The impact of death and resignation!

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Author: ye Lihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Some people say that I am a prophet, which is wrong.

We judged in May when Antony Blinken would start against OPEC, but when Antony Blinken would start, the Communists are not gods and cannot be accurate to heaven.

For example, Zhang zuolin will die sooner or later if he does not cooperate with the Japanese. The Soviet Union has made a judgment on this, but it is difficult to give an accurate conclusion on how and when to die, even if zorg is reincarnated.

In May, tandesay released a smoke bomb to attack our epidemic prevention policy, aiming to cover up the problems of the Mariupol trade and the food crisis.

The trading of Mariupol and the food crisis, two smoke bombs covered under the smoke bombs, one has been traded, and now Putin has no protons in his hands.

The withdrawal of another Russian army from Snake Island has also lost its role. The withdrawal of Russian troops from Snake Island is about Ukraine’s food exports. The temporary relief of the food crisis also makes it lose its role as a smoke bomb.

The double smoke screen was about to expire. If Antony Blinken didn’t do it again, he would lose his chance.

Say I’m a prophet, where am I a prophet?

I just have more comprehensive information. OPEC wants to remain neutral to the petrodollar hegemony of the United States. Antony Blinken wants to use a little extraordinary means to tie OPEC to the chariot of the United States.

Including but not limited to intelligence and spy work.

What the double smoke bomb really wants to cover up is that Antony Blinken is going to fight OPEC.

Now the double smoke bomb is gone. India took the lead in carrying out large-scale RMB settlement. Russia’s ruble is bound to natural gas. If we don’t do it again, the US dollar hegemony is in jeopardy. Compared with the hegemony of the Empire, it’s just a few lives. What’s the point?

They all say that life is priceless. Where is life priceless? Look at any hospital and you will know that there is an amount behind every treatment plan. Look at any court and there is a money behind every compensation. If life is really priceless, why should there be a quota when saving life?

If life is really priceless, why is there a sum of money when making compensation for accidents?

The ideal state is used in school, just to tell children to plant a seed in their hearts. When you grow up in the future, you should strive to create a priceless world of life.

But in the real world, life has a price. Every life has its own price. Some people will calm down because of the 400000 compensation, some people will suffer for the 700000 treatment fee, and some people will hold up a hammer to others for tens of millions of profits to engage in a real business war.

This is the price of ordinary people’s life.

Some people have blocked the hegemony of the dollar in OPEC, that is, to face the good life of 300million people, to refit large displacement tractors for 300million people, to turn on the air conditioner casually for 300million people, and to fight against the life of 300million people in steak houses.

Antony Blinken’s action against such people in the way condenses the greatest common denominator of Americans – to continue to ride on the head of the world.

Therefore, people in the United Arab Emirates can and must die.

So baljindo can and must die.

However, for ordinary people, there is only one kind of death, that is, physical death. For politicians, there can be one more kind of death, that is, failure and resignation.

Political death is also death.

If 300 million people are blocked, they will die physically. What if more people are blocked?

What happened in Britain has nothing to do with us. It’s all coincidence. Coincidence is that there will be such a coincidence. Morrison wants to step down by coincidence.

In the past, there were British people who engaged in scenic spots in Hong Kong. We remember that there were British people who hyped the Xinjiang issue. We remember that the British people jumped the highest on the Tibet issue. We still remember.

The British made a white helmet in Syria, which was the first provocation against Russia. The massacre in Bucha was the second provocation against Russia.

Russia also remembers.

What about those who offend the whole oriental world and block the whole oriental world’s pursuit of a better life?

I don’t want to talk more about the causes of these two deaths, because I have talked about them before. Some readers think I will predict, I won’t. I’m just an ordinary person with a better platform and more information, and I will make mistakes.

What I want to talk about is the impact of these two deaths.

The consequence of baljindo’s death is the re establishment of US dollar oil hegemony. It also clearly tells everyone who wants to internationalize the RMB to think about whether their neck is enough.

Not good for us.

The consequence of Johnson’s death is the internal estrangement of the five eye alliance. It made great efforts to resist Russia and turned out to be difficult to protect itself. When the U.S. allies stand on the front line of confrontation, they should think about how long their future can last.

For us, good.

If it’s bad, it’s bad. People from all over the world will have concerns when they help us. The good thing is that when helping the US imperialists, they will also have concerns.

However, with benevolence, our bank is willing to work together to transform the jungle, with assistance, technology and real money. The bank was unkind. When it helped, it paid a blank check, and when it ran out, it threw it away like an old shoe.

Antony Blinken filled the sky with blood, and the American imperialists retained their hegemony and overdrawn their credibility.

Although the balance of the world is still in balance, a slight disturbance has given a very small acceleration to one end.

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