The grand strategy for the future century of China-US relations!

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Author: Wang Tao Source: Pure Science (ID: chunkexue)

Those who do not seek the overall situation are not enough to seek a region; He who does not plan for the rest of the world cannot plan for a moment.

For the United States, the centennial strategy is to keep its position as the second in the world and learn how to be the second.

For China, the centennial strategy is to gain truly independent personality and self-confidence and learn how to be the boss.

It strongly appeals to the Chinese academic community to ban the publication of English papers within ten years and to completely eliminate all academic evaluation mechanisms based on English papers. This is one of the most important lessons for China to learn to be the boss.

1? Where is the bottom of China-US relations?

Today’s Sino-US relations, on the surface, seem to be at a dark moment, and it is not certain whether they have reached the bottom. Because if it is at the bottom, there may be a direct war between the two countries. However, if we take a more long-term view, today’s difficulties may not be so desperate. To put it mildly, is spring far behind when winter comes?

In retrospect, China fought with the United States in North Korea for three years immediately after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Later, in the War of Resistance against the United States and Aid to Vietnam from April 1965 to August 1973, China fought indirectly with the United States as the rear area of North Vietnam for eight years. It is not that there has been no direct war. It is just that the two countries are both nuclear powers and the world’s largest military spending. Now the war between the two countries is unthinkable.

At present, the United States has become more and more crazy in its crackdown on China. In the longer term and at a higher level, it is nothing more than thinking that it has a chance to contain China, although in fact, the window of opportunity for containment has long been gone. If we stand from the perspective of 20 or 30 years later, China’s comprehensive national strength has been several times that of the United States. Looking back, we can see how ridiculous and incredible it is for the United States to try to contain China. It’s the same feeling that Spain used to curb the rise of the United States—— Not only is the United States and China not a heavyweight player at all, but there are even several grades between them. A country with a population of 300 million has to struggle to enter the heavyweight arena with a population of 1.4 billion, which is purely a mental problem.

However, the only lesson that mankind has learned from history is never to learn any lessons.

How did the United States gain independence? It was supported by France to contain Britain. After the United States was supported, did France defeat Britain? No, France has become the younger brother of the United States.

In World War II, the United States supported the Soviet Union to fight against Germany. After the victory of World War II, the Soviet Union became the Cold War opponent of the United States.

In the cold war, the United States set up NATO to counter the Soviet Union, and Europe grew up in NATO to establish the European Union, and the unified currency became a major concern for the United States dollar.

After World War II, the United States supported Japan to fight against the Soviet Union and China. After Japan grew up, it had a fierce trade conflict with the United States, and even claimed that it could say no to the United States and buy the United States.

When the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, the United States supported the Taliban and bin Laden to fight against the Soviet Union. After the Soviet Union left Afghanistan, bin Laden crashed the World Trade Center of the United States as soon as he returned.


How has China developed over the years? Of course, the Chinese people’s own efforts are the primary reason, but the external reason is that the United States wants to support China against the Soviet Union and Russia? Now that China has been supported, do you want to continue to be the boss? How is that possible? Since China and the United States have had a friendship for so many years, it can become a long-term friendship if the good people should do it in the end. That is the most important international strategic asset of the United States, because the Chinese people are friendly. But now the United States has turned to comprehensively suppress China. You don’t have that ability. You are not the heavyweight player at all. The only result of the suppression is that the friendship that the United States has made great efforts to establish with China has been destroyed. When the United States is the most difficult and needs the help of China, but it has become the enemy of China, which has become the undisputed leader of the world. What are you crazy about.

Now, the United States wants to support India to contain China. Do you want to understand? Boss, you must not be able to do it. Supporting India will not stop China. The only result of the United States continuing to be the world’s leader is that you will soon lose your second place in the United States. No, no, can I be the third? To tell you clearly, it is impossible. You can only be the fourth, fifth or even sixth.

Therefore, if we only look at the present, China and the United States are dead rivals, because the United States simply believes that China is going to fight for its position as the boss. But what is the biggest strategy in the next 100 years? China and the United States are absolutely in high agreement: to do our best to protect the second place of the United States. If the strategists of China and the United States can understand this simple and extreme truth, everything will be very easy to do. If you don’t understand, the result is that China will face the competition with heavyweight players, while the United States can only quickly slide to the fourth, fifth and sixth positions. There is no option that the United States can continue to be the boss. Don’t even think about it. Now all that still thinks about is the serious problem of IQ. The only question that can be discussed and is really feasible is whether you want to be the boss in the United States. It’s that simple.

