The era of women’s power: Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty appeared under the female skirt hairpin

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Yuefu is an ancient Chinese folk song. Among the Yuefu of the Han Dynasty, I like the journey to the southeast corner of sunrise best. At the southeast corner of the sunrise, I looked at Qin’s building.

The Qin clan has a good daughter named Luofu.

Luofu likes sericulture and is located in the south corner of the mulberry city.

The green silk is the cage system, and the cinnamon branch is the cage hook.

A Japanese bun on the head and a bright moon in the ear.

Xiangqi is the lower skirt, and Ziqi is the upper Ru.

When the traveler saw Luo Fu, he stroked his moustache with his shoulder.

Seeing Luo Fu, the boy took off his hat and whispered his head.

The tiller forgets his plough and the hoe forgets his hoe.

Come and return angry and resentful, but sit back and watch Luofu.

You came from the south, and your five horses hesitated.

So you sent officials to ask whose family it was.

The Qin clan has a good daughter named Luofu.

How old is Luo Fu? Twenty is not enough,

Fifteen is more than enough.

Thank you for your application. I’d rather share it.

Before Luo Fu delivers a speech, why are you stupid.

You have your own wife, and Luofu has her own husband.

There are more than a thousand horses in the East, and the husband and son-in-law take the lead.

How can I know my husband and son-in-law? A white horse comes from a Liju.

The green silk is tied to the horsetail and the gold is tied to the horsehead.

The deer and Lu sword in the waist can be worth more than ten million.

He was a petty official of the fifteenth government and a doctor of the twenty dynasties.

Thirty attends to Zhonglang and forty attends to Chengju.

He is clean and fair. He has a long beard.

Yingying mansion steps forward, and Ranran mansion moves forward.

There were thousands of people sitting there, all saying that their husbands and husbands were different. This piece of Yuefu is entitled “love song Luo Fu Xing”, or “Mo Shang sang”.

Li Bai also wrote a poem about Luo Fu, entitled “song of Wu at midnight”. It said that Luo Fu was a girl in Qin. Maybe it was a clerical error in Qin. According to legend, Luo Fu was a woman of the state of Zhao in the Warring States period. She was attracted by the king of Zhao, just like the antithesis in this song. Luo Fu skillfully avoided the temptation of the king of Zhao.

Indeed, this Yuefu is a work of the Han Dynasty. According to legend, it was the autocratic King Zhao who flirted with Luo Fu. However, the assassin in the song was only a local official. It can be seen that the poetry was filled with the flavor of the Han Dynasty.

This is an ancient folk song from the people. The author is unknown. Because this song has a remarkable personality, some people speculate that it may be written by a specific author. In the song, King Zhao became the object of ridicule. The author’s statement that he did not disclose his real name because of concern is hard to believe as a work of the Han Dynasty. Because there is no need for the author to have scruples about the king of Zhao in the Warring States period.

As a social concept in the feudal era, people must obey the orders of the king and his agent local officials, and it is the content of praising Luo Fu’s resistance to tradition. Therefore, the author is anonymous, which is too far fetched in any case.

Luo Fu was a female of mulberry picking working class, but she did not retreat whether the other party was a monarch or a local official. She said that Fu Lang rode a white horse and had more than 1000 followers. Originally, she just said it off the cuff. However, these contents have become indulgent and gorgeous news, making the assassin fall into the clouds. The humorous and witty images of young women are vividly described in this healthy old folk song.

As for her beauty, there is no direct description in the song. It is only expressed in clothes or according to the men’s actions who look at her.

This method of expression is crucial to understanding China, which I will introduce later.

Without direct description, we can expand the space of our imagination and create a beautiful effect.

Although it seems a little careless, the opponent is also difficult to deal with. Luo Fu should do his best. There must be sweat on her forehead. The bright sunlight reflected on the sweat beads on her white jade like skin, which appeared to be glittering and translucent—— In addition to the cheerful wit and energetic spirit, we can also find a beauty of tension here.

Every time I read this Yuefu poem, I feel carefree like a pastoral, and then I feel excited.

Confucian rites bound women superficially, starting from Confucianism as a stereotyped social purpose, which should be at least after the middle of the Han Dynasty. Later, even in the late Han Dynasty, the bondage on women was not as strong as it appeared.

In the early Han Dynasty, women lived as leisurely as Luofu, and at the same time used their own strength and courage to fight against their own destiny.

Women in the court also had a strong voice. The usurpation of power by Empress Lu in the early Han Dynasty may be an extremely explicit manifestation of this phenomenon.

