The EU cannot sanction Russia!

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On the 30th, a two-day EU special summit was held in Brussels. Member States will discuss Russia’s sixth round of sanctions, including the possibility of oil embargo and asset freezing.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for three months. Most European elected politicians support Zelensky on one side and promise to provide assistance and weapons. According to their attitude, Russia should have been given a big gift package.

However, in my opinion, this round of further sanctions against Russia will make some small progress, but most of them will end up in vain.

French President macron and German Chancellor Scholz, who are truly in charge of the EU, will not only not support Zelensky, but even force Ukraine to compromise with Russia.


This behavior of saying no and being honest is not the hypocrisy of Europeans, but the result of game based on human nature.

Elected politicians often have to conform to public opinion, but the interest groups that really hold power must consider long-term interests. If their interests are inconsistent, they will naturally lead to the tearing of policies.

Don’t be surprised, this kind of tearing force also occurs frequently in our daily life.

For example, in an ordinary family with three generations, there are often separated parents.

Grandparents tend to spoil their grandchildren like politicians, and they will never let go of picking up the stars and the moon. However, one of the parents often has to scoff at his children and look like the government. This is not good, that is not good.

Go back to the economic model to explain that, regardless of international politics and family education, behind this difference is the cost bearers and benefit recipients, who stand in different positions.

Parents who are burdened with the pressure of making money from work should think about their children’s future and bear the negative emotional cost of the process of discipline in the face of the continuous investment of the golden gobbler.

The grandparents who receive a fixed pension not only do not need to bear the cost of capital and emotion, but also have plenty of time to enjoy the emotional benefits of licking the calf and the joy of family.

Therefore, during the epidemic period, when the old parents were tutoring their children at home, they wanted to send them to school as soon as possible so that they could return to work and give birth to their children to make money, while the grandparents who wanted to feed every mouthful of food to their mouths were reluctant to let their children go to school and wanted their children to lie at home and play with their grandchildren for a few more days.

Next generation parents are not so mysterious, because the older generation only enjoys the benefits and does not bear the costs for their grandchildren.

It’s like Zelensky enjoyed the benefits of being a God, but didn’t have to bear the cost of Ukraine being beaten to pieces.


Similarly, Western politicians lick ZELINSKY like dogs, not because ZELINSKY is good at acting, but because politicians need to lick ZELINSKY to please voters who are moved by ZELINSKY, and they can get super high support without paying for themselves.

However, macron and Scholz, under the pressure of elected politicians, refused to send weapons to Ukraine and refused to further sanction Russia, because the ruling group that pushed them to power has been overwhelmed by inflation in the epidemic era and does not want to pay for the behavior of these politicians as licking dogs.

Change Europe into a family, that is, the children were moved by the big deception to donate money. Grandpa and grandma knew it was a big deception, but in order to please the children, they still forced their parents to pay for it.

His father and mother, who had been working hard and their income had dropped sharply, were so angry that they wanted to beat big Huyou up. However, in order to improve their image in front of their children, they had to say good words on the face and secretly threaten big Huyou.

However, the threat is of no use to ZELINSKY. Looking ahead, this mismatch between costs and benefits will sooner or later collapse the EU and lead it into the abyss of left-right swing.

The same logical dislocation is also one of the root causes of all kinds of chaos in China in the past few months. It is not a group of people who pay and enjoy.

Therefore, after the state integrates the two, many chaos began to come to an end.

When the State Council said that it would not borrow money, local governments could only find ways to resume production. When the medical insurance bureau announced that it would not pay money, local governments could only raise money for testing. Then, the old men who were used to lying down were forced to support themselves. Efficient and economical testing programs emerged one after another. Local governments also actively and carefully promoted the resumption of work and production.

As long as our thinking does not decline, there will always be more solutions than difficulties. The EU in bulk can not sanction Russia, but with one mind, we can encircle and suppress the virus and successfully get out of this round of epidemic.

Finally, I would like to congratulate the people of Shanghai on their imminent liberation after more than two months of fierce struggle! Thank you for your persistence and dedication. You are China’s war heroes!



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