To develop relations between the two countries, the most important thing is to find the same interests. China and the United States have many common economic aspirations, but they are confused by the wrong strategy of competing for the top, and the common economic interests are completely ignored. If both sides can realize that their common strategic interests are highly consistent, are there any other issues?

When the United States is in the position of leader, it regards other potential leaders as the greatest threat. There will be no such relationship between China and the United States, because the United States, which is likely to exist in the next hundred years, is unlikely to threaten China’s position. You are not the heavyweight opponent of the United States at all. This is something that Americans are not aware of now, or do not want to face when they realize it. Therefore, what is the biggest strategic issue for Chinese diplomacy and Chinese strategists? It is to help the United States recognize its most important strategy in the next 100 years, recognize its own weight, and recognize its own destiny and accurate positioning. Only in this way can we find out who is the most important opponent of the United States and who is the real friend of the United States. This issue is the most important and important issue for the survival of the United States in the next 100 years.

So what we need to do now is not only to scold the United States, but also to keep telling the Americans that you and China are not heavyweight players at all, and there is no option for the United States to continue to lead the world and continue to be the boss. The only option that the United States needs to consider is to make a choice between “keeping the second position and rapidly falling to the fourth, fifth and sixth”.

If we can understand this, it is very clear what the United States should do today, that is, it should give China a big gift: force Taiwan to reunite with China as soon as possible. If we delay for a few years, the United States will completely lose the opportunity to send this gift to China. Because compared with China’s need for support from the United States, the United States needs China much more. And in a few years, even if the United States wants to help China recover Taiwan, China will not necessarily lead the way.

Of course, no matter how we try to persuade, Americans may or may not understand the above reasons, or they may not understand them for a while, or they are unwilling to face them. Therefore, what China should do can’t be entirely based on the fact that Americans can suddenly understand. But even if the Americans can’t figure it out, our Chinese strategic circle and the media need to continuously and unswervingly send this voice to the United States – you are not our opponent, China doesn’t want to treat you as an opponent, and you are not a player of this weight level at all. Talking about the competition between China and the United States is itself an insult to the United States and a great injustice. The United States should not humiliate itself. We must continue to talk about this year after year, month after month, and every day. Because on the one hand, the United States will understand this one day, and on the other hand, once the United States understands this, Sino-US relations will be a smooth road, so it is worth talking about last year, every month and every day. Whether Americans listen or not, like it or not, they must speak.

So, if we do not consider the factors that the United States wants to understand the above reasons, what should China’s own strategy be? Or even if Americans understand the above, Chinese people need to understand what their core strategy should be. That is to realize the fourth weaning.

2? The first three weanings

Looking back at the centennial growth history of the CPC, the major aspects can be summarized as four weanings. Although this word is not necessarily appropriate, and even a little difficult to accept, it can well reflect the hardships and twists of its development process, especially suitable for clarifying the general trend of today.

The first weaning, the first break in the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. When the CPC was founded, it was only one of a large group of organizations exploring the path of national salvation in China. At that time, the Kuomintang, with Sun Yat-sen and others as the leading core, united several major forces. Its predecessor includes the Xingzhong Society, the Chinese Chinese Revolutionary League, the Kuomintang, the Chinese Revolutionary Party, etc. At the initial stage, the CPC actively participated in the Kuomintang led by Sun Yat sen to develop itself. A large number of major leaders of the Communist Party, including the founder of the Communist Party, Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu, Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, etc., have joined the Kuomintang and held a large number of important positions in the Kuomintang organization. This is called the first KMT – CPC cooperation. However, on April 12, 1927, Chiang Kai shek launched a counter revolutionary coup in Shanghai in the name of “Qing Party”, massacred a large number of Communists, and forced the CPC to embark on an independent development path with a butcher’s knife.

The second weaning, the second break in cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. The Nanchang Uprising started the independent development path of the CPC, but it was not easy. Although the failure of the fifth counter-campaign in the Jinggangshan Central Soviet Region led to the necessity of carrying out the Long March, which had important reasons for the strategic mistakes of Li De and Bogu, the objective difficulties could not be ignored. When Mao Zedong answered the question of why China’s red regime could exist, the key reason he put forward was that the remote areas where the enemy’s strength was weak, or the middle areas of different forces, were opportunities for growth and development. But when the Kuomintang unifies different forces in China and can concentrate on dealing with the Communist Party, its survival and development space will inevitably be squeezed more seriously.

