The great illegitimate son of the Warring States Period: the prime minister fed by the mother tiger

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1. two great illegitimate children in the Warring States Period

Douziwen, also known as Dougu Yutu, was a well-known virtuous minister during the reign of King Cheng of Chu in the state of Chu. Before he became Lingyin, Chu was in the midst of civil strife for more than ten years. The former Prime Minister chased the queen and behaved absurdly. The nobles vied for power and profit, leading to the corruption of the imperial platform, the collapse of the economy to the edge, and the great decline of national strength. Under the planning of Dou Ziwen, he smashed the rogue group of his predecessor, Ziyuan, who chased the queen by all means. At the strong request of all the officials, Dou Ziwen was appointed prime minister by King Cheng of Chu. He really lived up to his expectations and soon ended the turmoil. The state of Chu was able to set things right and return to the right track. Douziwen, the hero of ruling the country and stabilizing the country, has a wonderful strategy of writing and military strategy. At the beginning of his coming to power, he took charge of rectification, grasped the outline of governing the country, and adhered to the legalist line. There is a story that fully illustrates douziwen’s actions in this period. Douziwen has a brother who runs rampant in the market and bullies in the countryside. When arrested, he dares to speak out and scold the judiciary for being blind. When the judicial authorities learned that he was the younger brother of the current prime minister, they immediately changed their face and changed to bring him to justice and release him immediately. Douziwen learned that he severely criticized the practice of the judicial organs to open up, and warned that such application of the code would inevitably lead to the collapse of national laws and the difficulty of justice. When he personally captured his brother, his mother knelt down and begged, but she was not moved. King Cheng of Chu was ashamed when he learned that Dou Ziwen had come to visit him. He ignored wearing shoes and greeted him barefoot. He made a painstaking review of his improper employment, removed the position of those who practice favoritism and fraud, and temporarily appointed Yin as his replacement. Douziwen’s act of killing relatives with great righteousness played an exemplary role. For a time, the chaos in the state of Chu reached great governance. In view of the fact that the former prime minister, Ziyuan, ignored state affairs and indulged in eating, drinking and playing, the extravagance of the state of Chu prevailed, which caused people’s complaints to boil, resulting in the depletion of the state treasury. Ziwen believed that the misfortune of the country was due to the weakness of the monarch and the strength of the minister. His second major measure was to require all ministers in the court to return half of their income to the state treasury. He took the lead in setting an example, which reduced the wealth accumulated by his father and ancestors, and even became poor for a time. All the ministers of the state of Chu dared not disobey, thus strengthening the authority of the royal family. As recorded in Huijian: &\8221; At that time, the Treasury of the state of Chu was empty, and Zi Wen and his wealth were huge. He had accumulated a lot of money, so he reduced his family property to ease his difficulties&# 8221; “Zuo Zhuan ยท thirty years of Duke Zhuang” records: &\8221; Dou Gu Yu Tu was the Lingyin and destroyed his family to relieve the difficulties of the state of Chu&# 8221; Therefore, during the reign of Ziwen, the prime minister, a big southern country and one of the five hegemons in the spring and Autumn period, often had no overnight food for his family. The first wife is in rags, and the beautiful little wife even wears lipstick as a luxury. When King Cheng of Chu heard that the prime minister was so embarrassed, he would prepare a bunch of dry meat and a basket of dry food for Dou Ziwen during the pilgrimage. This act against the prime minister became a common practice for later monarchs to treat Lingyin. Whenever King Cheng of Chu wanted to increase Dou Ziwen’s salary, he had to escape. Some people don’t understand, so they ask Ziwen: don’t people live to seek fame and wealth? Why do you want to avoid it? He replied: the people in power want to serve the people. Now the people’s wealth is empty, and I enjoy their wealth alone. This is what makes me use the sufferings of the people to increase my wealth. In this way, I am not far from death. I am not running away from wealth, but from death. Due to effective measures, Chu Guoxun passed the difficulty. Douziwen made great contributions to stabilizing the political situation of Chu state and solving the problems of national economy and people’s livelihood. The state of Zheng, located in the north of Chu and in the hinterland of the Central Plains, is the only way for the Chu people to win China. For the state of Qi, the state of Zheng was an important fortress to restrain and resist the state of Chu, so the state of Zheng was the focus of Qi and Chu. Since the former prime minister, yuanfan, returned from