After the LV clan was exterminated, Wang Heng was welcomed by the imperial court and became Emperor Wen. This has been described above. In fact, at that time, the orthodox idea that the supreme ancestor and the great grandson should be established among the ministers still prevailed. However, the reason why the great grandson king Qi could not be established in the end was that “the king Qi’s mother’s family is Si, and so are the villains.”

This is the biggest reason.

The villain of the mother’s family doesn’t mean the family, but that the mother’s family has many ambitious people.

Then, choose from the sons of Gaozu! But they were killed by Empress Lu. Except for the king Dai, only the king of Huainan, born to Zhao Ji, was alive.

“Huainan king, his mother’s family is evil.”

“Bo Shi, the mother of the king, is very kind.”

From the above selection process, it can be seen that whether the mother’s family is kind or not becomes a new choice


Important factors.

The officials of the Han Dynasty may have felt bitter about the usurpation of power by the Lu family. In fact, the second empress Lu may appear at any time. Women’s rights are so strong that our dragon and Phoenix, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, also appeared under women’s skirts and hairpins.

Emperor Jing, the father of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, had 13 sons. It goes without saying that they were born of many wives and concubines.

When Emperor Jing was still the crown prince, empress Bo, her grandmother, had already made a woman of the Bo family the crown princess. As soon as the king ascended the throne, the Crown Princess naturally became


This is queen Bo. However, the queen did not have any children, and she was a woman whom her grandmother forced her to marry. It seemed that the king did not have any love for her. After the death of his grandmother, Emperor Jingdi did not hesitate to abolish queen Bo, but he did not immediately establish a new queen.

In Jingdi’s


There are as many as six women who have given birth to children, including Li Ji, Cheng Ji, Tang Ji, and Madame Jia, as well as two sisters, Madame Wang.

Rong, born to Li Ji, is the eldest. Rong has been made the crown prince. Therefore, it seems natural for Li Ji to be promoted to queen, but in fact, the emperor’s favor for her is gradually weakening. In short, the king emperor still left the Queen’s seat empty, and he thought there was no reason to worry. On the surface, it may be that they have some concerns about the abandoned empress Bo.

Princess Guantao, the elder sister of emperor Jing, is in charge of the harem. Her name is whoring. She is the eldest daughter, so she is called the eldest princess. The eldest princess married a man named Chen Wu and gave birth to a daughter named Ajiao. The eldest princess dotes on her daughter. She always hopes that Ajiao will become the Crown Princess and the queen in the future.

So the eldest princess proposed marriage to Li Ji, the mother of crown prince Rong.

“No.” She said.

Li Ji refused coldly. His son is the crown prince, but he can never be promoted to Queen. This is because Jingdi loves many other women—— Li Ji thinks so. Therefore, Princess Guantao, who was in charge of the emperor’s woman, was an enemy to Li Ji. How could she betroth the enemy’s daughter to her son?

The rejected Princess felt very uncomfortable.

“Not even the queen, so arrogant and unreasonable! What do you think of me as the emperor’s sister?”

In this way, the battle between women began.

The eldest princess thinks so: marry Gillian to Li Ji’s son Rong, but the other party is the crown prince. Then if you don’t marry Rong, just marry the crown prince. Because Rong is the oldest prince, he becomes the crown prince, but he is not the son of the queen. Isn’t he the same as other princes in this regard? The succession of the eldest son to the throne is not necessarily a fixed iron rule.

At this time, the fact that the queen was still vacant came to the head of the eldest princess.

The most justifiable way to replace the crown prince is that if a woman other than Li Ji becomes the queen, the son born to the woman will be born directly and become the crown prince. In that case, the honor born of that arrogant Li Ji can be driven down from the throne of the crown prince.

Anyway, the most important thing now is to let the king alienate Li Ji. If Li Ji is promoted to queen, then everything will be irreparable.

The eldest princess instilled Li Ji’s wrongs into her younger brother Jingdi.

“Li Ji cursed the other ladies in the Imperial Palace, saying that they were ‘the way of evil flattery’.”

She sometimes spreads like this. The so-called “evil and charming” means witchcraft.

What’s more, the eldest princess also formed an alliance with the elder sister of the two Wang ladies who were sisters. Her sister’s name is fan. She is a woman loved by the king.

“I want to make you the queen and your son archer the crown prince. In exchange, Archer will marry my Gillian. What do you think?”

“Yes, please.”

They formed a united front in this way, and Li Jiguang knew that she was jealous and could only scream helplessly. At that time, she was not the queen. In terms of identity, she should be the same as other ladies. However, because her son had become the crown prince, she always felt superior to others, and the palace maids of the harem all resented Li Ji. Even without these, the king’s wife who made a secret agreement with the eldest princess would skillfully instigate these sisters.

