The first mixed devil of the Republic of China: how arrogant songmeiling’s daughter is

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Songmeiling and konglingjun (right)

Kong Lingjun, Miss Kong Er,

Republic of China

One of the “four families” in the period, the 2000 gold of kongxiangxi, the president of the Executive Yuan, and the daughter of songmeiling, the first lady. She has been wild since she was a child. She likes to provoke fights among her classmates at school, but she stands on the sidelines. She learned to shoot when she was in her early 10’s and could drive when she was 13. Miss Kong Er doesn’t wear women’s clothes. She has a big back, or she wears a suit, leather shoes and a hat askew; Or a merchant dressed up with a folding fan and a cigar in his mouth, making it difficult to distinguish between male and female. Some people call her a “half world witch”.

In Nanjing, when Miss Kong ER was driving for a ride, she was taught a few words by the police for violating traffic rules. In a rage, she pulled out a pistol and shot the traffic policeman on the spot. It is said that there was a popular saying in Nanjing later: “don’t look arrogant. Be careful when you go out and meet Miss Kong er.”

Another time was even worse. Konglingjun shot at Chongqing Central Park in broad daylight with the third son of Yunnan warlord Long Yun for a quarrel, which accidentally injured many tourists, and immediately became a sensation in Chongqing.

Miss Kong ER was very cunning and arrogant outside. She also directed at kongxiangxi and interfered in matters such as personnel arrangements, leaving kongxiangxi helpless. The worst thing was that she dared to move Chiang Kai Shek’s things. It is said that he Yingqin once sent an urgent document to Chiang Kai Shek, which was tossed away after being read by Miss Kong er from the folder. As a result, he Yingqin repeatedly urged him to inquire. Chiang Kai Shek was baffled and urgently asked the Chamberlain room to trace it, so he found it on Miss Kong er’s head. Chiang Kai Shek could not laugh or cry, and then let it go.

As the saying goes, the most famous event played by Miss Kong Er is the “plane gate” event. At the end of 1941, Chiang Kai Shek sent a plane to Hong Kong to pick up Hu Zhengzhi, an old newspaper refugee from Ta Kung Pao, back to Chongqing. After the plane landed at Chongqing airport, Wang Yunsheng, the editor in chief of Ta Kung Pao, did not see Hu Zhengzhi, but saw Miss Kong er’s servant and 17 dogs. Ta Kung Pao was controlled by the CC department and was at odds with kongxiangxi, so Wang Yunsheng drafted an editorial to expose it. In an instant, the whole country was in an uproar, students marched, Yu Youren impeached, and kongxiangxi had to resign from class.



Miss Kong Er loves guns and cars, but she doesn’t like reading. Songailing is secretly worried. In order to obtain a decent diploma, in 1942, songailing contacted an American professor (votau) at St. John’s University in Shanghai and was especially kind. So songailing found several doctors who had studied abroad in Chongqing to teach Miss Kong Er “study”, and then successfully got the diploma of the school.

After konglingjun got his diploma, songailing began to care about her marriage. At this time, chenlifu recommended a son-in-law to the Kongs, huzongnan, the “king of the northwest”. Huzongnan, whose ancestral home is Xiaofeng, Zhejiang Province, worked as a primary school teacher before being admitted to the Whampoa Military Academy. In 1942, huzongnan had been promoted to the post of deputy commander of the eighth theater command, and was in charge of the 29th, 37th and 38th group armies. Among the thousands of officers who graduated from the Whampoa Military Academy, the first to be awarded the three-star general by Chiang Kai Shek was

the kuomintang

The most powerful young general in the army.

Just when huzongnan was secretly proud, Dai Li, kongxiangxi’s sworn enemy, the head of juntong, sent him a message saying that konglingjun was perverse and misbehaved, and that marrying her as his daughter-in-law would be like leading a wolf into the house. Huzongnan murmured. Kong Lingjun is no better than other women. He can quit if he doesn’t like them. If it were a tigress who was domineering at home, wouldn’t huzongnan ask for trouble?

Huzongnan was rather scheming. He telegraphed chenlifu that it was inconvenient to leave because of the busy military affairs recently. He could only bother Miss Kong to come to Xi’an in person. Hearing is believing, seeing is believing. Miss Kong is a mule or a horse. As long as you come to Xi’an, you can reveal the true face of Lushan Mountain.