defeating Zheng in 666 BC, King Cheng of Chu and Dou Ziwen attacked Zheng for three consecutive years in 659, 658 and 657 BC. Duke Wen of Zheng was like a grass on the wall. Under such a fierce attack of the state of Chu, he wanted to pay tribute for peace. Duke Huan of Qi paid close attention to Chu’s attack on Zheng. After learning about Nanman’s wolf ambition, in order to save Zheng and defend Chu, he repeatedly allied with the princes of the Central Plains, making the international situation increasingly tense and threatening war. In view of the complex international situation at that time, King Cheng of Chu and Dou Ziwen were far sighted, formulated a hidden plan to benefit the country and the people, and adopted the policy of respecting the emperor of Zhou and being close to the princes, so that they could not be embarrassed by Chu for the time being. Therefore, the emperor of Zhou gave Yu (meat offered for sacrifice in ancient times), which is recorded in the historical records of Chu aristocratic family: &\8221; The insurrection of the Yi and Yue in the south of zhener did not invade China&# 8221; This strategy of the state of Chu not only gained the legal status of competing with the Central Plains countries, but also made great efforts to attack the surrounding small countries that refused to pay tribute on the grounds of being ordered by the emperor of Zhou. King Cheng of Chu expanded territory and destroyed more small countries than in the days of King Wu and King Wen of Chu. So Chu was thousands of miles away. Douziwen assisted King Cheng of Chu. He not only freed the state of Chu from the danger of civil strife and decline, but also inherited the great ambitions of King Wu and King Wen of Chu. He fought in the north and in the south, expanded in the East and in the west, and made brilliant achievements, making the state of Chu truly dominate the feudal states. Douziwen has left many good stories in his official career, and has become today’s folklore and allusions and idioms. During his twenty-seven years as prime minister; San Shi San Ji &\8221;, It pioneered good officials and good officials, and became a model of scholar bureaucrats of the Chinese nation. During the Warring States period, two great illegitimate children &\8211; Confucius and Ziwen may share the same mind. Confucius spoke highly of Dou Ziwen. According to the Analects of Confucius, gongzhichang: &\8221; Zizhang asked: &\8217; The three officials of Ziwen were Lingyin and had no pleasure; There is no sullen look in the eyes of three people. What if the old Lingyin’s government must sue the new Lingyin&# 8217; Confucius said: &\8217; Be loyal&# 8217; &# 8220;

2. incomparably romantic birth legend

The ruoao family is a big scholar family in the state of Chu. The power of Dou and Cheng can keep pace with the king of Chu. Lingyin douziwen is a descendant of the ruoao family. His father Dou bobi was an important official in the period of Chu Wu and King Wen. Douziwen’s birth was related to Yun state. The state of Yun is a state with the surname of Ji. According to the local records and the county records of Yuanhe, the North Anlu belt of the lake is where the ancient state of Yun is located. Till now, Anlu has Yunxiang, Yunting, Yungong temple, Yuncheng and other relics. Yun state shall belong to &\8221; King Wu’s mu &\8221; It was sealed by the vassal state of Zhou. Mr. Wang Laohei, a famous cultural figure in Hanchuan, once told me about the historical allusions of Hanchuan City, especially the hillside in the west of the city, which was once called King Deng of Chu and Ling Yin Zui. There are Ziwen temple and Ziwen stele on the mountain. Dou bobi, the father of Ziwen, went with his mother to visit his aunt in Yun state. My aunt is the queen of Yun state. Here dobby met his beautiful young cousin. Either during a festival, or during an outing (in short, the ancients intended to create a lot of festivals for unmarried men and women to date), the two had sex for a while, and then they had a relationship, resulting in the pregnancy of their cousin. The aunt knew that, seeing it, she was anxious. Being pregnant before marriage is still disgraceful to the noble family. So she closed her daughter to a quiet room. After the princess gave birth, her mother abandoned her baby in the wilderness. This shameful act made an important wild mating event in history. The king of the state of Yun happened to be hunting here. He saw a female tiger crouching in front of him. A shower of arrows shot away. Unexpectedly, the female tiger did not move. When I looked around, I saw that the mother tiger was feeding a baby. He brought the baby back to his wife and told her the miracle. Only then did he realize that it was his grandson. The leader of Yun state was full of joy. It can be expected that the child who had been fed by the mother tiger would make great achievements, so he secretly fed it in the palace. Next year, when the princess married Dou bobi, her son went with her mother. Hence the name &\8221; Dougu Yutu &\8221;, In Chu dialect, it means &\8221; Milk in the tiger &\8221;. When he grows up, douziwen’s strategy of writing and military skills will gradually emerge. Yin Ziyuan, the current commander, coerces Mrs. Wen into staying in the harem. The first object Mrs. Wen