“I can only say it here. Li Ji has put you in a very bad way…”

Mrs Wang sometimes whispers to them.

At night, the emperor would go to the women in the harem. At that time, wherever he went, he would hear the voice of dissatisfaction with Li Ji.

“As expected, I was right not to make Li Ji queen in a hurry. Other women gave her a very bad evaluation. Moreover, this woman has not been so affectionate to me recently.”

Jingdi must think so.

The planning of Guantao princess is also going on smoothly.

Princess Guantao did not use the explicit method of over praising Mrs. Wang to make her a queen, but focused on how cute and smart the children born to Mrs. Wang were, and constantly instilled them into the emperor.

“It’s rare for a clever boy like Archer!”

Because he was his own child, Jingdi would not be unhappy when he heard such praise.

“So the boy seems to have a future.”

Echoing the voice, it seems that Jingdi himself thinks so. As a matter of fact, Che, the son of Mrs. Wang, later Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, showed extraordinary talent from an early age.

Once the king emperor was ill. He called Li Ji, the mother of the crown prince, to his bed and said, “if I should have any trouble, you should take good care of the other princes.”

Li Ji is a stupid woman, no! It should be said that she is too faithful to her feelings and is an honest woman.

“No, why do I have to take care of other women’s children? I can’t.”

Li Ji refused.

After listening to this, Emperor Jingdi became very angry in bed.

Mrs. Wang, who has been closely observing the king’s movements, thought: the opportunity has finally come!

She made this judgment.

Her action was to instigate the minister to make a speech to the emperor to make Li Ji queen.

This is a premeditated layout.

that is


It is impossible to recall what he said.

In public, the words of the son of heaven cannot be withdrawn. At that time, the king emperor was angry with Li Ji. At this time, if Li Ji was proposed to be queen, it goes without saying that he would immediately be rejected by the king emperor. Once rejected in public, Na Li Ji will never have the chance to be promoted to Queen.

The minister in charge of the ceremony called Da Xing to write to the Emperor: the son is valued by the mother, and the mother is valued by the son. Now that the crown prince and his mother have no empress, they should be made queen.

As Mrs Wang expected, no! It should be said that it was much more than expected.

“Is that what you should say?”

The king was furious.

The most pitiful thing is that Da Xing was killed for the crime of arrogation.

And unexpected gains. Emperor Jing made a decision: “if the mother of the crown prince cannot become the queen, the crown prince should be abolished.”

Therefore, Emperor Jing abolished the crown prince status of Rong, the son of Li Ji, and downgraded him to an ordinary prince. This is the king of Linjiang.

Li Ji resisted this hysterically, but the emperor ignored it. Soon Li Ji died, and it was rumored that she died of grief and indignation.

After Li Ji’s death, the king of Jing made his wife Li the queen and his son Che the crown prince.

Che was only seven years old at that time, ranking ninth among the 13 sons of Jingdi—— He is Emperor Wu.

The tactics performed by Princess Guantao and Mrs. Wang won a complete victory.

Lvzuqian of the Song Dynasty commented on this incident:

“All the daughters of the deep palace, inspired by the benefits, are like Qin.”

The so-called Yi Qin refers to the great strategists in the Warring States period, namely Zhang Yi, who advocated horizontal alignment, and Su Qin, who advocated vertical integration.

It goes without saying that Ajiao became the crown princess.

There is the idiom “Golden House hides charming”.

“If I marry Gillian, I will build a big golden house and put her in.”

This is what the young emperor Wu said when he went to play at Princess Chang’s house.

But their


But there is no romantic ending like a nursery rhyme.

The fierce competition between women actually involved two young children in the whirlpool.

“When Emperor Shang (Wu) got his heir, the eldest princess was powerful.”

Sima Qian also thinks so.

Emperor Wu had “great talent and foresight”, but this kind of talent and foresight could only be brought into play after he became an emperor. If it were only the original king of Jiaodong, I’m afraid he could only spend his life hunting and chasing rabbits in the territory. After the rebellion of the seven kingdoms of Wu and Chu, as local princes, their territories were not only reduced, but also subject to the strict supervision of officials sent from the central government. They could do nothing important. Even if Emperor Wu had more talent, at best, he would revitalize local industries.

It was the times that opened the way for the dragon and Phoenix, but the young of the dragon and Phoenix were born under the ladies’ skirts and hairpins in this way.

From the deeds of Mrs. Wang and the eldest princess, I felt the tact of Luofu, a mulberry picking girl. There seems to be something in common in the images of their heroic struggle, perhaps to gain benefits, perhaps to maintain chastity, although the purposes are different.

However, there is no improvised humor and healthy freshness of rural Luofu in those deep palace maids and conspirators.

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