The International Space Station officially disintegrated, thinking of China that year!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (id:hqsycn)

On July 26, rospace said that Russia would withdraw from the international space station after 2024 and begin to deploy the Russian national space station.

The international space station was founded in 1993 by the United States, Russia, 11 European Space Agency member countries (France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland), Japan, Canada and Brazil, a total of 16 countries.

? video screenshot of the International Space Station

The international space station is jointly operated by the United States, Russia, Japan, Europe and Canada, and its key functions are controlled by the United States and Russia. The United States provides power and Russia provides propulsion. Now with Russia’s withdrawal, the international space station will encounter great challenges.

Originally, the international space station was planned to be scrapped after 2020. Later, it was decided to postpone its service until 2024. Now there is another saying to postpone its service until 2028. In other words, no matter what year it is postponed, the international space station has begun to be scrapped.

Now, with the announcement of Russia’s withdrawal, the International Space Station officially moves towards dissolution. It would be more perfect if Russia could take away the things belonging to Russia and the parts containing Russian technology.

Here, I think of China in those years.

Even small countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark and Belgium can participate in the international space station, but China is not allowed to participate. Some say it was because of insufficient funds at that time, but no matter how to take out some money, it should not be a problem; It was also said that China’s space technology was weak at that time, but it was much stronger than Switzerland, Sweden and Belgium. However, they can participate, not China.

To put it bluntly, western countries such as Europe, America and Japan are still holding China hostage, unwilling to let China expand its space technology in international cooperation. Until 2011, the United States also passed a “wolf clause”, which prohibits all space cooperation between the United States and China, even normal academic exchanges.

Another point, few people may know that the United States and the Soviet Union have long had no major technical problems in building the international space station. Why did they wait until 1993 to start building it?

The reason is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States does not want a large number of Soviet aerospace engineers to be exiled to other countries because of difficulties in life, because when they go to other countries, they can become missile engineers as well as aerospace engineers. That’s why we pulled Russia together. Many international space station projects seem to be built by Russia, but in fact, the United States pays for them.

Just as the West dominated the world in the past, and now the starry sky is pioneering, the United States also wants to lock other people’s space technology and let itself dominate.

However, it is so interesting that China will not participate in the international space station, and China will build one by itself. The international space station was built by 16 countries, and China has achieved it on its own.

The Chinese space station is in Chinese. Many countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain have applied for cooperation with China, and European astronauts from France and other countries are also learning Chinese. The United States also hopes to cooperate, and China’s response is to abolish the “wolf clause” first.

Time has come. Now, China’s Tianhe, ask the sky, dream the sky, and survey the sky… Continue to go to heaven like a Phoenix Nirvana, while the international space station is old and dilapidated, like a thatched cottage compared with China’s “heavenly palace”. And when the Chinese space station is about to be fully completed, the international space station, which once excluded China, is disintegrating in its dilapidation.


? video screenshot of China’s “asking the sky” such as phoenix spreading its wings

Similarly, there is satellite navigation. In those years, the United States restricted China’s use of GPS from time to time. When participating in the European “Galileo” satellite navigation, after China contributed money and technology, it received less rights and interests than India, which contributed much less. Under the exclusion, China has finally become a Beidou that is no worse than GPS and even more advanced in some parts. Ironically, the “Galileo” project, which excluded China in those days, is now half dead.

For example, by imposing a military embargo on China, China’s supercomputing has become a world leader, and has also created such big killers as J20, Yun 20, 003 and 055. However, they shouted the “China Threat Theory” that has remained unchanged for thousands of years in a state of disappointment.

Therefore, often encounter this kind of time, it will make many Chinese sigh: Thank you for not taking the grace of that year, and finally live like you don’t want to see!

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