secretly asks for is this resourceful Dougu Yutu. Ziwen then played King Cheng of Chu in secret and studied the countermeasures, overturning the rogue group of Ziyuan who pursued the queen by all means. When Ziyuan perished, the king of Chu wanted to use the elders of the three dynasties to fight Lian. Dou Lian recommended Ziwen. He believed that the state of Qi was the enemy of Chu. Qi has Guanzhong. The country is rich and the army is strong. If we compete with the Central Plains, we must fight against Gu Yutu. The reason why this important wild marriage between Dou bobi and his cousin has become a great story for thousands of years is due to its historical background, folk customs and other reasons. In the Warring States period, Confucianism was not yet bound to people, or the customs were quite different from those in the Central Plains. For example, Duke Huan of Qi, who was at the same time as king Cheng of Chu, and his young son Xiaobai, sat naked in the car on the land of Dongyi. In broad daylight, he conveniently picked up a pleasant shopping woman, took off her clothes, and did good deeds on the spot. This kind of cool play will certainly become a beautiful scenery in the capital of the state of Qi, rather than an immoral one. Historians have two views on Yehe, one is &\8221; Yehe &\8221; Related to religious rites and customs; Another view is that the ancients believed that through &\8221; Yehe &\8221;, It can promote the sowing and harvest of farming. The records about Yehe as a rite and custom can be found in “Zhou Li, di Guan, Shi Shi”: &\8221; The moon of mid spring makes men and women. So the time also, the runner can not help. If an order is not made without cause, the offender shall be punished. The Secretary of men and women who have no husband will&# 8221; Mr. Wen Yiduo textual research, Ben, Peng, Feng; Yes, yes. In addition, the biography of Xianbei in the later Han Dynasty records: &\8221; Spring assembly, washing music on the water, drinking and banquet, and then marriage&# 8221; It can be seen that the wind of wild combination has followed for a long time. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, there were still &\8221 in remote places; A wild woman seeks her husband &\8221; Customs, such as &\8221; There are wild women in the south of Japan, and a group of people are looking for husbands… Naked and naked &\8221;. Yehe Huanyu &\8221; Social sacrifice &\8221; of In many ancient rock paintings and carvings, there are many &\8221; Nomograph &\8221;. The Tomb Door murals found in Luoyang, Henan Province are painted with &\8221; A naked woman, lying under a tree, was vividly drawn;. On the murals found in the Eastern Han Tombs in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, a woman hung her clothes on a tree and threw the basket aside. Men and women were naked under the tree, and there were even several men waiting in line. Therefore, it is not surprising that douziwen was born as recorded in Zuo Zhuan, the fourth year of Xuangong: &\8221; At the beginning, Ruo Ao married Ying (Yun) and gave birth to Dou bobi. Ruo Ao’s death, with his mother and livestock in Ying, prostituted her son’s daughter and gave birth to a son Wen Yan. Madame Ying threw away all her dreams (note to Yang Bojun’s biography of Zuoshi in the spring and Autumn Period: the dream is the cloud and dream of Chu, which is in the north of the river). Tiger milk. When he saw it, he returned fearfully. My wife told me, so I took it. The Chu people called Ru Gu and Hu Yu Tu, so they called Dou Gu Yu Tu. With his wife Bobby. In fact, it is the order of Yin Ziwen&# 8221; It can be said that wild combination has promoted the civilization process of the Chinese nation. Wild combination is interpreted as immoral here by modern people. However, although we do not deliberately open history, such romantic events are still everywhere. We even have to admit that Yehe has an extraordinary role and unparalleled unique significance for the Chinese nation, and even has influenced and promoted the process of Chinese civilization. The founder of the Xia Dynasty &\8211; Xia Qi, the son of Dayu, founded the first dynasty in Chinese history more than 4000 years ago. Xiaqi’s father drew a map of Jiuzhou and established the rudiment of the Chinese nation. Xiaqi cast Jiuding as the world alliance. The so-called &\8221; A word speaks volumes;, Established the faithfulness and dignity of the Chinese monarchy. In the long history of the Chinese nation, it has formed a trend of division and integration for a long time. Regardless of the founding of the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the rise of the Qin and Han Dynasties, and the founding emperor of the Sui and Tang Dynasties, the Kyushu set by the Xia Dynasty is the symbol of the rule of the world. All previous dynasties used &\8221; Xia Zhu Jiuding &\8221; As a symbol of national kingship, the king of Chu said many times &\8221; Question the Central Plains &\8221; I want to inherit the power of the Xia Dynasty; Top size &\8221; I just want to cast Xia Ding to show orthodoxy. According to the records of the historian, the founding emperor of the Xia Dynasty was Dayu in Tushan &\8221; TAISANG &\8221; In the mulberry forest with a woman wild and pregnant. The spring and Autumn Annals of