The former members of Han Tuan FTIsland who participated in the fraud have surrendered themselves to the police

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Little partners who pay attention to the Korean entertainment industry should know something about the Korean group FTIsland. Li Hongji, the team leader, also has many fans in China. The former members of Han Tuan FTIsland participated in the fraud and have now surrendered themselves to the South Korean police. After the news was exposed, it immediately attracted the attention of many netizens. Everyone was very curious about who this person was. Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Former members of FTIsland participated in fraud

Korean media said that the 32 year old actor a, a famous idol group and actor, voluntarily surrendered to the police station after committing a phone fraud. A told the police that he was in financial difficulties recently, so he found a high-value part-time job online, but after he really worked, he found that what his new job did was actually a telephone fraud. A claimed that he defrauded a total of 6million won from the victim, but he couldn’t stand the condemnation of his conscience and chose to call the police.

According to the clues provided by a, the police also caught three accomplices. Moreover, after turning himself in, a also took the initiative to return the 6million won he defrauded to the victim. So finally, the police filed a case without detention. According to the clues provided by the police, Korean netizens soon found out that a was Cui Zhongxun, the former member of the Korean regiment FTIsland. Cui Zhongxun was also one of the victory incidents. He was investigated for victory and was found to have participated in collective sexual assault.

Han Mingxing has surrendered himself to participate in the fraud

Cui Zhongxun was finally sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for participating in collective sexual assault. Some time ago, Cui Zhongxun just got out of prison. His current situation is estimated to be difficult to find a job, not to mention returning to the entertainment industry. It is estimated that many friends around him are also far away from him. He doesn’t have much money now, so he will go online to find a high-value part-time job. So Cui Zhongxun chose to voluntarily turn himself in and repay the debt from the fraud this time, but the mistakes he had made were not easily forgiven.

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