The interest of ancient love story madam and the king of Chu: don’t spoil today, can forget the old days

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Throughout the ages, love has been a popular topic among the people, and literary works praising love have emerged in endlessly. But most of them are love tragedies, and few of them end in comedies. Today, the Xiaobian of China story network will bring you a love story about Madam Xi and the king of Chu. Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

A stunning beauty brought three countries to war, and two of them fell apart. Although some people called her a “disaster”, later generations always worshipped her as a God who dominated the peach blossom.

This woman is the famous madam Xi in the spring and Autumn period, also known as “Lady peach blossom”.


Mrs. Gui Xi, formerly known as Chen Gui, was the daughter of the monarch of the state of Chen in the spring and Autumn period. Madam Xi’s eyes are like autumn water and her face is like peach blossom; Beautiful as hibiscus, elegant as Cymbidium. Both she and her sister were well-known beauties at that time.

My sister married Caihou and GUI married xihou. One year, Mrs. Xi returned to the state of Chen from the state of Xi to visit her sister in the city through the state of CAI.

Marquis Cai is a lecherous person. I heard that madam Xi has peerless appearance. I have coveted her for a long time. I will not let go of this opportunity. Cai Hou said to his wife, “my sister-in-law is here. How can she not see her?” Madam agreed to Cai Hou’s request.

Marquis Cai couldn’t wait to invite madam Xi to the palace and ordered people to give a banquet. He accompanied him personally, and his excitement was beyond expression. Madam Xi really deserves her reputation. She is unique in the world. Her graceful and graceful posture makes Cai Hou infatuated.

At first, marquis CAI was able to maintain his master’s etiquette. After drinking a few cups of wine, he floated up and gradually showed a playful attitude. His speech and behavior became frivolous, even holding Mrs. Xi’s catkin. Madam Xi hurried away before the feast was over.

When Xi Hou knew what had happened, he was furious. Who can bear it! He was determined to find an opportunity to avenge his wife’s humiliation. However, Xi Guo’s strength was weak and he was not the opponent of Cai Guo at all. Xi Hou thought hard all day. He thought he had come up with a clever plan to kill people with a sword.

Hou Xi sent envoys to pay tribute to the state of Chu, and took the opportunity to offer advice to King Wen of Chu: “the state of CAI does not pay tribute to the state of Chu because of its friendship with the state of Qi. If the state of Chu raises troops to attack the state of Xi and Hou Xi asks for help from the state of CAI, Hou Cai will send troops to help out because he is a brother-in-law with Hou Xi. At that time, the state of Xi and the state of Chu will join forces to attack the state of CAI, and Hou Cai will surely be captured alive. If you capture the state of CAI, you are not afraid that the state of CAI will not pay tribute to the state of Chu.”

King Wen of Chu was so happy that he chose an auspicious day to send troops straight to Xi state. Xi Hou pretended to be panic stricken and asked Cai Guo for help. As expected, Cai Hou personally led a large army to save him. Before Caijun settled down, Chu soldiers and Xi soldiers rushed in like a tide. In the dark, marquis Cai rushed out and ran to Xi City. Unexpectedly, his brother-in-law Xi Hou closed the gate. Cai Hou had no choice but to be captured by the Chu army. Xi Hou rewarded the Chu army and personally sent King Wen of Chu out of the country. At this point, marquis Cai realized that he had been hit by Xi Hou’s plan to kill people with a knife, and he was very angry.

When King Wen of Chu returned home, he planned to cook Marquis CAI to offer sacrifices to the Tai Temple. “If you kill Prince Cai, all the princes will be afraid and will unite to resist. It’s better to put him back,” the minister said After repeated remonstrances, King Wen of Chu promised to release Marquis CAI.

Before the return of marquis Cai, King Wen of Chu gave a banquet in Yinghui hall to bid farewell to him. There was a beautiful woman playing zither at the banquet.

The king of Chu pointed to the woman and said to Cai Hou, “this woman is good at both sex and art. Let her drink to you instead of me.” Seeing that Marquis Cai drank it all at once, King Wen of Chu smiled and asked, “have you ever seen such a beautiful woman in your life?”

At the thought of Hou Xi’s revenge against Chu and CAI, Hou Cai gnashed his teeth and wished to tear Hou Xi to pieces. After listening to King Wen of Chu, marquis Cai said, “there are no women in the world who can compare with madam Xi. That is a celestial being!” King Wen of Chu asked, “how beautiful is she?”

Caihou said, “Madam Xi is unparalleled in the world for her beauty. Her eyes are like autumn water and her face is like peach blossoms; her lotus powder is dewy and her apricot flowers are smoke; her length is moderate and her behavior is ecological; her national beauty is incomparable.” With his three inch eloquence, Cai Hou did his best to exaggerate, and really boasted about Madam Xi’s appearance.

King Wen of Chu was ecstatic.

When Marquis Cai saw King Wen of Chu, he was moved. Knowing that his plan to retaliate against Marquis Xi was about to come true, he fanned the flames even more vigorously: “in the power of the king, even the son of Zhou will let you have three points, not to mention a woman under the eaves?” It is said that madam Xi has a peerless appearance, so King Wen of Chu came to Xi in the name of inspecting all parties. Xi Hou, who had already submitted to the state of Chu, naturally hosted a banquet and tried his best to flatter.

During the banquet, Hou came forward with a cup and invited King Wen of Chu to drink. King Wen of Chu took the cup in his hand, but he thought about how to see Mrs. Shang Xi. He smiled and said, “last time I sent troops to attack Cai, it was all for the shame of your wife. Today I came to your place, and your wife should give me a drink!”

