The introduction of Zhang Su, the Chinese myth of the twenty eight constellations, what is the third of the seven constellations in the south?

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Zhangyuelu, belonging to the moon and deer, is one of the twenty-eight constellations and the fifth of the seven constellations of the southern rosefinch. The following China story network editor will bring you a detailed introduction. Let’s have a look!

Originated from the Chinese people’s natural worship of ancient stars, it is the product of the combination of ancient Chinese mythology and astronomy.

At the junction of rosefinch’s body and wings, wings opening means flying. People often say that “opening is auspicious”, so Zhang Su is auspicious.

Zhang Yuelu, whose name is Xue Bao in the novel “the romance of gods”, was killed in the battle of immortals and was canonized after his death.



Zhangxiu, one of the 28 constellations, is located in the south. There are two stars (or three stars and six stars), which are good for heaven and belong to the South Pole God. They adopt the twenty eight constellations total mantra and reside on the Sutra.

Zhang Suzhi, the star of the great Jichang, had a long sacrificial marriage day. On this day, he was buried and worked for three years and entered the court.

Zhang Yuelu Xun, the eldest daughter of Kun, is also the God of Zhang Xing. Five long goddesses, surnamed Li and named Shenzi.

Dressed in red blood, the Lord Zhang Xing. The upper governance is to protect Qi, and the lower governance is to Baishi mountain. These two governance are mainly for afternoon health.

Zhang, “Er Ya”: “birds crop”, the note said: “crop, where birds eat.” It can be seen that Zhang Su is interested in zhuniao.

“Historical records ยท law book” refers to another: “Zhang, saying that everything is Zhang.” Zhangsu six stars, whose shape is like an open bow and arrow, are small stars of the fourth and fifth order, of which the brighter one is zhangsu two (long snake lambda). Wings are also taken from vermilion,

“Historical records, heavenly official book”: “wings are feathers.”.

The meaning of stars and constellations

In the twelve palaces of suyao, Zhang Su is a quadruped of the lion’s uterus, and in the constellation of celestial bodies, he is a siltan of Sita. Siltan in Arabic is an extension of “Xigen Xiaogu”. Now the belt of Leo has the same meaning. Zhang Su’s position is towards the star from the waist of Leo to the nearby constellation Hydra. It is a dimmer third-class star than Leo’s first-class star Regulus. This constellation is a representative constellation on the ecliptic on spring nights, located between cancer and Virgo, and is the fifth brother of Southern rosefinch.



Zhang subenming

The people of the constellation Cheung Su have strong endurance, their words are pleasing, can be loved, have many tricks, are impatient, and are punctual. Work is easy, life is easy, attention is paid to material enjoyment, attention is paid to dressing, and it is easy to make mistakes because of contempt for others.

Zhang Su’s life fate

The fate of Zhang Su Xingxiu’s life is the alternation of lucky and unfortunate fate, but twists and turns continue. Men will encounter unexpected disasters and diseases when they are young and middle-aged. Zhang Su is a lucky constellation, so they can also break through difficulties in disasters. His old age was safe and smooth. Women are in good health, hard-working, successful career, if stubborn, life twists and turns. Zhang Su’s men and women have two different fates: success in everything and nothing.

Analysis of Zhang Su’s character

Arrogant and confident. Rough and unconstrained in appearance, narrow and competitive in heart, stubborn and headstrong careerist, hot and cold. Eloquence pleases good people and makes the other party unable to find out the truth. Will look down upon and despise others. Because there is a comfortable life, I will be lazy and can’t bear hardships. People in the constellation Cheung Su like to study knowledge, so they can find out the bottom. Most of the women in this constellation are cheerful, caring, competitive and comfortable. When he was young, he was heterosexual and had close contacts, giving people a fancy and feminine feeling, but his heart was elusive.

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Cause analysis of Zhang Su

The men of this constellation are serious and hard-working. They can work silently in companies and enterprises and become famous. They can also enter politics and become officials smoothly. However, a small number of men are not engaged in serious work and are ambitious with high vision. They are unwilling to work steadily and are highly dependent. Women can be teachers, doctors, entertainers, translators in catering, tourism and culture, and can start their own businesses and make achievements.

Zhang Su’s fortune analysis

Financial luck is ordinary and talented, but it affects financial luck because it can’t concentrate on doing a good job. You can work in a large company, and you can get help when you create an original business. Women in this constellation have the opportunity to start their own businesses. As long as they are persistent, they can eventually save wealth, pay attention to improving the habits of luxury in life, and should be simple and frugal.

Zhang Su’s love and marriage

The male of this constellation is enthusiastic and pursues atmosphere. He likes to take his lover to a quiet and advanced place to enjoy, talk about love, and get each other’s affection. After marriage, he becomes two different kinds of male chauvinism and depends on women. Some people get married early, love their children after marriage, but like to flirt, causing disputes. The women of this constellation are eager for friends, have high vision, firm faith, and belong to the late marriage type. Because of bad marriage, some people bury themselves in their careers all their lives.

Zhangsu health preservation

Most of the men and women of this constellation love drinking, and some will overeat. The cholesterol in the blood is high, and the blood pressure and blood sugar are high. Their personality is fierce and irritable, which is easy to cause the burden of heart and blood pressure, and prevent arteriosclerosis, biceps infarction, stroke and other diseases.

Brief comment on Zhang Su’s personality

He knows how to be liked, has strategies, attaches importance to a comfortable life, and likes to study knowledge. If you persist in winning, your life will be full of twists and turns. If you have the conditions for success, you need to grasp the opportunity. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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