The girl in the novel Go said that the Japanese were the savior of the Chinese. Liu Yifei strongly recommended

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The novel Go Girl is a French novel written by Shan Sa, which was published in 2001 and even won a prize in France. There are also Chinese versions of this novel, but this novel has been taken off the shelves on various platforms. The novel Go Girl said that the Japanese were the savior of the Chinese people, so it was reported by many Chinese netizens. And you also found that Liu Yifei had recommended this book to you many times. What exactly is it? The editor will introduce it today.

Go girls call the Japanese the savior of the Chinese

Shan Sa, the author of Go Girl, likes Liu Yifei very much, and the two also have some contact. Liu Yifei not only posted a group photo with Shan Sa on the social platform, but also recommended the book Go Girl in an interview with the media. Liu Yifei also revealed that the book was originally intended to be remade into a film, and she also intended to play the leading actress. She herself also yearned for that role, but unfortunately, the film was not made.

Liu Yifei regrets that she did not play the leading actress of the movie version of Go Girl. I can see that she really likes this book. However, many Chinese netizens hate this novel and its author Shan Sa very much after reading the content of this book. The reason is that the novel uses a lot of content to beautify the war of Japanese aggression against China. The hero in the novel is a Japanese, who also regards the war of aggression against China as saving the Chinese people and so on.

Liu Yifei once strongly recommended the girl of Go

It is such a novel that has been published in China and even adapted into a drama, which is absolutely more influential than ordinary online novels. There have been a lot of news about Japanese culture invading Chinese culture in the society before. Why not go girls? Unexpectedly, Liu Yifei also recommended this novel to everyone, so many netizens also scolded Liu Yifei for this matter, mocking that Liu Yifei was indeed an American princess, and did not have the heart to love China at all.

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