Xi Hou knew this was not appropriate, but he was afraid of the might of the state of Chu and dared not disobey it. I had no choice but to ask madam. After a while, King Wen of Chu heard the jingle of the ring earrings. He saw a beautiful little woman coming with lotus flowers and willows. Her beauty was rare in the sky and rare in the world.


King Wen was stunned, and even Mrs. Xi forgot to return her gift.

Madam Xi took a jade cup in her hand, poured it full and made a toast to King Wen. It is the tenderness that bows its head, like a Begonia flower, which is too shy for the cool wind.

King Wen of Chu was so excited that he wanted to touch the catkin of a beautiful woman while he received the cup. However, Mrs. Xi’s speech and manners are very appropriate. Just as King Wen of Chu was about to reach for them, Mrs. Xi had already passed the wine cup to the maid, who would serve it. After drinking, she just bowed down and walked away, leaving King Wen of Chu stunned. When King Wen of Chu returned to the place where he stayed, he was in a trance, lost in his mind, tossed and turned, and could not sleep at night. One night, lovesickness makes people thinner than yellow flowers.

The next day, King Wen of Chu invited Hou Xi to a banquet in the name of wine appreciation. When he was half drunk, he tied Hou Xi and led his soldiers to the palace to rob madam Xi.

Mrs. Xi was shocked when she heard this and sighed: “lead wolves into the house and bring shame on yourself!”

“It is better to be broken than complete”. Mrs. Xi hurried into the backyard to commit suicide, but was stopped by Dou Dan, a general under King Wen of Chu. Dou Dan advised her, “madam, don’t you want to protect the life of holo Hou?” As soon as she said this, Mrs. Xi staggered back a few steps, her face full of tears, and sat on the ground motionless. “If you keep the green mountains, you won’t be afraid of no firewood.”. After a painful choice, in order to save her husband’s life, Mrs. Xi decided to live in disgrace.

King Wen of Chu, who tried his best to get Mrs. Xi, was naturally full of joy. In order to please Mrs. Xi, King Wen of Chu promised not to kill Hou Xi in front of all the generals, and established the GUI family as his wife in the military camp.

Time flies, time flies, three years have passed. Mrs. Xi was favored in the Chu palace and gave birth to two sons for King Wen of Chu. The eldest son was named Xiong Han and the second was named Xiong Yun (later King Cheng of Chu). During her three years in the Chu palace, Mrs. Kexi never took the initiative to talk to King Wen of Chu.

King Wen of Chu was very puzzled and asked strangely, “you have been in the Chu palace for three years and have given birth to two sons for me. Why is it difficult to say a word to me?”

Mrs. Xi answered with tears streaming down her face, “I was a strong woman, but I served two husbands. Even if I didn’t die, how could I speak to others? All the pain was brought to me by Marquis Cai! I hate my own incompetence and can’t revenge!”

Because she felt the pain in her heart, lady peach blossom could not help crying. King Wen of Chu listened to Madam Xi’s sad words and looked at her sad appearance. He felt pity for her. In order to win her favor, he said, “madam, don’t worry. I will avenge you!”

“The people of Chu have made a promise”. King Wen of Chu really sent troops to defeat the state of CAI and ordered that Marquis Cai be imprisoned in the state of Chu for life. Nine years later, marquis Cai died in Chu.

After being captured, Xi Hou became a doorkeeper in the capital of the state of Chu. Although Mrs. Xi was loved by thousands of people in the king’s palace of Chu, she was “in the camp of Chu with her heart at rest” and was thinking about her husband all the time. With the passage of time, the feeling of missing is increasing day by day, but I have been unable to find a suitable opportunity to reunite with my husband.

The autumn wind is cool and the osmanthus is fragrant. King Wen of Chu happily went out of the city to hunt. He was expected to return to the palace in twoorthree days. Taking this opportunity, Mrs. Xi quietly ran to the city gate to meet her husband privately. When they met, it was as if they were separated from each other. Looking at her husband, who was full of vicissitudes and shabby clothes, Mrs. Xi burst into tears. She hugged her husband tightly and said, “my concubine was in the Chu palace. She endured humiliation and lived in hiding. At first, she was to save the life of the monarch and Marquis, but later she wanted to see the monarch and marquis.”

At this time the rest Hou is already heartbroken. He said sadly, “heaven has shown mercy that we can get together again. I am willing to be a city guard. Haven’t I waited for the chance to meet you again?”

Mrs. Xi thought that it was better to have a tragic end than to live in pain. Her autumn eyes looked at Xi Hou affectionately and said, “now my wish is over, and I don’t live in the world anymore. Let’s continue our friendship in the next life.” After that, he tried his best to hit the wall. He could not stop him. He was very sad to see his wife die. In return for madam Xi’s affection, she also ran into and died under the city. King Wen of Chu returned from hunting and was dejected when he heard about it. Feeling their true feelings, they buried Marquis Xi and Mrs. Xi on the peach blossom mountain outside the Huangpi city of Hanyang mansion with the ceremony of princes.


Later generations planted peach blossoms everywhere where they spilled blood, and built peach blossom caves and peach blossom lady temples to commemorate them. The Chu people took madam Xi as the lady of peach blossom, set up ancestral halls to worship her, and later worshipped her as the goddess who dominated the peach blossom. Later scholars, scholars and scholars wrote a lot of poems to commemorate this woman. One of the most famous poems is “Madam Xi” by Wang Wei: don’t spoil the present and forget the old days. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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