long was terrified and said: I am innocent! Cao Cao said: I know you are innocent, but if you are not killed, your military will change. After Wang Cuan was killed, Cao Cao explained to everyone that because Wang Cuan was greedy for military food, everyone had no food to eat, which finally stabilized the morale of the army.

After all, we are a modern society. It’s too cruel to borrow someone’s head, so let him hide abroad. It is said that at the beginning of the year, the relevant departments asked LV Yi to find out about the situation, but they didn’t know what was going on, so they let him go home. As soon as he got home, he ran away without a trace. Now there is no head or owner of the debt.

Now you should understand what’s going on. LV Yi’s village banks are financing platforms for local governments. These places can’t borrow money in the open market. Even if they can, the interest must be too high for them to bear. What should we do? Very simply, through these village banks’ high interest rates, the interest you pay to depositors will not be higher than the loan interest of financial institutions. You have been playing this game for many years. At least you have been playing this game for 11 years. Although it is indeed a violation, it has always been peaceful, because as long as you can return your money to others with interest, others will not think you are a liar.

Unfortunately, since 2021, there have been continuous accidents in Henan, first rainstorms and floods, then real estate thunderstorms, and then the COVID-19. The land cannot be sold at all. All this money is used to invest in land. The initial investment in land is very large. If you want to demolish, you need three supplies and one leveling. Only when the raw land is mature can you auction it. Once the land cannot be sold, what will you pay back the interest? You have no choice but to lie down and calm down.

Depositors don’t care about you. Their demands are very simple. They want money. Like Cao Cao’s soldiers, I want to eat when I am a soldier. If something happens to your logistics, it’s your problem. If I don’t eat, I will make trouble. From Cao Cao’s point of view, it may be that the early planning was not done well, that there were no villages along the way, that food could not be grabbed, or that Xun Yu was slow in distributing food in the rear. In short, many factors led to a lack of food, but you and the soldiers could not explain these things clearly. You can only say that Wang Yu was a bad man.

Now you know why the upper authorities are trying to save the real estate market. The suppression of the real estate market last year has forced the developers to die collectively. This year, it is the local governments that are trying to kill them. Soon, those who have houses have no money to repay their loans, and their houses have to be auctioned. Once the serial thunderstorms start, they will not stop.

The current situation can be described in Wang Lang’s words: the country is in danger, and the living beings are in urgent need! If we don’t turn around, everyone will be finished. So you understand what it means to “maliciously not buy a house”. But what I want to say is, if I had known this, why should I have done it?

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