The king of golden horn and the king of silver horn are & ldquo; Colleagues & rdquo; Or & ldquo; Brother;? What secret is hidden in golden horn?

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Are golden horn kings and silver horn kings “colleagues” or “brothers”? What secret is hidden in golden horn? Interested partners, come and have a look!

The battle of lotus cave in Pingdingshan is one of the few wheel battles in journey to the West. The author used four chapters to describe it in succession, and showed the readers the hidden strength of the Supreme Lord Lao Jun by borrowing the hands of two children who watched the stove in the Dou rate palace. Many people also fabricated two scandals for the Supreme Lord according to the five magic weapons displayed in the lotus cave campaign of Pingdingshan mountain. The first rumor is that the Supreme Lord and the Nine Tailed Fox jointly made gold and silver horns, and the material evidence covered the gold rope; The second rumor is that the Supreme Lord and luoshanu jointly made red boy, which is the material evidence of the banana fan.


As far as the battle of lotus cave in Pingdingshan is concerned, it is impossible to say that the Golden Horn and the silver horn were jointly made by the Supreme Lord Laojun and the Nine Tailed Fox. After all, the Nine Tailed Fox’s front gold rope is only “a band of robes” for the Supreme Lord. The robe is used for the outer garment, and the belt is only used to restrain the jacket. Even if the Supreme Lord throws the robe and belt to the nine tails, he will not be refined. Therefore, Jiuwei is a related household of Laojun, which is really lack of real hammer evidence.

However, although Jiuwei and Laojun may not be related, Jiuwei and Jinjiao and Yinjiao are actually mother son relationships. Jinjiao and Yinjiao called the Nine Tailed Fox “mother” in the original works. Laojun also explained to Sun Wukong that “this is a sea Bodhisattva who asked me to borrow it three times and sent him here to help demons. Try your master and disciples to really go west.” – “tuohua” means “reincarnation” in novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Therefore, the Golden Horn and the silver horn may not have been jointly made by the Supreme Lord and the Nine Tailed Fox, but they were born in the womb of the Nine Tailed Fox.

Well, from the point of view of supreme Lao Jun, Jinjiao and Yinjiao are “former colleagues” who worked together in dourate palace. From the point of view of Jiuwei, Jinjiao and Yinjiao are brothers!


In principle, Jinjiao and Yinjiao are “colleagues + brothers”. They should talk about everything and treat each other wholeheartedly. However, this is not the case.

In the 32nd episode of journey to the west, Jinjiao assigns Yinjiao the task of mountain patrol. At this time, an intriguing scene appeared——

Golden Horn said: “you don’t know. I heard recently that the Tang Dynasty in eastern China sent a brother Tang monk to the west to worship Buddha. There were four people in a line, called sun Xingxing, Zhu Bajie, Sha monk, and even five horses. Look where he is. Bring him with me.” Silver horn said, “if we want to eat people, we won’t catch a few there. Let the monk go where he can.” Golden Horn said: “you don’t know. When I was out of heaven, I heard people say that monk Tang is elder Jinchan. He is a good man of ten generations of practice. Some people eat his meat and prolong his life.” Silver horn said: “if we eat his meat, we can prolong our life. What kind of sitting we play, what kind of skill we make, what kind of dragon and tiger we practice, and what kind of female and male we match? We should only eat him. Wait until I get him.” Golden Horn said: “brother, you are a little impatient. Don’t be busy. If you go out, no matter what happens, the monk will take it. If you’re not a Tang monk, you won’t be a son of man. I remember his appearance. I drew a shadow and a shape of his master and apprentice. You can take it, but when you meet a monk, take it and check it.”

The conversation between Jinjiao and Yinjiao was informative. Next, let’s consider it carefully.

First, in this conversation, Jinjiao used “you don’t know” twice in a row. It can be seen that Yinjiao really doesn’t know that eating Tang Monk’s meat can prolong life.

It’s amazing that Jinjiao and Yinjiao have been working together for so long, and their mission is to “test whether your master and apprentice really want to go west”. When the two brothers talked before, they didn’t mention anything about the task? Do we have to wait until the scripture collection team is close before we reveal the mystery?

Second, Jinjiao said that “I went out of heaven and heard people speak”. Didn’t Jinjiao and Yinjiao set out from Dou rate Palace at the same time to give birth to the Nine Tailed Fox? The fox is a multiparous animal. Even if the nine tails are shaped like human beings, they can’t have only one baby like ordinary women, can they?

Suppose that Jinjiao and Yinjiao set out at the same time, how come when Jinjiao came out of heaven, someone told him that Tang Monk had taken scriptures, but Yinjiao didn’t?

Third, Jin Jiao is very clear about the cause and effect of Tang Monk’s learning scriptures and the previous and present life of Jinchanzi’s reincarnation. Moreover, he can even memorize the appearance of Tang Monk’s master and apprentice, and draw shadows. But Yinjiao didn’t know anything about it, and foolishly told Jinjiao that if we want to eat people, we won’t get a few there. Let the monk go if he can get there.

The tone of Jinjiao is strict enough.

In the battle of Lianhuadong in Pingdingshan, it was undoubtedly the Supreme Lord who let the lower boundary of Jinjiao and Yinjiao intercept the jingtuan. I’m afraid it’s also too good for Laojun to tell Jinjiao the task but not let him tell Yinjiao in advance. And Jinjiao actually held it down and didn’t say anything, and didn’t open the pot until the day came. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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