The first person to eat and drink in the fairy world! Travel to the West meetings are always uninvited!

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The editor of knows that readers are very interested in journey to the West. Today I have brought you relevant content to share with you.

As we all know, the characters of the Westward Journey love meetings. Whether it’s the leader of immortals and Buddhas, or the goblins and goblins, they all enjoy the meeting. After a brief review, we will find that a journey to the west is a series of meetings.

The meeting of journey to the west is not only where to talk, but also an important agenda, that is, eating and drinking. The reason why many people come to meetings with high enthusiasm is not that they care about whether they can speak, but that they go for those who come to rare treasures. Master Kong said, “food, sex!” There is no object in Tianting, so there is only the pleasure of “eating”, which naturally becomes the hot spot of everyone’s pursuit.


Although there are many meetings in journey to the west, not everyone can participate, which depends on qualification, level and treatment. Isn’t it because Sun Wukong is angry that he is not qualified?

Monkey King is a bully, ruthless and mischievous person. He loses his temper and makes trouble without letting you participate in the flat peach meeting. It’s really simple and rude and lacks skills. In sharp contrast to Monkey Sun, there is another immortal. Although he is low in status and shallow in seniority, he was able to join the height specification event and was very popular, breaking the “reputation” of being the first person to eat and drink in the western travel world. He is the longevity guy with a big head.

The birthday star appeared only three times in the journey to the west, but each time he attended a grand banquet. Of course, his presence was not invited in advance, but an uninvited guest who came halfway and got involved in it.

The first time I ate and drank was the Antan conference. At that time, the Jade Emperor thanked the Tathagata for subduing the demon monkey and held a grand banquet in the heavenly palace. The standard of this conference is very high. Only figures at the level of Da Luo Jinxian can participate in it, and loose immortals such as longevity are naturally excluded. But he has a way to occupy a seat, but he just needs to be a little late. After three rounds of wine and five flavors of food, the longevity guy took the opportunity to appear on the stage. I saw him holding Ganoderma lucidum and orchid in his hand, offering to the Buddha and praising the power of the Tathagata on the spot. Such flattery naturally benefited Tathagata. The jade emperor also felt that he was clever and could handle affairs. He immediately gave him a seat and allowed him to join the banquet.

The second time I ate and drank was ginseng fruit meeting. Ginseng fruit is much more expensive than flat peach. The flat peach meeting is held every year, while the ginseng fruit meeting is held only once from beginning to end. So rare, how did the longevity guy succeed?

At that time, Zhen Yuanzi stopped monk Tang and asked him to find help to save ginseng fruit trees, otherwise he would not want to learn from the West. Sun monkey rushed to the overseas fairy mountain for the first stop and found the three men of fortune, wealth and longevity. These three old men have no advantages except drinking and playing chess all day. Sunwukong was disappointed, so he went to find an expert again. Although Shouxing and others are incompetent, they have a heart and have long seen that this matter is profitable. The West cannot fail in learning Buddhist scriptures. There must be a big figure in the Buddhist sect to help. At that time, Zhen Yuanzi will surely give a banquet. Besides ginseng and fruit, what treasure can his Wuzhuang temple have to entertain distinguished guests? Therefore, Shouxing and others are determined to participate in this matter. How to participate is to be a lobbyist in Wuzhuang temple with thick skin. On the surface, he went to ask Zhen Yuanzi to give the monkey more grace for a few days, but in fact, he was waiting for the banquet. You know, Zhen Yuanzi just stopped Tang monk, and didn’t mean to harm him, let alone set any time limit for Sunwukong.


The third time I ate and drank was in Picchu. The abbot of the state of bhikkhu was changed by the White Deer spirit, the longevity man, who seduced the king to use 1111 is a boy’s heart as a drug inducement. Such evil things, even the Tang Monk had a murderous heart, but the longevity man still had the cheek to come to the monkey king to intercede, and asked for his mount back. This is not over, he also followed the monkey back to the palace. How dare the king neglect? Hurriedly set down a state banquet to entertain the immortal. Originally, he committed the crime of lax discipline, but the birthday star was not ashamed at all. He also sat as the chief at the banquet, feeling at ease and respected.

Not once was the owner’s initiative to invite, but the longevity man was still able to attend the Antan conference, participate in the ginseng fruit meeting, and even sit at the victim’s home as the chief. This level is really high. No wonder Zhu Bajie, who also likes eating and drinking, can’t compare with him. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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