the Lu family records that Dayu first got married and then got married. After four days, he left home to control the flood, and three times passed by his home without entering. When Tu Shan was pregnant for him, he followed Dayu to the foot of Mount Song and saw a big bear. In fear, he turned to stone. However, the big bear was turned into Yu. He shouted at the stone in a hurry: &\8221; Give my son back&# 8221; The stone split to the north and jumped out of the womb. In the Han Dynasty, there were &\8221; TAISANG conference &\8221; In the stone carvings, Dayu made a hungry tiger swoop, and the dust root rose up, becoming a hair trigger; The woman put her hair on her back and stretched her arms and legs. The picture is clearly visible, similar to a full spring palace painting. Quyuan, a doctor of the state of Chu, asked endlessly in his heavenly questions: &\8221; How can you get a girl like that? And to TAISANG&# 8221; Did Dr. Qu ask that Dayu, like an old farmer, was so eager to kill a beautiful woman when he saw her? Sage Kong, who was contemporary with douziwen, commented on douziwen. Historical records records: &\8221; He and Yan’s daughter were born together. He prayed to nichu and got Confucius&# 8221; Sima Qian found this and made a special explanation: &\8221; I read Confucius and wanted to see him. Suitable for Lu, he watched the chariots and ceremonial vessels in the temple of Zhongni, and all the students studied their homes according to the time. Yu Jing lingered, but he could not go&# 8221; He respected sage Kong and wanted to know his growth experience before he realized that he was born out of wedlock. “Historical records of Suoyin” has noticed: &\8221; It’s not polite to have a wild meeting&# 8221; Especially in Confucianism, Confucius’ sage is &\8221; Those who are wild are not polite;. In order to repair the image of saints, Wang Su, a Confucian scholar in the Jin Dynasty, forged a story: &\8221; Shu Lianghe married the Shi surname of Lu and had nine daughters without children. There was a concubine who had a man named Mengpi. She was sick and disabled. He proposed to the Yan family. The Ji surname of the Yan family is at the foot of the nether hill of Zou city with the Kong family. They are close to each other and have known each other for a long time. Ji Nu of the Yan family was named Zheng Zai, who was married to Shu Lianghe and born Confucius&# 8221; Far fetched, he called marrying a concubine to have children a wild match. The truth of history cannot be concealed by a few Confucian scholars. The truth then emerged. Uncle Kong Liang he, at the commune Day rally, went to the hill of Nishan with the neighbor girl Yan &\8221; Yehe &\8221; And have children. When Confucius was three years old, his father died; Confucius’ mother died when he was seventeen. The young Confucius knew his mother but not his father. The reason why he wanted to restore Zhou Li was that it was not difficult to imagine that he had some stimulation for his unknown origin. When he learned his father’s identity, the vigorous Confucius dug up his father’s tomb and let his mother and father be buried together. Confucius has a great influence on the Chinese nation. He is the spiritual father of the Chinese nation. Some people think that Confucius has made several great contributions to the Chinese nation. The first is to establish the moral and legal system of the Chinese nation, so that we have a kind of cohesion. The second is to sort out the literature. As we all know, poems, books, rites, changes and the spring and Autumn period have enabled the Chinese nation to find a sense of self-identity. Use Zhou Dunyi’s evaluation: &\8221; The master wrote the spring and Autumn Annals, which made the disordered officials and thieves afraid&# 8221; And set up a general program for the way of monarchs and ministers, father and son, and couples. Thirdly, Confucius was also the founder of private education, telling his disciples to use &\8221; Benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom and faith &\8221; Be a person and make it a common idea. This has played an indelible role in China’s great unification thought. Fourth, Confucius, with his political ideas, &\8221; Ren &\8221; As the core, &\8221; Ceremony &\8221; As a system, it has built a feudal rational society. Without this wild gathering, the history of the Chinese nation would surely be like &\8221; Eternal night &\8221; Yes. There are also some important wild mating events in history. For example, it is said that Liu Bang’s mother suddenly went to the marsh embankment and fell asleep with long Ye. In the history of human development, we should begin with wild cooperation. Therefore, the bookofsongs, Zheng Feng and wild weeds describe and praise the wild combination in this way: &\8221; There are vines in the wild, and there is no dew. There is a beautiful girl, whose eyes is full of tenderness. I wish I could meet you by chance. There are vines in the wild, dew drops in the air, and beauty alone, as gentle as the breeze. Meet and hide with your son&# 8221; Romantic? Is it beautiful? This is unique to this era. Just like our era, we have established a &\8221; Mistress &\8221; It must not be difficult for the Legion to have children.

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