The introduction of Kang Su of the twenty eight constellations in Chinese mythology, what is the first of the seven constellations in the east?

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Kang Jinlong, a dragon, is Kang. Big horn Xianghu is one of the twenty-eight constellations in Chinese mythology and the second in the East. It is the spirit of wind, like a bead of fire, located at the neck of the Dark Dragon Star Group. It is the essence of the dark dragon, so it is called Kang Jinlong. Its shape and temperament are the same as those of the dragon. It is long, scaly, can fly, and good at walking. In ancient books, people often see him playing in the water. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!



“Three hole sachet”: the second is Kangsu, which governs Wuji on the top, nihility and nature on the bottom, and Lutang mountain on the bottom. Also Kangsu word Junming (xuanming Gongqing day, its emperor name longluo Bodhi)

“The five stars of the God of the Taishang cave, the sun and the moon mix together” the essence of Kang, Shi and Fang Sanxing often walk together in Yin Mao day, dressed in green and Cang clothes, all riding horses to swim among people or at the meeting place of Dazhai. His appearance is different, and there is a slight purple on his head. That is to ask for it, and more people can save the world, so as not to make him poor

Kang Su, the star king of the heavenly court, should go up to xuanming Gongqing Heaven (viewing the Ming Dynasty to Jingtian, go to Gongqing heaven for 40 million Qi. Xuanming Gongqing heaven, go to Jiyao heaven for 30 million Qi.), According to the division of the state of Zheng, he took charge of the overseas West Tianzhu state, the state of Qian, the state of Luo Xie and nine small states, and was in charge of the division of human plague, gale, biaoshi, Baiyao, Guoshi, Sangong, and the rank of five elders.

“Seven signs of Cloud Collection”: Yi Cong is the official Yin God, the Lord of Kang Xing, the four Yin gods, the surname Fu, the name Sima, the head of the horse is naked, the clothes are red Ti, the clothes are single, and the sword is brought, the Lord of Kang Xing.

According to the “Beidou law Wuwei Sutra”, Volume 55 of the supreme yellow book Dazhai lichengyi, and volume 3 of the daomen customization, it is recorded that there is a strong wind among the kings of Kang Suxing,

He also lives in the Kaihe palace in the north of Chen, so that he can read the Taoist and become a real person. The elephant is: he should report the elephant in response to the guimao on the top, and he should be matched with the extract of the Jiachen under him.

There are also 90000 spiritual officers and immortals in Kang Xing.



Kang Su, one of the 28 constellations, originated from the Chinese people’s natural worship of ancient stars. It is the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy.

The Eastern Green Dragon seven nights is the second, which is the neck of the green dragon. In Qiyao, which belongs to gold, the totem is dragon, so it is also called Kang Jinlong.

Kang Su includes seven star officials: Kang, big horn, left photo mention, right photo mention, dun wan, Yang men, and zhewei.

Kangsu’s celestial region is mainly located in Virgo and shepherd.

And parts of Sagittarius, jackal, Libra and serpent.

In addition, the star official “Kang” in Kang Su is sometimes called Kang Su, such as Kang Su I, Kang Su II, etc.

Kang Su includes Kang, big horn, left photography, right photography, dun wan, Yang men, and zhewei, with a total of 28 stars. There are 32 additional stars (12 Kang, 2 big horns, 4 left, 6 right, 1 Dun, 7 zhewei) in the “Yi Xiang kaocheng” of the Qing Dynasty, a total of 60 stars.


Related geomancy

Kangjin dragon’s first cave: Zhongxing tower – General Yu Huan’s tomb – Bell Tower – Suspension Bridge – Fuguo Island, with real dragon arms grasping beads;

There is Trident water in the thousand woods, the stone tablet is carved with deep tree songbirds, the lotus is red in early summer, and the mouth is salivating,

Surrounded by sand hands on the left and right, the dragon’s head is also appropriate to the di soil, which is defeated by the rear ZTE tower well Muke! unfortunately

Jinlong lost the first place in the Yuan Dynasty. If he can crack the ZTE tower, he must recover; There is a Japanese built hell Temple next to it, which is very clear that it wants to occupy our rivers and mountains. There are also Japanese army hell temples on the top of beidawu mountain and the West peak of Yushan Mountain. What philosophy is there? The Diaoyutai crowd was angry, but no one heard of Yushan and Dawu Mountain!

Kangjin Longwei acupoint: Oriental Canglong Qisu is in Taiwan, so it is easy to find; The ancients called Kang Jinlong, because of its most obvious reason; The tail cave is on the left side of the Qinghua Lake military cemetery. There is the tomb of general boning (who was the dean of the College of Arts of a university before his death). Although the Longzhen cave is right, at the three bamboo hugs behind, Peng’s ancestral tomb is the first to climb!

Kang Jinlong experiment method: dragon head: deep tree songbirds, dragon heart: Liu An viewing lotus, dragon belly: Meilong Chunxiao, hundreds of meters away from the three places, clarifying the scenery at the end of the lake, three pavilions Range Rover, which can be taken in all: Crane Pavilion hexagon, crane Guarding God, which can take in the dragon head gas; The round Pavilion is in the middle, which can collect the water, gas and heart of the dragon; Deer Pavilion star anise, deer solid essence, can hold the belly and tail of the dragon; When Qi returns to Dantian, there must be an inductive Golden Dragon. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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