On the other hand, where the enemy’s strength is weak, although the hostile forces directly facing them are weak, the resource base for their survival and development is also weak. The barren land faces fewer competitive species, but its nutrient water content is also relatively low. The harsh economic environment forced the Communist Party to do everything possible to develop the economy at all stages of development. The Central Red Army operated the southern Jiangxi tungsten mine when it was in Jinggangshan. During the Yan’an period, Yanchang Oil Mine was accepted and operated, and the Yan’an Academy of Natural Sciences was established in 1939. We have gained a lot in mineral exploration and excavation, and found coking coal, iron ore, refractory clay, flux limestone, silica and other mineral resources. In 1941, the Military Industry Bureau of the Central Military Commission sent experts to carry out geological survey and construct five wells, including two wells flowing, one producing gas and one finding heavy oil, which greatly relieved the pressure of oil consumption. Later, experts have created a good oil flow in Yan’an, Yanchuan and other new areas, which not only meets all the needs of the Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region, but also has more than. In the spring of 1945, the government of the Shanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region built the “Northwest Iron Plant” with a daily output of 1 ton at Wayaobao. In particular, the exploration and development of the Sanbian salt mine has solved the salt problem of more than 2 million soldiers and civilians, and has also paid more than 30 million yuan of taxes to the border region government, with a maximum contribution of 90% to the border region government. More people know about the mass production movement in agriculture, but less about the development of minerals and industry. The harsh economic environment forced the Communist Party to produce many high-level economic and management talents. Nevertheless, it is extremely slow to develop at this pace alone.

The September 18th Incident, the Lugouqiao Incident, the comprehensive outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, and the emergence of the Xi’an Incident provided an opportunity for the second Kuomintang-Communist cooperation. It was during the second cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party that the Communist Party’s army grew from the initial 30000 to 1.2 million at the time of the victory of the War of Resistance. Despite the Kuomintang’s suppression and even major events such as the Southern Anhui Incident, the Communist Party, after all, developed a large number of liberated areas behind the enemy in a legal capacity recognized by the Kuomintang government at that time. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Communist Party at that time was indeed prepared to follow the peaceful development route of the parliamentary election model with the Kuomintang. However, Chiang Kai-shek was determined to eradicate the Communist Party completely, which led to the split of the second cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, and finally had to face the situation of full-scale civil war. This break is considered to be one of the two most difficult choices in Mao Zedong’s life. The other was to fight directly against the United States to aid the DPRK.

After the third weaning, China and the Soviet Union broke up. At the time of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China’s extremely weak objective strength determined that it had to face the situation of choosing sides between the United States and the Soviet Union. At first, although the Soviet Union was consistent with the ideology of the Communist Party of China, it was not the focus of its support. The focus of his support has always been the National Government. Even when Nanjing was liberated, the Soviet Embassy in China immediately moved to Guangzhou with the Kuomintang regime, while the American Ambassador Stuart Leiden remained in Nanjing to try to contact the Communist Party and propose a relationship with the Communist Party. Of course, the premise is to preserve the unequal interests of the United States in China, which is absolutely impossible, and we can only choose the Soviet Union as the eldest brother. As soon as the War of Resistance against the United States and Aid for Korea started, the performance of the volunteer army was completely unexpected to everyone, including the Soviet Union. It can only help build China in an all-round way and help us build a systematic industrial base. However, on July 16, 1960, the Soviet Union suddenly and unilaterally decided to withdraw its experts, marking the official break between China and the Soviet Union. On October 16, 1964, China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb, and learned that the Soviet leader Khrushchev stepped down the day before. The diplomatic systems of both China and the Soviet Union showed a positive desire to take the opportunity to improve their relations. The Communist Party of China not only sent a warm congratulatory message to the new leaders, but also took the opportunity of the 47th anniversary of the October Revolution of the Soviet Union (not the 5th and 10th National Day) to send a large delegation led by Premier Zhou Enlai to Moscow to attend the celebration, hoping to take this opportunity to achieve the improvement of bilateral relations. But not only did it fail, but Malinowski openly told Helong and Premier Zhou at the reception that he wanted Chairman Mao to step down. The solemn negotiation after the event showed that this was not a simple slip of tongue after drinking, but a group of people in the Soviet Union did hold this idea. This made Sino-Soviet relations not only no longer possible to improve, but also fell into a situation of extreme deterioration, and went to the point of later border conflict. It was not until Gorbachev’s visit to China in 1989, 25 years later, that the relationship between the two sides was officially unfrozen. But soon afterwards the Soviet Union collapsed. After another 20 years, after 2011, China-Russia relations have become better and better, becoming the “comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation between China and Russia in the new era”, which is second only to Pakistan Railway and has no upper limit.

