The fight against Mafia and evil in the Mao Zedong era!

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Author: Xusheng source: Xusheng (official account id:lxlong20) has been reproduced with authorization

Introduction: the essence lies in “playing steadily, accurately and ruthlessly”.

On january17,1951, when approving and transmitting the report of the 47th army in Western Hunan on the suppression of counter revolutionaries, Mao Zedong pointed out: “to fight steadily means to pay attention to tactics. To fight accurately means not to kill mistakes. To fight hard means to resolutely kill all the reactionaries who should be killed.”

01 evil event

The incident of several thugs beating a weak woman in public in Tangshan barbecue shop was extremely bad.

First, let the vulnerable groups feel fear, make women lose their sense of security, and worry about meeting villains outside, thus affecting the security of the whole society.

Second, if women lose their sense of security, consumption will inevitably be sluggish, which is detrimental to the real economy.

We should know that the real economy is difficult due to the impact of the epidemic. The state has been providing policies to support the real economy, and several villains are arrogant and domineering, which makes everyone worried when they go out. There is no mood for consumption.

Look at the self-help slogans in restaurants around the world after the beating incident in barbecue shops. They are full of desire for survival.


Third, good things do not go out, bad things spread far and wide.

To put it mildly, this has discredited Tangshan. You should know that Tangshan is an important industrial town in the north and a heroic city. You can’t let a few mouse droppings spoil Tangshan’s reputation.

Generally speaking, the international environment is not good. Many unfriendly national media are staring at China with magnifying glasses, trying to catch China’s pigtails.


Fourth, from the video released, it can be seen that the violence process of several villains is like flowing clouds and flowing water. They are skilled in business and tacit cooperation. Obviously, this is not the first time to do this kind of thing.

In fact, the most rampant era of China’s underworld and evil forces was at the beginning of the founding of the people’s Republic of China. Looking back, we can see how the Mao Zedong era fought against underworld and evil forces.

02 that era

On october1,1949, when Mao Zedong announced the birth of new China with his Hunan accent, the situation was actually very complicated. Mao Zedong and his comrades in arms face three major problems.

Problem 1. Some national armies and warlords are still fighting tenaciously in various parts of the south. It was not until April of 1950 that Han Xianchu led his army to liberate Hainan Island. However, in other vast areas, there are still many remaining national armies and warlords who are fighting tenaciously for survival on the one hand and for the outbreak of World War III on the other. Chiang Kai Shek, for example, predicted the Third World War until his death.

But the international situation at that time was indeed delicate. Not long after Han Xianchu liberated Hainan Island (June), the Korean War broke out, and the country was facing a severe threat. The reason for this is that “imperialism will never die if it kills us.”

The great powers were used to marching across China after 1840 and did not want the Chinese people to be truly independent. Finally, Mao Zedong made one of the most difficult decisions in his life: to overcome all difficulties and resist US aggression and aid Korea.

Problem 2: in the city, the black and evil forces permeate every corner. They “teach all kinds of things, from the staff of the government to the middle and lower level cadres of the military, businessmen, workers and even local ruffians and prostitutes, all of whom are members of the association.”

In Shanghai, 20% of the workers and 90% of the rickshaw pullers joined the gang.

In Xi’an, the Green Gang opened its doors and took in nearly a thousand disciples. There were also forty or fifty people who took in more than 100 disciples.

The reason for this is that the KMT originally had the nature of a Green Gang (in the early days, Sun Yat Sen carried out the revolution and relied on the Green Gang many times; later, the KMT gained power and never seriously rectified the party’s affairs), harbouring evil and accepting evil; When the national government collapsed, all kinds of cattle, ghosts and snakes were rampant, and the traffickers and pawns could only rely on them to survive.

How rampant were the black and evil forces at that time? They not only plunder people’s money and endanger their normal life; Moreover, it will create chaos and even directly launch riots, endangering national stability. In Fujian alone in 1950, there were many black and evil rebellions, resulting in casualties of many party and government cadres, PLA soldiers and the people.

Problem 3: banditry is serious in remote areas.

Especially in the northeast and southwest, banditry has been a huge problem since ancient times. Especially in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, many warlords and bandits could not tell who was who.

