The fate of Shouwangmao (brief introduction of Shouwangmao)

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Li Mao, the son of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty and the ex-husband of Concubine Yang, has three stages in his life: noble birth, bleak youth, and good old age.

Li Mao, the king of longevity, was born nobly, and was the standard master who was born with a golden key. He is not only the 18th son of Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, but also his mother, Princess Wu Huifei. Concubine Wu Huifei is not an ordinary woman in the harem. She is Wu Zetian’s niece and granddaughter. She is not only very beautiful, but also gentle and virtuous. She has knowledge and cultural connotation. “Concubine Wu Huifei is small but gentle and gentle, long and wise, and acts in accordance with the Confucian classics, and her words reflect the history” (The Old Book of the Tang Dynasty).



Li Longji, who has been flirtatious and lecherous, has been spoiled by him for more than ten years. They have deep feelings. It can be said that Li Longji, for the sake of Princess Wu Huifei, abolished the wife of the once deeply affectionate “scurf” Queen Wang and killed the “intelligent, studious, talented” Crown Prince Li Ying. After the death of Concubine Wu Huiji, Li Longji was deeply shocked because he missed Concubine Wu Huiji and had no interest in women in the harem for a long time.

It is extremely lucky to have an emperor’s father and a mother who is loved by the emperor and has the same status as the queen. Li Mao’s good fortune is far more than that. His mother, Princess Wu Huifei, has been with Li Longji for more than ten years, but has miscarried many times. Although she gave birth to two sons and a daughter, they all died early. Before Li Mao, none of her children grew up. With this layer of paving and background, Li Mao’s birth is even more dazzling. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was afraid that Li Mao would also die young like other children. He sent Li Mao to his brother Li Xian’s mansion of Prince Ning at birth and was nurtured by the Yuan family, Princess Ning, for more than ten years.

Li Mao became the only son of Li Longji and Concubine Wu Huifei. His nobility and importance are conceivable. In March of the 13th year of Kaiyuan (725), when Li Mao was seven years old, he was granted the title of King of Shou. In the 15th year (727), he led the governor of Yizhou Dadu and the ambassador of Jiannan Jiedu. In the 23rd year (735), Li Mao, the 17th year old King of Shou, was married to Yang Yuhuan as Princess of Shou. The life of Li Mao, the king of longevity, has gone on all the way. If all goes well, he will be the inevitable candidate for the crown prince and the next emperor of the Tang Dynasty. However, everything often goes up and down, and Li Mao’s good fortune did not last.

Li Mao’s mother, Princess Wu Huifei, died in December of the 25th year of the Kaiyuan era (737) at the age of 39. Li Mao was 19 years old this year. The death of his mother was fatal to Li Mao. Concubine Wu Hui is alive, and he is the only one of his mother, which is also indirectly equivalent to the only one of Li Longji, Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty. But when his mother died, he lived in the most ruthless imperial family, and Li Mao’s status plummeted. He was no longer the only one in the eyes of the emperor’s father, but became one of his father’s more than 30 children.

It is even more unfortunate for Li Mao that after his mother’s death, the father took a fancy to his wife Yang Yuhuan, Princess Shou, and forced Li Mao to divorce Yang Yuhuan. Then, in the name of praying for his mother, Empress Dowager Dou, he sent Yang Yuhuan to the Taoist temple and became Yang Taizhen. In the 29th year of the founding of the People’s Republic of China (741), Li Longji, who was impatient, sent someone to take Yang Taizhen into the harem and call him the Empress. In the fourth year of Tianbao’s reign (745), he was officially crowned as the imperial concubine, and all the treatments and grades were equal to those of the queen. Her beautiful princess was robbed by her father. She can’t have any complaints and grievances. I can imagine the grievance and resentment in her heart.

After his wife was taken away by his father, Li Longji, Li Mao’s political future was completely destroyed. Li Longji, who had come all the way through the bloody storm, had been wary of the palace coup. He had killed three sons wrongly in one sentence before, and his suspicion was obvious. It is impossible for such a father to make a son who has the hatred of seizing his wife a crown prince. On the contrary, they will only be wary of Li Mao, and strengthen the prevention of Li Mao everywhere as an alternative.

In his later years, Li Longji may have been touched by the “one day killing” incident. He was no longer cruel to his son, but a little more benevolent. Therefore, after Li Mao’s stunning wife Yang Yuhuan was taken away and lived alone for more than four years, Li Longji felt guilty and chose a new princess for Li Mao again.

The new princess is the granddaughter of Wei Juyuan, the prime minister of the previous dynasty. Although she is not as beautiful as Yang Yuhuan, she is kind-hearted, good-natured, and has excellent family education. They have supported each other, loved each other, had children, and lived together for more than 30 years. From then on, Li Mao also looked down on power, took the initiative to stay away from the power center, and acted as the king of longevity in an orderly manner until he died of illness in the tenth year of Zongdali (775) of the Tang Dynasty, and lived for 57 years, which was also a good end.

His former wife Yang Yuhuan, however, in the 15th year of Tianbao (756 AD) after the outbreak of the “Anshi Rebellion”, fled to the middle of Sichuan with Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji of the Tang Dynasty and passed through Maweiyi (now west of Xingping City, Shaanxi Province), accompanied by the Rebellion of the Forbidden Army, killed his cousin Prime Minister Yang Guozhong with a disorderly knife, and Yang Yuhuan was also forced to be killed. A generation of beautiful women lost their beauty.

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