3? Fourth weaning

Kissinger’s secret visit to China on July 9, 1971, and Nixon’s subsequent visit to China opened the door to the reconciliation of Sino-US relations. After the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States on January 1, 1979, the bilateral relations have heated up sharply, and the bilateral relations that have lasted until now have been established.

If we say that in the two Kuomintang Communist cooperation, the CPC recognized the Kuomintang as the leader; During the Sino-Soviet honeymoon period, China recognized the Soviet Union as the eldest brother; In the past half century, China has recognized the United States as its teacher. Our independence is accompanied by adhering to our most basic principles during the specific development period, and by flexibly adjusting our objective positioning, we can obtain the maximum development resources from the outside world, so as to make our fastest development and growth.

The first split between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party faced Chiang Kai-shek’s unilateral massacre of the Communist Party; Although the Kuomintang still took the lead in the second split between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, it was already a confrontation between two million-scale armies; When the Sino-Soviet split, both sides were equal sovereign countries; The “quasi break” between China and the United States, on the surface, is that the United States has constantly launched trade war, science and technology war, decoupling action, etc. against China, but to some extent, it is that China is actively seeking changes in the inside, which is our active weaning behavior.

Our independence is reflected in the firm political concept of serving the people and the five basic principles of peaceful coexistence in international relations. As long as these basic principles are met, all forces that can be united can be united. Once there is a conflict with these basic principles, we will frankly face the separation from the original relationship. Looking back at the development history of the past hundred years, we can say that we have been solving the difficult contradiction between independence and development by force, or the contradiction between independent personality and giant baby personality.

At the same time, when you are weak, you may easily feel inferiority complex or even trample on yourself in front of powerful forces;

While maintaining an open mind and working hard to fully learn the advanced culture of others, it may be easy to lose confidence in your own cultural concepts;


While lacking judgment on advanced science and technology, judging yourself with the help of the world’s advanced scientific and technological capabilities will avoid detours in exploration. While digesting and absorbing mature science and technology quickly, it may be easy to hand over your most important judgment criteria and principles to others.

Although it is always necessary to borrow, borrow and learn, today we have gone through the process of rapid development mainly through borrowing, following and other modes, and need to turn into the process of self-improvement and innovative development. This is one of the most important significance and values of the four self-confidence, which has not changed in a hundred years.

When I first heard the saying “the greatest change in a hundred years”, I was really surprised. Because this statement has been expressed clearly, repeatedly and on many occasions at home and abroad, in fact, it is sending a very clear signal that the era of rejuvenation of Chinese civilization has come. Another subtext behind this is that American elites and politicians should certainly understand. China has also made a firm move towards some forbidden areas that the United States never allowed any country to touch in the past. The RMB oil futures, the RMB iron ore futures, and the RMB settlement of various bulk commodities have all taken steady steps. The official opening of the RMB oil futures trading in Shanghai on March 26, 2018 is the real source of the outbreak of the Sino-US trade war on March 23, 2018. It has nothing to do with the saying “fierce”. It is not to say that China’s economy, technology and even military are developed. They must fight with China just because they are jealous; Not to mention that the United States is the second expert, so it must compete with China, which has already become the second. American elites have long been very clear about China’s development, and they also know that China’s development cannot be contained. If it had not touched the core interests of the United States, the United States would not have worked so hard. We have no intention of containing the United States, but China will unswervingly create a fair, reasonable and win-win world and will not accept any exploitation of hegemony. Just as China must learn how to be the first, the United States must learn how to be the second. This is the most important assignment to be completed by China and the United States in the next 100 years. Not to mention that China and the United States may compete for decades. It is absolutely impossible and impossible to have this option. Because the consequences of this option are very dangerous and destructive.

