The essence of world order change!

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Author: Ye Lihua Source: Seeking Truth (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

The Russian-Uzbekistan conflict has been going on for a year, and some things have gradually surfaced.

This emerging matter is the essence of changes in the world order. The nature of the changes in the world order should be examined in history.

First of all, we need to understand what World War I is. World War I is the world war in which the crown falls and the overthrow of the dynasty by advanced productive forces. The industrial power represented by Britain overturned the Middle Ages in Europe. The world order is finally determined.

By the end of World War II, the United States, Soviet Union and Germany had to subvert the British-led order. The United States and Soviet Union had successfully dominated the world, while Germany had failed. However, the foundation for the establishment of the US-Soviet order was not solid, and the following maritime trade produced neo-liberalism. Only 50 years later, the US-Soviet order was completely disintegrated.

The leaders of neo-liberalism scrambled for power around the world and established the world trade order together. The foundation of this order is still not solid. After three decades of development, neo-liberalism has come to a crossroads of destiny.

From the perspective of the core of change, it is maritime transport that connects the neo-liberals of all countries in the world, which leads to the so-called world free trade. However, the order of this trade is not balanced. Some countries are responsible for raw materials, some countries are responsible for processing, and some countries are responsible for consumption.

In other words, there are always people whose interests are damaged, and there are two parts of people whose interests are damaged. The first part is the industrial workers who rose in the industrial revolution, and fell from the best treatment to the bottom of the society. Among them, the industrial workers in Germany were confused, joined the Catholic Church, and the industrial workers in Eastern Europe were confused, and fell into stagnation.

As for China and the United States, the old industrial bases in the northeast of China and the old industrial bases in the northeast of the United States have come to a standstill and started a lost 30 years.

People were forced to leave their homes and work in other places. Eastern Europeans flocked to the Czech Republic, Chinese people went to the coast, and American people went to California and Texas.

However, the lost people will not be left to the mercy of fate. The neo-liberalism brought not good news but disaster to the inland people of the Eurasian continent, the African continent and the American continent, and to all the people in the world who could not enjoy the benefits of maritime trade.

If we have been in a disaster for a long time, we must speak out, act, and try to bury neo-liberalism.

So all the contradictions finally gathered and condensed in Ukraine to rehearse the future war.

The neo-liberal order is on the Ukrainian side, and the order of the mainland is on the Russian side, which is the essence of war.

What are the implications for us?

Never be the first to end in the change of the world order.

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