After the withdrawal of the Kuomintang, many of the remaining soldiers also became bandits, harming one side.

At that time, the country was suffering from internal and external troubles. Other regimes in history either “hustle the outside and settle the inside” (see Buddha and the chairman of the Standing Committee), or vice versa. Mao Zedong, as a historical giant, showed extraordinary boldness of vision and chose to “fight outside and settle in at the same time.”

On the one hand, he wanted to command the volunteer army to resist US aggression and aid Korea and compete with the “United Nations army” armed to the teeth; On the other hand, it is necessary to suppress the pervasive evil forces relying on gangs and Taoism, and formulate the three principles of “fighting steadily, accurately and ruthlessly”, determined to return the common people to a peaceful world.

By playing steadily, we mean being strategic, playing steadily and ensuring victory.

The so-called accurate strike means to strike accurately, cut off the evil chain, and do not harm the innocent.

The so-called “fight hard” means that those who commit the most heinous crimes should be eliminated and never be merciful.

03 steady play

On december20,1950, when the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea was in full swing, the volunteer army fought bloody battles with the enemy; The people’s Daily published an editorial on “resolutely banning the consistent way”, and the fight against triads and evil forces entered a decisive period.

How can we play steadily? There are two main strategies.

The first strategy is to treat the black and evil forces relying on the guild and Taoism differently.

1. For the evil leaders with bad influence, the strategy of catching the thief first and the king first should be implemented: centralized and unified arrest should be implemented to form a deterrent situation; Destroy their leading organs and paralyze their organizations so that they can no longer do evil.

2. As for the underworld and evil leaders who have committed minor crimes, we should carry out differentiated control and education according to the situation, so as to achieve the effect of learning from the past, avoiding the future, curing the disease and saving the people, and give them the opportunity to be a new man.

3. For ordinary members, after criticism and education, let them quit the organization and become ordinary people again. Because they are ordinary people. They only join the guild or Taoist sect to protect themselves in an emergency.

The second strategy is “easy before difficult”.

Where is easier? The old revolutionary base areas, of course, have a good mass base.

From october1950 to october1951, the old liberated areas began to concentrate their efforts on cracking down on bandits, spies, reactionary parties and groups and bullying forces. Bandit leaders, habitual bandits and urban and rural bullies were severely suppressed.

From October, 1951 to October, 1952, we carried out internal counter revolutionaries throughout the country and cleaned up spies, bandits, bullies and the backbone of the reactionary party and League.


Behind these strategies and tactics to crack down on triads and eliminate evil, there are still some causes and effects worth pondering.

The reason why the black and evil forces in that era could develop so greatly relying on gangs and Taoism was that the people were poor and the wealth was uneven. While Mao Zedong laid out the historic strategic action to crack down on the underworld and eliminate evil, he also paid more attention to eliminating the polarization between the rich and the poor and giving the people at the bottom hope for struggle.

Specifically, the historical background of the crackdown on Mafia and evil is “land reform”.

You should know that banditry has existed since ancient times. All dynasties have been suffering from serious problems. Why could it be completely eliminated in the era of Mao Zedong? In fact, the reason is very simple. That era gave most people hope.

The common people in the imperial era had a very difficult life. Although they are grass-roots workers, they do not have their own land and do not own social wealth. Even in the Republic of China, their situation did not improve.

When Mao Zedong distributed the land to them, he gave them great hope. They believed that the fate of the country was closely related to themselves and naturally supported Mao Zedong’s policies. Therefore, the suppression of banditry is just a matter of letting nature take its course.

For the same reason, soldiers in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China always fought foreign wars with great frustration. However, the Volunteer Army armed with Mao Zedong thought was the most valiant and good at fighting in the world, and withstood the most powerful firepower in the world at that time. The reason is very simple. They are all the children of farmers who have shared the land. They believe that the fate of the country is closely related to themselves.

The ancients said that water can carry a boat and overturn it. As long as the policy reaches the hearts of the people, all problems will be solved. But in the actual operation, it must be accurate.

04 fine print

The fight against Mafia and evil is not a dinner party, but a head to the ground. If you make a mistake, you will get a wrong case. Therefore, you must be accurate.