Therefore, it is not the United States that wants to decouple from China, but China’s own initiative to choose weaning. Only by understanding this essence can we understand what we are doing today.

4? The complexity of “Why should we break it? What is it?”

The first three weaning processes can be said to be very simple and rough. Either directly start the war or break off the relationship, which is just as bad as not even the most basic diplomatic relations. However, the current fourth weaning is much more complicated. It does not mean that we should sever all relations with the United States. Even in the process, we should actively strive to maintain and promote normal exchanges and relations. Why should we wean? What is the specific conclusion? This needs careful analysis.

Why use the word “weaning”. Because at each stage, when we develop ourselves through cooperation with powerful external forces, we emphasize our independence. But in the process of cooperation, it is always inevitable that many people will gradually become more and more dependent. This dependence eventually evolved into a “giant baby” personality. Occasionally one or two people are giant babies, but if this “giant baby” personality becomes a quite common “force”, and even is artificially used and strengthened by the other party, the consequences will be very serious. When the Kuomintang and the Communist Party broke up for the first time, not only had Jieshi’s knife been put on his neck, but also had been killed to the head. Many people still had fantasies. During the first period of cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, many high-level leaders of the Communist Party of China turned themselves into the “son party” of the Kuomintang. Even in the Jinggangshan period, some senior leaders turned the CPC into the “son party” of the Communist International. During the second cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the Communist Party maintained its relative independence. The personnel did not disperse to join the Kuomintang organization, and the army also maintained the independent designation of the Eighth Route Army and the New Fourth Army.

Today, because the United States has been used as a teacher for a long time to develop relationships, the “giant baby” personality has been deeply rooted in the hearts of many Chinese people. Many people don’t just think of America as a teacher, but as their mother.

Is China short of talents now? No shortage. Even the chip technology that the United States can really card China’s neck is developed by a large number of Chinese in the United States.

Are you short of money? No shortage. Americans can only eat by borrowing money from China.

Lack of technology? No shortage.

Lack of military capability? No shortage.

Is there a shortage of people and labor? Of course, there is no shortage.


Just 20 or 30 years ago, there was an objective basis for the lack of many of the above. But today, China’s strength accumulation has reached the stage where everything is ready, only the east wind.

Why can’t we immediately become the leader of the world’s science and technology and civilization? How many levels of the United States should be allowed to impose sanctions on China? Because now China is not only among the ordinary people, but also among the most important elite groups, especially the academic groups, there are a large number of “giant baby” personality, which has even become the “giant baby” system and mechanism unconsciously. This is why we must resolutely carry out the fourth weaning now.

I once assisted a university in building a new discipline, and the relevant information was reported to the Academic Committee. One of the requirements highlighted by many academic members is the need to benchmark American universities, preferably the construction of related majors in American Ivy League universities. As a senior scholar of the academic committee of a university, don’t you have any academic judgment? Either not, or not. Because many clear academic criteria or hidden rules require you to do so.

Another time, I met the dean of a university and asked for a newly graduated doctoral student. In only half an hour, More than 20 times, “You should send more English papers”, “English papers are insufficient”, “more English papers”, “more English papers”, “too few English papers”, “more English papers”, “more English papers”, “more English papers”, “more English papers”, “more English papers”, “more English papers”, “more English papers” This has reached an extreme, even abnormal degree. This situation is not a case, but a very common situation in Chinese academia. A mechanism has been formed, and many scholars in China’s academic circles are also complaining about it, but they are unable to break away. In the face of forced prostitution, in order to survive, we can only follow the tide.

But can we blame the members of the academic committee or a professor of the university? Yes, I can’t. China’s academia and universities have formed a stubborn mechanism that follows the lead of the United States. How can we imagine that the textbooks of primary and secondary schools in China should have the problem of poison textbooks. However, if we understand that China’s education, science and technology, and cultural circles have formed a fairly common “giant baby” personality and “giant baby” type mechanism, we will understand that the occurrence of the above situation is too natural. We have handed over a large number of the most core and basic judgment standards and judgment mechanisms of culture, science and technology, and education to foreign countries, and have become institutionalized, standardized, and under-regulated.

