The Federal Reserve’s interest rate hike means that the death net is broken, which does not bode well- Exporting war to foreign countries has become a must for the United States!

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Author: zhouxiaoping from official account: Pingju (zg5201949)

When the window period of peaceful development is over, we should no longer fantasize about or nostalgic for the comfort of the past. We can only go with the situation, draw a sword and fight for a victory and win a future in the storm. Perhaps in the long run, a war is not a bad thing. A victory may be the beginning of a new era.

Can the Fed raise interest rates solve the problem of inflation in the United States? The answer must be No. As long as you say yes, just paint its face with pig dung, regardless of who said it. If the interest rate hike could be solved, the Federal Reserve would have raised interest rates long ago. Why wait until today?


The elite of Wall Street and the old fox of the White House are all human beings. They know better than anyone that raising interest rates will not solve any problem in front of this completely dead dollar engine. Therefore, since the beginning of 18 years, we have been hesitant and delayed. Today, we have to start the real interest rate hike. We have seen the previous two interest rate hikes and they have no effect. Not only is inflation still high in the United States, but also the financial stock market in the United States has begun to collapse.

There are two things that can not explode in the world: the US stock market and the Chinese property market. Now, one of them is about to explode.

The Federal Reserve has no way to do this. It can only continue to push for interest rate hikes. It says that it is a one-time increase of 75 points. If not, it will increase 100 points. In fact, I think the Federal Reserve can add 500 or 1000 points at a time. Anyway, it’s no big deal to try and die. Practice will prove that even if the interest rate is increased by 1000 points, the inflation rate in the United States will not stop. On the contrary, the U.S. stock market will directly explode. Once the US stock market exploded, the US dollar system was basically paralyzed. Even if more than 300 US military bases overseas, more than 100 Cultural Cold War offices and more than 100 bacterial and virus laboratories were still there, it would still be of no help. The US dollar system would collapse before the US military hegemony. At that time, American soldiers scattered all over the world will join forces with local warlords and chaebols to claim the throne and divide the territory.

Of course, the Federal Reserve will not be so radical as to raise interest rates by 500-1000 points for the time being, so the speed of dollar collapse will not be so violent, but the situation will generally evolve and develop along this trend. Raising interest rates will not save the United States; Raising interest rates will never save anyone.

As I said the year before last, the best way for the United States and the world is for the Federal Reserve to choose to lie flat, that is, “the Federal Reserve will never raise interest rates, release water until the end of time, and allow inflation to slowly submerge the United States.” In this way, although American hegemony will inevitably fall to the sidelines, and the American people will slowly drown in inflation, the American plutocrats can calmly transfer assets and even nationality, package and sell the overall assets of the United States to a third party, and then get rid of their shells and continue to live in another place for a century. Just like the empire that never set the sun at the beginning, it chose to lie flat and slowly withdraw from the stage of history. With the accumulation of looting in the past 100 years, even after quitting the stage of hegemony, Britain can still continue and enjoy the national oak for a hundred years, and its descendants can be called the European version of Anle Gong. Isn’t it fragrant? Anyway, the American plutocrats never cared about the life and death of the American people, did they? Otherwise, why do you work so hard to legalize guns and drugs and commercialize prisons?

Therefore, the United States can also take the British road, automatically and slowly withdraw from the hegemonic stage and enjoy the sunset. After all, China has always stressed that the door to negotiations is always open.


The last thing I want to see is the Fed raising interest rates. The Fed raising interest rates breeds an ominous smell, that is, the signal of exporting war or seeking military adventure. There are often two choices before an empire collapses. The first is the British model, that is, surrender power and slowly sunset; The other is to fight to the death to seek the opportunity to dominate again. If the Fed lies flat and continues to drain water until the end of time, then the first possibility is very large. Once the Federal Reserve starts to try to raise interest rates, it means that the main hawks in the United States have the upper hand, and they will inevitably seek to export war and military adventure to the outside world.

At present, if we want to solve the problem of US debt and the problem of US economic engine for a relatively long time, the United States needs to eat all the physical assets of the five eye alliance younger brother + BRICs + Europe + Russia + China at one go!! No one can eat less. Through military hegemony, the United States has begun to almost rob Japan and South Korea, Turkey and Australia, as well as Latin American and African countries. Through the Russia Ukraine war, the United States has reaped the financial benefits of its European allies and isolated Russia. If the United States can find ways to drag China down, the capital may really return to the United States in an all-round way.

How to drag China into the water? The United States has a few points to make. The first is Japan. Encouraging Japan to declare that the Taiwan Strait will be included in the scope of military protection is one way. China and Japan are caught in the flames of war, and the United States benefits from it; The second point is South Korea. Yin Xiyue, the former Gestapo of Seoul, has taken over qingwatai. Next, he can only work under the remote control command of the US Army. In fact, he is another version of Zelinski, a puppet of the US Army. He can trigger disputes or wars between China and South Korea through Sade, deploying tactical nuclear bombs, and seizing Chinese ships; The third point is the Taiwan Strait. The U.S. military can force the mainland to use force in advance by constantly stimulating Taiwan drug addicts to trample on the red line, and use the Taiwan Strait war as an excuse to amplify the hype of public opinion and stimulate global sanctions, thus creating the illusion that China’s economy and export settlement are blocked by comprehensive sanctions to scare capital. Just as at the beginning of the Russian Ukrainian war, Russian and European capitals were frightened and rushed to the United States, it is obvious that the United States, which holds the hegemony of global public opinion, can make full use of the financial influence of this matter.


Of course, the U.S. may also use coercion to instigate Turkey, Australia or India to provoke China to die, but these two options are obviously less operable than the first three options. Therefore, the United States does have the possibility to export war or seek military adventure through these means, and this possibility is increasing. This may not be good news for the world. China should be fully prepared to strengthen military struggle. At the same time, we should learn to face the reality. The reality is that if there is no war, it is certainly better if peace can continue naturally. If there is peaceful development, it is certainly better. But what if reality does not allow?

When the global settlement system, the global trade system, the global financial system, energy resources and the export trade system that we used to rely on and use well in the past are sanctioned and cut off, and when the window period of peaceful development ends, we will no longer dream of or nostalgic for the comfort of the past, so we can only adapt to the situation, draw a sword and fight for a victory in the storm and win a future. Perhaps in the long run, a war is not a bad thing, because winning a war may actually be the beginning of a new era. Just as at the beginning of the Russian Ukrainian war, everyone watched with horror the end of Russia’s sanctions. However, today, after the war, everyone has seen the weakness of the United States and NATO, and the ruble is opening up a new Xintiandi.


Russia can, we can.

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