The Great Wall is one of the seven wonders. What are the legends about it?

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There are many folk tales about the Great Wall, and the most well-known one is the story of Meng Jiangnu. Of course, in addition, there are many magical legends.

1. Stone transportation on ice road


At the beginning, when building Jiayuguan City, thousands of stone strips with a length of 2 meters, a width of 0.5 meters and a thickness of 0.3 meters were needed. After the craftsmen chiseled the stone strips in Montenegro, they could not lift them, the cars could not pull them, and the mountains were high and the roads were long, so they could not be transported. Everyone was worried while chiseling stone strips. Seeing that the midwinter season was coming, and a piece of stone strips had not been transported out of the mountains, if the construction period was to be delayed, it would be small without wages, and this brain would be difficult to protect. Everyone was booing and sighing, when suddenly there was a dull thunder on the top of the mountain, and a piece of brocade fell from the white clouds. The craftsmen hurriedly caught it, and saw a few lines of words looming on it. After reading it, everyone suddenly understood and acted according to it. When winter came, people built a road from the mountain to Guancheng, splashed water on the road to form an ice road, and then put the stone strips on the ice road for sliding transportation. As a result, the stone strips were transported to Jiayuguan city very smoothly, which not only did not delay the construction period, but also saved a lot of construction period. In order to thank God for his protection, the craftsmen built temples near Guancheng to worship the throne, and became a place for craftsmen to visit after graduation.

2. Laozi picking herbs mountain

At the junction of Zheshan Township and Zhaohu Township in Anqiu County, there is a medicine picking mountain with an altitude of 495.1 meters. The great wall comes from the Chengding mountain in the northeast and passes through the medicine picking mountain to the Lijia mountain in the southwest. The ruins of the wall are tall.

It is said that Li Er (commonly known as Lao Tzu), the founder of Taoism in the state of Chu in the spring and Autumn period, once collected medicine in this mountain, so it is called “picking medicine mountain”. There is a large cave in the northwest of the mountain, which is said to be the alchemy place of Lao Tzu, and is called “Lao Tzu cave”.

There are nearly 100 ancient buildings on the top of caiyao mountain, with a considerable scale. Unfortunately, many of them have collapsed now, but the ancient building foundation still exists. Only one “Jinque cloud Palace” built entirely of block stones, with vault structure and two floors above and below, has been completely preserved. The upper layer of this palace worships Lao Tzu and the lower layer worships the Jade Emperor. This arrangement is puzzling. Is Lao Tzu higher than the Jade Emperor? According to legend, this is because “Lao Tzu first, then heaven”, so it is.

3. Legend of Dingcheng brick


Dingcheng brick refers to a brick placed on the eaves platform behind the West WengCheng Gate Tower of Jiayu pass.

It is said that during the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, there was a craftsman named Yi Kaizhan who was proficient in the 99 algorithm. As long as he calculated, the labor and materials used in all buildings were very accurate and economical. The supervisor who supervised the repair asked him to calculate the number of bricks used in Jiayuguan. After detailed calculation, Yi Kaizhan said, “ninety-nine thousand and ninety-nine bricks are needed.” The supervisor said, “if there is one more piece or one less piece, your head will be cut off and all the craftsmen will be fined for three years.” After completion, there is only one brick left, which is placed on the eaves platform behind the gate tower of xiweng city. The supervisor was overjoyed when he found out that he was trying to take advantage of this to deduct the wages of Yi Kaizhan and other craftsmen. However, Yi Kaizhan calmly said, “that brick was put by the gods, and it is a Dingcheng brick. If you move it, the city tower will collapse.” The supervisor did not dare to investigate again. Since then, this brick has been put in place, and no one dares to move it. Now, this brick is still retained on the city tower of Jiayuguan.

4. Goat pack brick

In Jiayuguan City, the wall is 9 meters high, and dozens of pavilions of different sizes and numerous buttresses will be built on the wall. The number of bricks used is amazing. At that time, the construction conditions were very poor, there was no lifting equipment, and it was all handled manually. At that time, the bricks used to build the city were fired 40 miles away.

After the bricks are burned, they are pulled under the Guancheng with an ox cart, and then carried up manually. Due to the high height of the city, the only riding path that can go up and down has a large slope, which makes it difficult to go up and down. Although many people were sent to carry bricks on the city wall, all of them were tired to death, but the bricks on their backs were still in short supply, and the progress of the project was seriously affected.

One day, a sheep herding child came here to herd sheep and play. Seeing this scene, he had an idea. He untied his belt, tied a brick at both ends, and put it on the goat. Then, he patted the goat on the back with his hand. The light goat trotted up the wall with bricks on his back. People saw it with surprise and joy, and followed suit one after another. A large number of bricks were soon transported to the city wall.

