The European Union’s backwater battle!

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On the night of the 23rd, EU leaders held a summit in Brussels and approved a heavy decision. Ukraine and Moldova became EU candidates and Georgia became potential candidates.

The domestic state-run media have generally criticized this. Referring to the EU candidate countries such as Albania and Serbia, the EU accession negotiations have been stalled for many years. They believe that the move by the EU and Ukraine is purely theatrical, and Zelensky has been fooled.

But I think this is a major breakthrough in EU integration, and it has wiped out the obstacles to the large-scale expansion of the EU in the future.

It is an example worth learning for us who also face many internal obstacles in the expansion of the BRICs alliance.

Looking at the map, the candidate countries Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are all former Soviet republics, and have territorial disputes with Russia; The leading candidate countries Albania, Serbia, northern Macedonia and Montenegro are the former Yugoslav republics.

Although the per capita GDP of these countries is very low, the human rights are not perfect, and the domestic market is not yet in place, they rashly join the EU. The high transfer payments will quickly reduce the per capita welfare of the EU, which will greatly hinder the EU.

But in fact, just as West Germany flourished after absorbing East Germany, the excellent basic education and hard-working labor force in these former socialist countries are the key to the EU’s economic vitality again.

As a decision-maker of the European Union, opening up to former socialist countries is far more reliable than recruiting middle east refugees as labor. However, the huge transfer payments need to be borne by enterprises and taxpayers, which makes politicians who rely on enterprises and voters dare not easily let go.

If you want to accomplish something, you need a reason to convince the people.

Just like the Syrian crisis seven years ago, after a three-year-old boy in a red T-shirt was washed onto the Turkish beach, the crowd was excited. European countries that originally refused to accept immigrants announced to open their borders, Germany announced that there was no ceiling, and the Finnish Prime Minister vacated his private house to refugees.


Similarly, in the past few months, through his superb acting skills, Zelinski has persuaded the easily moved left-wing voters in Europe to pay for the transfer of payments to these East European people oppressed by Russia.


This requires the will and consensus of the people before doing great things, which is a universal law.

If it weren’t for the outflow of Tangshan girls’ videos, it would be difficult to unite the will of the whole country and exert pressure on vested interest groups to carry out a large-scale anti Mafia campaign.

If it were not for the outflow of Dandong girls’ videos, it would be difficult to unite the national will and exert pressure on vested interest groups to unseal the city that has been closed for two months.

They are brave and have become the Chinese version of Swedish environmental protection girls at the right time.


Similarly, if you take ZELINSKY’s story into consideration, you will also understand that the leftist group that the EU promotes integration is by no means a flood of white left love. It is also using this excellent actor to gather the public opinion of the European left to achieve the purpose of promoting EU integration and competing for more support.

Against the backdrop of widespread sympathy, Ukraine has significantly lowered its criteria for entering the EU, making the Balkan and Eastern European candidate countries that were originally rejected cross the threshold of Copenhagen in an instant, from a lot of “always one knife away” to quantifiable data.

Soon, those countries that see the opportunity will accelerate their application process for European integration and strive to complete their accession before Ukraine, which is in ruins.

Do not think that the low and heinous GDP in the Balkans and Eastern Europe is just a burden. They are also a wealth waiting for the rich.

Just as West Germany, which also signed the Plaza Agreement, successfully completed the transformation by eating East Germany, avoiding the bursting of the foam in Japan, after the subprime mortgage crisis, the United States snatched China from Europe, and the huge amount of capital made China the second largest economy in the world, so it was able to get out of the subprime mortgage crisis.

Keynesianism is not so complicated. In order to solve the problem of employment and maintain the financial order, Dutch officials and developers all know that when the house foam is about to burst, farmers are asked to go to the city to buy houses with wheat and garlic, and people in shanty towns who can’t afford to buy houses are given house purchase IOUs.

There is nothing wrong with the EU’s approach this time. It has lost all its underpants in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. If it cannot take this opportunity to eat the Balkans and Eastern Europe, which have huge markets and labor forces, and create new wealth increments, it is estimated that it will be the first to die in this round of global crisis.

Although Zelensky has turned Ukraine into a white land, it has attracted the former socialist licking dog brothers in the Balkans. Although Europe has made a mess on the issue of Russia and Ukraine, it can not be denied that the left-wing elites have promoted the success of EU integration through war.

Recently, many friends have asked why these opposing incidents occur frequently, and they are deeply worried about it.

I don’t think we should worry too much about this.

The resistance of our subsequent western development and BRICs expansion in both internal and external cycles is no less than that of the EU’s eastward expansion. If we want to promote the success of the reform, we need the support of the public opinion. History needs more Tangshan girls and Dandong girls who stand up bravely.

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