All the most outstanding papers have to be translated into English at their own expense and handed over to the United States and the British for review, and then the Chinese can only read them if they want to see them or buy them from the United States and the British at their own expense. I have seen some new breakthroughs in special steel related to national defense, and even submitted the paper to American magazines for publication, and then boasted about the achievements as glory. In this case, people naturally think that only English is the only way to look at things of really high level. The highest level papers made by your Chinese people have been sent abroad in English. How can you generally see the high-level literature in Chinese? This forms a state of self deadlock. Without a particularly powerful external force, it is impossible to break free from the academic mechanism of “giant baby personality” by the Chinese academic community’s own free will.

Of course, we always need to communicate, communicate and learn with the world. You can also always keep a humble attitude and treat others as teachers. But if you take it as your mother, you will inevitably end up with a “giant baby” personality and lose the ability to judge yourself. It is useless to make many scientific and technological achievements in this way. We must form the most basic and core scientific judgment ability, judgment standard and judgment mechanism.

Why did I post some “the most authoritative online” articles before, including “the most authoritative online AI analysis” just released? Modesty is not the “greatest virtue” in today’s Chinese academia, but has become the “greatest virtue”. You should not have any modesty in front of European and American people. If you have any modesty, people will not think that you have virtue, but that you are really incompetent, and you deserve to be looked down upon. Our entire academic and media environment is always thinking around the topics set by others in the United States and the way of discussing problems. Many people still think of themselves as “independent thinking”.

We should not take winning the Nobel Prize as the highest goal, but have the ability to modify or even deny the unreasonable evaluation criteria in the Nobel Prize.

We are not going to win the affirmation and praise of Europe and the Americans, but to gain the ability and qualification of standing on a higher level of civilization to affirm and praise the Americans and Europeans. What is the revival of Chinese civilization? If you can’t stand on a higher level of civilization, how can you talk about the revival of civilization? Today’s China is fully capable of doing this. What restricts us to do this is not the sanctions of any other country, but the ideological shackles that exist in the deepest part of our hearts. The reason why I am confident to say this is that I have already established a complete new scientific theory system that can far surpass all the academic circles in Europe and the United States on the basis of all the most advanced scientific and technological civilizations. I do not deny that I have mastered the highest and most authoritative theory in the global scientific and academic circles. This set of theories is not only without any barrier in Chinese academia, but also unmatched in the process of communication with the top academic circles in Europe and the United States.

We are not going to choose the American, British and European universities as the standards, but to obtain the purely objective evaluation standards of science and civilization, and the objective scientific judgment basis that does not depend on any secular standards, and take these as the most basic starting point of all work.


Eliminate the credit rating standards of all American companies in finance.

Eliminate the audit of the four major financial companies.

Eliminate all academic mechanisms that take the United States as the standard.

It is forbidden to publish any English papers in foreign countries within ten years, just as the Yangtze River has been banned from fishing for ten years. The system mechanism based on the standard of English papers has exploited China’s own creativity and judgment. If you can’t help but publish an English paper, the “giant baby” personality and mechanism of Chinese academia cannot be eliminated, and its own judgment ability and mechanism cannot grow.

The prohibition of publishing English papers for ten years certainly does not mean that you should cut off contact with the world. You can continue to absorb scientific and technological materials in English, French, German and Japanese without any influence. This is not to say that it will be banned forever, but at least for ten years. During this period, anyone who uses the funds of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education to publish English papers will be removed from all professional and academic titles. After China’s own judgment has grown up, it will really have normal communication with the world in an equal and mature manner. The current relationship is completely abnormal.

Only on this basis can we achieve the following:

Establish an international technical evaluation standard system with China as the core.

Establish an international scientific evaluation standard system with China as the core.

Establish an international cultural evaluation standard system with China as the core.

Establish an international order with China at its core.

What is the revival of Chinese civilization, is that the world should take China as the highest standard. If there is any difference between the United States and the United States, it is that the United States uses political superstition and hegemony to let others accept his standards, while China uses virtue and reason to persuade people around the world to accept them consciously and willingly from the perspective of scientific and rational thinking, from the perspective of equality and mutual benefit. Today’s Chinese academia and elites, apart from the significance and value of doing these things, is there anything else worth spending money on?

Will the establishment of a standard system with China as its core affect learning from others? Of course not. Intellectual elites from other countries will publish their research results in Chinese in authoritative academic journals in China, and learn from students. This is the higher learning state that China needs to pursue. If there is anything else that China needs to learn from the United States, the most urgent need to learn from the United States and other advanced countries is to form a mechanism for the global intellectual elite to submit all the most advanced research results to China for review.

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