After arriving in Xi’an, konglingjun was assigned to Huaqing pool in Lintong. Konglingjun stayed in HuaQingChi for a few days, but he didn’t see huzongnan. Instead, he was informed that a reporter was coming to interview him. “Reporter” is what huzongnan played. He was dressed in a suit with a camera on his shoulder and a fake beard. When huzongnan entered the living room, he saw konglingjun wearing a black serge suit and a red tie, holding a Cuban cigar in one hand and a yellow haired Pug in the other hand, spitting smoke rings at the window.

Konglingjun teased the dog and asked, “what can I do for you?” “I’d like to… Ask a few questions.” Huzongnan hurriedly handed over his business card. “You are still a reporter because of your virtue,” konglingjun said insolently. “Do you want to interview me without taking photos? Go back and tell your president to come to me directly, or don’t blame me for being rude!” Huzongnan resisted his anger and continued to make a smiling face, expressing the hope that he could take a picture of Miss Kong er.

“In Shanghai, one of my photos is worth 100000 yuan. Go away!” Konglingjun was even more dismissive of huzongnan. The picture was not taken, but huzongnan was choked. When he returned to his residence, huzongnan threw away his fake beard, threw down his camera and cursed.

Konglingjun gave huzongnan a bad impression. He behaved vulgar, had no education, was neither male nor female, had no eyes for anything, and still carried a bad airs. If such a woman marries her, she will not be able to provide for her like her aunt. Huzongnan was in a cold sweat. He immediately called chenlifu and said that the Japanese army was preparing to launch an attack in the Qinling Mountains. He had to go to the front line to supervise the war immediately. The military situation was urgent, so he had to let his personal affairs go for a while. Please forgive him.

Is konglingjun a fool? She directly called huzongnan’s headquarters and told Hu’s staff that she must see huzongnan, or she would not leave. Huzongnan found that things were not as simple as he thought. When one plan failed, another plan arose. He promised to apologize to konglingjun in person in two days.

Two days later, huzongnan came to Huaqing pool with two personal guards. This time he wore a military uniform, an armed belt around his waist, white gloves and a revolver over his shoulder. Konglingjun also learned to behave well. He wore a dress, high heels and perfume on his head and neck.

After arriving at the resort, huzongnan followed the plan and walked with Miss Kong er for sightseeing. After walking for about two hours, Miss Kong Er got blisters on her feet and was out of breath. Huzongnan pretended not to know, still praised the scenery, and showed no pity for jade. After the tour, as soon as Miss Kong Er came home, she scolded huzongnan for being an asshole and swore: “even if he became the emperor, I have no interest in him.”

Since then, konglingjun has never officially fallen in love with any man, let alone married. After that, Miss Kong Er acted even more strangely, imitating men’s “three wives and four concubines”. When she was in Chongqing, she openly lived with an officer’s wife. In her Jialing company, everyone called Miss Kong er the general manager and the officer’s wife “madam”.

Disappear from public view

Konglingjun is neither male nor female. Many people hate and avoid her. Even her biological mother, songailing, dislikes her. However, she was loved by songmeiling. Songmeiling often praised: “Ling Jun is naturally bold and unrestrained. She is a girl and a man, very much like me.” It is said that konglingjun once traveled with songmeiling and was originally scheduled to take the second car. Miss Konger strongly suggested that she take the fifth car instead. As a result, the second car was riddled with wounds by enemy aircraft. When konglingjun and huzongnan failed in their “love”, songmeiling regarded konglingjun as her daughter.

It would be a big mistake to think that Miss Kong Er only knows how to act wild and mischievous. This man is born to make a lot of money from unprofitable business and is good at making a fortune by using his unique identity. As for how much money Miss Kong er made, only God knows.

After the collapse of the Chiang Dynasty, konglingjun did not settle in the United States with his family, but went to Taiwan to follow his godmother songmeiling. As the konglingjun family kept silent about her whereabouts, konglingjun disappeared from public view for more than 20 years. It was not until 1975, when she appeared at Chiang Kai Shek’s funeral with songmeiling, that people found out that she was living in seclusion in Taiwan.

Good news reporters began to probe into her personal life, but the results they got made them feel boring. It turned out that Miss Kong Er, who was very popular during the Anti Japanese War, was still alone for so many years and did not produce any “peach news” that could make the press stir up. It’s unbelievable that she is songmeiling’s goddaughter, the personal housekeeper, and has become well behaved.

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