The husband and wife quarreled in the middle of the night, the wife was angry and asked her boyfriend to complain, and the two slept together by drinking wine

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What I’m discussing today is that the husband and wife quarreled in the middle of the night, the wife went to the boyfriend’s best friend’s house in anger, and asked the boyfriend’s best friend to complain, but the boyfriend went to ruin her 6-year marriage. Let’s see what happened.

Ms. Peng / 36 years old

I am 36 years old this year. I was born in a rural area. Since I was a child, I have often lived without a meal. So at that time, I vowed to study hard, and then go out to the society to find a good job and bring happiness to my family. life.

Later, I really found a very stable job through my own efforts, and then made a good friend. Although he is a man, I have a really good relationship with him, and every time I am in trouble , he will help me, I am also very grateful to him, I have always treated him like a brother, because he is really like my family, when I need, he will always appear in front of me, which is also That’s why I have such a good relationship with him.

Many people called us to be together at that time, but I didn’t think we should talk about love, because I was afraid that after we got into love, our relationship would not be so good in the future, so I didn’t want to like him, and I didn’t want to be a couple or a relationship with him. Husband and wife, I would rather be good friends with him for life than have anything to do with him.

So we didn’t like each other at that time, but we all came forward to help each other when they were in trouble.

Later, I gradually reached the age of marriage. After marriage, I did not cut off the relationship with him, but kept in touch with him. At that time, I introduced him to my husband, and wanted my husband and him to be good friends. After my husband found out that he was my male best friend, he immediately refused, and even said that he would not allow me to have any contact with him in the future.

My husband and I were introduced by friends. I fell in love with him at first sight, and he also liked me very much. Then we were together. After we were together, my husband treated me very well. the marriage hall.

After I got married, my husband was still as good to me as always, and I lived happily every day, and I was very fortunate to have met such a good husband. At that time, my best friend saw that I was living so well, and I felt very happy, and also very happy. Feel free to hand me over to my husband, I also believe that my husband can give me a good life.

Although my husband and I have a good relationship, we sometimes quarrel, because it is normal for husband and wife to quarrel. Every time after a fight, I will talk to my boyfriend, who will comfort me and enlighten me every time, and slowly I will become I got into a habit of contacting my male best friend whenever I encounter something, and my male best friend never disliked me nor bored me, and listened to me patiently every time.

I usually go out to play with my boyfriend and girlfriends. The two of them played very well, but after my husband found out, he was very angry and felt that I was ignorant and had to associate with other men when I had a family. I also explained to my husband that he is just my brother, but my husband doesn’t want to listen at all. My husband thinks that apart from his own brother, no other man can come close to me, because he doesn’t like to share me with others, So whenever I play with my boyfriend, he will be jealous and angry.

I am very disappointed and disgusted by this unreasonable behavior of my husband. I always feel that my husband takes care of me a lot and doesn’t want me to make friends. It was very bad, and it was the first time we had such a serious fight since we got married.

After we quarreled, the two of us had a cold war. I ran out in the middle of the night that night, and went to my boyfriend’s best friend’s house to complain to my boyfriend. He kept comforting me. Later, at 4:00 in the morning, my boyfriend asked me if I was hungry. At that time, I just didn’t finish my meal, and then my girlfriend packed me a barbecue, and came back with fried noodles and bought it back. After that, I thought it was boring to eat this, as if I was not in the mood, and then I asked my boyfriend to buy a case of beer and come back, wanting to drink alcohol to relieve my worries.

The boyfriend didn’t think much about it, so he went to buy a case of beer and came back. After buying it, we both drank to our heart’s content. Because I was in a bad mood, I drank a lot that night, and I was also drunk, and the same was true for my boyfriend. I was very drunk. As a result, the two of us had an extramarital affair. At that time, I regarded my boyfriend as my husband, because my boyfriend kept calling me by my name. I thought it was my husband who was comforting me, apologized to me, and then The latter happened.

When I woke up again, I found that the two of us had done some indescribable things. I was very scared at the time, and then my boyfriend kept apologizing to me and said that it was not intentional. At that time, I also believed the man. As for my best friend, in order not to make my husband suspect, I immediately packed myself up and went home.

When I got home, my husband slapped me in the face. I was dumbfounded at the time. Then I asked my husband why he beat me, and my husband put up a few pictures of me sleeping with my boyfriend. I was shocked. After reading it, I clicked back and found that the person who posted the photo was actually my boyfriend, and he also sent a few messages to my husband and said to my husband: “I finally got your wife, I’m so worried about it. For many years, I have been good to her for so many years, but she was taken away by you, but now I have finally got her, so I am very satisfied now.”

After reading the information of my boyfriend’s best friend, I realized that the reason why my boyfriend was good to me was to get me, but I didn’t understand it at that time, and I didn’t let her succeed. I didn’t expect that I would take the initiative to send it to the door at that moment. I just realized that there is no pure friendship between men and women at all. No wonder my husband always objected to me being with my boyfriend. It turns out that they have always been in touch, and every time my boyfriend is with me, he will send a message to my husband. Said, I picked my husband. At that time, my husband didn’t tell me, and I often quarreled with my husband because of these things. Now I realize that my previous behavior was wrong, so I really regret it.

At that time, I wanted to apologize to my husband, but my husband didn’t hesitate to propose the word “break up” and let me go out of the house. Since then, I have lost everything.

I didn’t expect to find a male best friend to complain, but he ruined the 6-year marriage. I really regretted my bowels, but what’s the use of regret, all this has happened, and I can’t go back, blame I can only blame myself for giving others a chance and ultimately ruining my happy marriage.

concluding remarks

If it were me, I would also choose to break up, because no one can accept his wife and spend one room and one night with other men. Even if nothing happens, it is impossible to forgive, so women must not be too Casually, don’t run to find male best friends at every turn, otherwise it will only ruin your marriage.

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