5. Dragon and Phoenix carving

A pair of stone sculptures of dragons and phoenixes on the Great Wall, withstood the wind and rain and the blood and sweat of the city guards, and finally turned into a man and a woman: Dragons and phoenixes. Feng told the dragon that because they were not in the same world, it was difficult for them to continue their love. They had to go through several cycles of life and death until the Dragon found a jade pendant in five colors representing gold, wood, water, fire and earth on the Great Wall, so that they could really get together.

Long years, long journey. The Great Wall rose in the spring and Autumn period when there were flames of war and local separatists. With the development of the whole feudal society in China, it rose and fell. Long became the first emperor of Qin, who annexed the six countries and unified China. In order to defend the Huns in the north and forever protect the eternal foundation of the Qin Empire, Emperor Qinshihuang ordered the construction of the Great Wall, using most of the young men in the country. A large number of workers died of cold and hunger. Meng Jiangnu, the incarnation of Emperor Qin Shihuang and Feng, met on the Great Wall. Meng Jiangnu heckled Emperor Qin Shihuang, “you built the Great Wall, but you lost the support of the people. Who will protect your Dynasty for thousands of generations?”. Qin Shihuang realized that she was Feng, but Meng Jiangnu had jumped into the sea and died for her husband; Qin Shihuang regretted that he could not reach it. He only found the jade pendant symbolizing water left by the Phoenix in the sea water.

The great wall rises and falls, flies vertically and horizontally, and stretches for thousands of miles. Its bricks, stones, customs and cities are the crystallization of ancient people’s engineering technology and architectural art, and the condensation of sweat and wisdom. Long Hua, as the supervisor of the Great Wall, repeatedly built and collapsed when building the most dangerous “eagle flying upside down for eighteen pedals”. Helpless in every way, looking for a virgin woman to sacrifice the city. Feng incarnated as a village girl and volunteered to die. In order to build the Great Wall, the dragon and the Phoenix were separated again. The Dragon got a jade pendant symbolizing earth under the wall base of the great wall where nine lotus sacrificed.

After that, Long Hua, as a border guard general, commanded his subordinates to fight hard and beat back the Xiongnu’s attacks again and again; He also incarnated as a Persian merchant and traveled to the Central Plains to do business along the silk road. But each time, he separated from Feng in life and death, or passed by, and interpreted a love story of “human ghost love” that took place on the Great Wall.

6. Meng Jiangnu cries on the Great Wall

In the Qin Dynasty, there was a kind and beautiful woman named Meng Jiangnu. One day, she was doing housework in her yard when she suddenly found a person hidden under the grape trellis, which startled her. She was about to shout. She saw the person waving his hand repeatedly and pleading, “don’t shout, don’t shout, help me! My name is fan Xiliang, and I came to escape.” It turned out that in order to build the Great Wall, Emperor Qinshihuang was arresting people everywhere to do labor, and he had starved and tired to death. I don’t know how many people! Meng Jiangnu saved fan Xiliang. Seeing that he was knowledgeable, reasonable, and beautiful, she had a love for him, and fan Xiliang also fell in love with Meng Jiangnu. The two of them are close to each other. With the consent of their parents, they are ready to marry.

On the wedding day, the Meng family was decorated with lanterns and decorations, and the hall was full of guests. It was a happy scene. Seeing that it was getting dark, the people who drank the wedding wine gradually dispersed. The bride and groom were about to enter the bridal chamber, when they suddenly heard the crowing of chickens and dogs. Then a group of vicious officers and soldiers rushed in. They were duty bound to lock fan Xiliang with chains and forcibly caught fan Xiliang to work on the Great Wall. The happy event turned into a void. Meng Jiangnu was sad and angry, and missed her husband day and night. She thought: I’d rather go to the Great Wall to find him myself than sit at home and worry. yes! That’s it! Meng Jiangnu immediately packed up and went on her way.

Along the way, I don’t know how much wind, frost, rain and snow I have experienced, how many dangerous mountains and rivers I have trekked. Meng Jiangnu didn’t cry bitterly, and didn’t shed a tear. Finally, with tenacious perseverance and deep love for her husband, she reached the Great Wall. At this time, the Great Wall was already a very long wall composed of construction sites. Meng Jiangnu looked for it site by site, but her husband was never found. Finally, she summoned up her courage and asked a group of migrant workers who were going to work, “do you have a fan Xiliang here?” The migrant worker said, “there is such a person, a newcomer.” Meng Jiangnu was so happy when she heard this! She hurriedly asked again, “where is he?” The migrant worker said, “I’m dead. The corpse capital has been filled in the foot of the city!”

Hearing the bad news suddenly, it was like a bolt from the blue. Meng Jiangnu felt dark in front of her eyes, a burst of sadness, and burst into tears. I cried for three days and three nights. It was so dark that even heaven and earth were moved. The sky became more and more gloomy, and the wind became more and more violent. Just listening to the “crash”, a section of the Great Wall was crying. It was fan Xiliang’s body that was exposed, and Meng Jiangnu’s tears fell on his bloody face. She finally met her beloved husband, but he never saw her again, because he had been killed by the brutal Emperor Qinshihuang. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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