The essence of power is absolute authority ~ why did I say that the severity of Trump’s “house raiding” was seriously underestimated?!

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Author: Zhou Xiaoping from official account: draw (zg5201949)

Foreword: it has been some time since trump was searched by the FBI for “house raiding”. Many readers have left messages asking me to write some analysis on this matter, but because other events take up time, I have never had time to write. I have read some other analysis comments on the Internet, most of which are focused on the scope of the struggle between the two parties in the United States. However, in fact, interpreting Trump’s house raiding incident as the struggle between the two parties in the United States has seriously underestimated the severity and destructive impact of this incident.

We must first determine who trump is? Trump is the former president of the United States. Last time, he was the first representative of high power in the United States. In other words, at least on the face of it, he is the person who holds the highest authority in the United States. So, OK, what does supreme authority mean? It means the greatest power of the United States. What does the greatest power of the United States mean? It means absolute authority.


We must first see clearly what the essence of power is. Generally speaking, we are familiar with many stories about the corruption of power, such as “the war fire plays the princes”, such as “pointing the deer to the horse”, and so on. Therefore, we all believe that the essence of power should be non absolute, open-ended, and can be controlled by many forces to be “enlightened”. But in fact, it is not so. Power often means a certain degree of absoluteness, and power itself is often doomed not to be interfered by other forces, otherwise, the small white house will not be created by government orders. And if we want to make the decree come out of the small white house, we need absolute power to absolutely implement it.

Throughout human history, the cause of the collapse of the dynasty is the financial collapse, and the essence is the collapse of power. In the history of various countries, at the end of the dynasty, the emperors were often divided, imprisoned or even killed as a landmark event and watershed. The collapse of the dynasty was also a process in which power was irreconcilable from the ninth grade grass-roots level to the fourth and sixth grade middle level, and finally to the top level. In other words, the collapse of the dynasty is the collapse of power. When the top power, that is, absolute power, is deconstructed and divided, power itself does not exist.


To understand this, we can make a simple assumption. First of all, the law stipulates that murder pays for life, right? However, in the period of anarchy, killing people often does not need to pay for their lives, because no one cares. That is to say, all human rules are made by human beings, and there must be someone to ensure the implementation of the rules. The person who ensures the implementation of the rules is the person who holds the power, and this person can not be questioned. For example, a killed B and was sentenced to death by court C. at this time, a raised a question: why can court C sentence me to death? Of course, we can not righteously answer him that this is common sense or that this is public opinion.

Because killing does not necessarily pay for life, whether or not to pay for life is decided by different rule makers. In our world, there are nearly 200 countries and regions, and the rule makers in many countries and regions have formulated a series of legal rules that do not require life compensation for killing. If you don’t believe it, you can check it. In many countries and regions, life compensation is not required for killing.

Therefore, in essence, the challenge of a is of course feasible, but the judgment qualification of court C cannot be challenged. This is the absoluteness of power. If power can be challenged, then power itself does not exist. Well, we ordinary people can call the police and file a lawsuit when they encounter problems, right? Then, regardless of the final processing and judgment results, basically these processing and judgment results can be implemented, right? This is because the rules and laws we are facing have the power holders to help us promote the implementation and enforcement. Their driving force is absolute and irresistible, and they must have the power to ensure the implementation of this series of rules and laws.


So what if it’s between countries? Or between different giants in the country? Who will guarantee the implementation of the rules signed between them?? There are no Tathagata Buddha, Haotian God, Nuwa Mazu, or Taishang Laojun or aliens in the world. Who can they go to endorse, or who can they go to ensure the authenticity and validity of all contracts, rules and laws? The common people can find the authority to do things, and the person in power is the authority itself. Therefore, the people in power must maintain a basic rule, that is, to jointly defend the absolute supreme power itself. At any time, they must not take the initiative to undermine the absolute power and the authority of the highest decision-maker. They also need to constantly strive to ensure that the highest decision-making is absolutely implemented as far as possible.

If we look back, as the most powerful country in the world, the United States has no more powerful power than the United States to suppress or restrain the United States. How can the people in power in the United States ensure that their power is effective? That is, no matter how hard we fight, the authority of the president cannot be destroyed. The president is not only the person with the highest power in the United States, but also the symbol of American power itself. As long as the authority of the president is unshakable, the power structure of the United States will be basically stable, and all American rules and regulations and laws will continue to take effect. The United States must constantly consolidate and consolidate the highest power hub of the United States, and constantly defend and strengthen the absolute authority of the highest power holders, so as to ensure the normal operation of all American powers.

However, the search of Trump’s house just destroyed all this. Although trump is the former president, he is still one of the representatives of the highest power in the United States. This kind of house of the highest power in the United States will also be searched and persecuted. This incident will break the hidden rule that the highest power in the United States is sacred and inviolable. The American society will realize from the top to the bottom that there are no rules, no power and no bottom line in this country. Everyone can defy the law, and everyone can change or challenge the rules, Everyone can challenge the bottom line. In addition to the people at the bottom, the American giants will also realize that the center of power in the United States that everyone has jointly defended no longer exists, and what remains is only a bayonet fight, and only a fight between everyone and each other.


Therefore, the adverse impact of trump being searched and ransacked by the FBI is not limited to the struggle between the two parties. What is more, the consensus of the US high-level and those in power to jointly defend power and authority has disappeared, and the awe and belief of the middle and lower levels of the United States in the American power itself is collapsing.

In other words, today’s United States, like the Han Dynasty during the emperor Xiandi period, the Tang Dynasty during the Zhaozong period, the Jin Dynasty during the emperor Huaidi period, the Song Dynasty during the Huizong period, the Ming Dynasty during the Chongzhen period, and the Qing Dynasty during the Guangxu period, all belong to the internal contradictions that have been so deep that they have eroded the highest level of power, and are omens of collapse.

Of course, some people may say that even if the highest level of power is shaken, it is not necessarily doomed. For example, this is the case in South Korea. In recent years, the ten consecutive presidents of South Korea have not ended well, either in prison or killed. Isn’t South Korea still not doomed—— Here, the author will say that both South Korea and Japan are semi colonies where American troops are stationed. The highest power of South Korea is in the South Korea US joint command, which is in the United States, not in South Korea. The power of the US ambassador to South Korea is much stronger than that of the puppet president of South Korea. How many puppet presidents in colonial and semi colonial countries died has nothing to do with the power itself. Only when the real power holders are eroded will the Korean political situation be shaken. For example, the US ambassador to the ROK Harris was taken to prison by the ROK. For example, the US military stationed in the ROK sexually assaulted a Korean girl and was shot by the ROK government. Only when this kind of thing occurs can the current supreme power in the ROK be truly shaken and eroded.


At present, the highest authority in the United States has been shaken, and the power of the United States is being questioned, deconstructed and eroded. Therefore, I can predict that there will be many assassinations of presidents or former presidents in the United States in the next ten years, and there will be bankruptcies, misappropriations, Exiles and other phenomena among the major chaebols in the United States. Just like what has been repeated in the last years of the world’s dynasties, let’s keep our eyes open.

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