To be accurate, the key is to have laws to follow.

The regulations of the people’s Republic of China on punishing counter revolutionaries promulgated on February 21, 1951 provided a legal basis for cracking down on Mafia and evil forces, and targeted punishment could be imposed on the core figures of the Mafia and evil forces.

However, Mao Zedong acted like a master chess player, and he would see a lot of back moves. Punishing the leaders is only one step. Another equally critical step is how to educate the people through accurate crackdown on triads and evil.

In order to prevent the black and evil forces from making a comeback, in addition to land reform, three very important tactics have been implemented.

Mao Zedong believed that the masses coerced by the black and evil forces were partly because they had “no scientific knowledge” and “they had no food for famine and placed their hopes on superstition”.

The first is to popularize science and oppose superstition.

Since the literacy rate of the Chinese people was very low at that time, a long and great “literacy project” began. The so-called “ten years of trees and a hundred years of people” process is arduous. After decades of investment in education, college students have begun to roll in.

——This move is an absolute long-term investment, in return for the fact that today’s Chinese people do not have to rely on superstition because of “famine and lack of food”.

The second move is to eradicate gambling, drugs and prostitution, which breed evil.

——This move is short and quick. From February, 1950 to October, 1952, laws and regulations such as the general decree on banning opium smoking and drugs, the instructions on eliminating the prevalence of drugs, and the regulations of the people’s Republic of China on punishing drug traffickers were successively promulgated, which solved the problem in a very short time. In particular, the Opium plague that has plagued the country and the people since modern times has been historically eradicated.


Third, create more jobs. At that time, the measures of “giving work as relief, supplemented by self-help in production, job transfer training, returning to the hometown for production, and granting relief funds” were adopted, so that the vagrants in the city had jobs, and the possibility of joining the guild was ruled out.

The combination of these moves has completely solved the soil for breeding black and evil. If there are still people who engage in black and evil activities, it is their own precise death. Good words are hard to persuade the damned ghosts. They hit themselves at gunpoint and had to help them.

When the volunteer army won the victory and returned home, the land of China, which was originally full of black and evil, became clearer than ever before.

It is rare that such achievements have been made at the same time.

05 hard hit

After accurately finding the stubborn black and evil elements, there is only one way left to eradicate the evil.

In the black and evil world, some people are helpless; But there are also people who are inherently evil and are extremely cunning and stubborn.

At that time, the Yanbei prefectural Party committee of Chahar identified 500 party members who had joined the guild or Taoism, of whom 100 “would rather quit the party than the Taoism”, which shows the stubbornness of these evil forces. If these crafty die hards are not cleared up, they will become the umbrella of other black and evil forces.

There is nothing to say about these people. The iron fist of the people’s dictatorship is waiting.

On april22,1951, Mao Zedong stressed that “those who have ‘serious reactionary acts or serious misdeeds’ mixed into the military system and the government system (including public industry and mining) should be sorted out and punished or eliminated respectively”.

——In the current words, it means scraping bones to cure poison, and cracking down on the umbrella of the evil forces.

As we all know, many times the umbrella is more harmful than the black evil itself.

Summarize the characteristics of Mao Zedong’s Anti-corruption: stability! accurate Hard!

Main strategies adopted:

Adjust the gap between the rich and the poor through land reform to give ordinary people greater hope;

We will vigorously eradicate pornography, gambling and drugs, and put an end to the breeding ground for evil forces to the greatest extent;

Create more jobs and let hardworking people have jobs;

With the determination of scraping bones and treating poisons, we will strike hard at the black evil umbrella. In fact, in the era after Mao Zedong, the fight against Mafia and evil became two parts.

The first part is about the fight against Mafia and evil.

The second part is about excavating the protective umbrella.

Most of the time, the umbrella of excavating black and evil is more destructive. Because as long as the umbrella is still there, the black evil will be like wild grass. The wild fire will not burn out and the spring wind will blow again.

Back to reality, many places are fighting against Mafia and evil. In some places, it is true to fight against triads and evil because an umbrella has been dug out. Some places have been questioned by public opinion because they have not dug out a protective umbrella.

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