“The KMT will always be pro american”, how could Zhu lilun get such a cheap word?

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Zhulilun finally overshadowed caiyingwen. However, he did not do any amazing “performance” on the island, but because of his performance in the United States.

This is the political ecology on the island. No matter blue or green, only making some noise in the United States can arouse the greatest concern and enhance the visibility of politicians. It is very sad.


Zhu lilun’s most important task is to unveil the “Chinese Kuomintang representative office in the United States” in Washington. After that, he will go to New York, San Francisco and other cities for a total of 12 days.

After 12 days, it seems that Zhu lilun has a lot of work to report. When he left on June 2, he said to the American media, “the Kuomintang is back!”

In September last year, after Zhu lilun returned to the post of chairman of the KMT, he made the unveiling of the signboard in the United States the most important task.

In the United States, he said a lot of nonsense and inflexible words. For example, the KMT “will always be pro american”, and the 1992 consensus is “consensus without consensus”. Like the one China policy of the United States, it is a kind of “creative ambiguity”

As chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang, Zhu lilun, with the word “China” on his head, had to choose between “pro american” and “Pro Chinese”. No wonder Zhang Yazhong, the president of Sunwen University, questioned him as an American informant in January.

The media on both sides of the Strait have reported a lot about Zhu lilun’s remarks, but some online media on the mainland always follow the Taiwan media in terms of analysis. In short, Zhu lilun and the Kuomintang want to boost momentum for the “nine in one” county and city elections at the end of the year, warm up for the 2024 regional leadership elections, and get rid of the “pro China” hat for the elections

In short, to “win the election” is to blindly follow the Taiwan media.

You know, in the eyes of the Taiwanese media, all kinds of elections at the bottom of the well are bigger than everything in the world. Everything is linked to the election. That has always been the case.

When we look at the Taiwan issue, if we do not jump out of the bottom of the well, it is difficult to find some really important points that deserve attention.

The main motive of Zhu lilun’s visit is not election. We should look at the “Unveiling” issue from the perspective of the United States’ attempt to strengthen its control over Taiwan Province.


Let me start with an unusual thing. As we all know, the DPP has beaten the KMT to the teeth.

On August 28, 2020, the “Supreme Court” of Taiwan Province announced that the “Regulations on party property” introduced by the Democratic Progressive Party were all “constitutional”, which meant that all the tens of billions of party property of the Kuomintang had been legally confiscated.

The KMT has gone bankrupt in the economy. It can not even pay the salaries of party workers, can not pay the rent of office buildings, and has no funds for the activities of grass-roots organizations. It has become a begging organization.

Jiang Qichen, the then chairman of the party, complained that the KMT had already incurred a debt of NT $270Million in 2019 and had to borrow for emergencies in 2020 and 2021.

So the question is, where does Zhu lilun, the Kuomintang “representative office in the United States” come from in terms of rent, fees, labor costs and other expenses?

The original KMT “office in the United States” was set up in 2000 (shared with Song Chuyu’s people first party). In 2008, Ma Ying Jeou closed this stall, so the media said it was “reopened after 14 years”.

There are two reasons why Ma Ying Jeou closed the stall:

1? The KMT has come to power, and there is a problem of institutional duplication in the establishment of representative offices;

2? The expenses are huge. Let’s make a frugal demonstration by closing the stall.

The later Kuomintang chairmen did not reopen this stall.

However, in November 2021, zhulilun, who had just arrived, immediately sent Huang Yujun, deputy director of the International Department of the Kuomintang, to the United States for “consultation” and wanted to select an office as the “representative office in the United States” on the road between the White House and the Congress.

The United States soon “helped” the Kuomintang to settle the matter, which is now 601 Pennsylvania Avenue. The rent here is extremely expensive, plus other expenses, which the bankrupt Kuomintang can never afford.

Although the Taiwan media have not talked about this at present, it is obviously an abnormal thing.

Talking about money seems to have no style or pattern, but for Taiwanese politicians, money is often the most important, isn’t it?

If Julian can easily open the “office in the United States”, plus his free trip to the United States on the 12th. Where did this huge sum of money come from?

1? I met a big money owner when I was begging. A boss was willing to pay. Even so, why didn’t Zhu lilun first solve the problems of party workers’ salaries and welfare? Do not solve the problem of office buildings on the island first? Don’t you repay the loan of about 300million first?

2? The KMT has raised money, but I have never heard of any large-scale fund-raising activities of the KMT in the past two years.

3? The DPP secretly appropriates funds to the KMT from the finance, but this political risk is very great, and the DPP can not commit it.

Then, the most likely thing is that the Americans paid for it. When Julian came to the United States to unveil the brand, he must privately promise the United States how to repay the “kindness” of the United States in the future?

The KMT’s “always pro american” words were not casually said, but Zhu lilun’s declaration of allegiance.

How much value does the Kuomintang have? What cross-strait Messenger, what cross-strait buffer belt, what cross-strait brake skin, in fact, are not. A broken settlement, there is no need to hold it high.

Why does the United States pay so much attention to the Kuomintang “representative office in the United States”?

Because the real value of the KMT in the eyes of the United States now lies in taking it as a tool to check and balance the DPP, strengthening its control over Taiwan Province and preventing the DPP from “unexpected” situations in the United States.

In those years, A-Bian talked nonsense and created an “unexpected” situation in the United States. George W. Bush scolded him with dirty words.

What is the atmosphere in the Taiwan Strait? The United States believes that it should be controlled by the White House as far as possible. If the United States wants to ease relations with Chinese Mainland, the Taiwan authorities should lie down honestly; When the United States wants to confront Chinese Mainland, the Taiwan authorities will come out to create trouble.

However, the political advantage of the DPP in the island is too obvious. In 2020, Tsai ing Wen won 2.6 million votes from South Korea, nearly 30 percentage points ahead. The United States did not expect it.

After the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) came to power, it even kicked and hit the KMT in all directions.

If it continues to develop in this way, dark green may lose control and do extreme things that damage the interests of the United States.

Therefore, the United States must bet on the KMT so that it can quickly rise to check and balance the DPP.

It is rare for the Kuomintang “representative office in the United States” to be established so quickly. Many people think it was completed in May, but it is not.

After the Spring Festival, Zhu lilun wanted to go to the United States to unveil the brand. Later, it was pushed to March. However, due to the impact of the epidemic in the United States, it was pushed to May. Finally, it was decided that the trip would take place in early June.

In other words, Julian is just completing the task assigned to him by the United States – unveiling.


The United States took great pains to make Huang Yujun, deputy representative of the Kuomintang in the United States, appear publicly.

On May 1, Huang Yujun was invited to attend the dinner of the White House journalists’ Association. Antony Blinken met him by chance, took a photo with him, and talked about the Ukrainian issue. Huang Yujun said that the Taiwanese people are worried about the situation in Ukraine. Antony Blinken just exchanged greetings. After winning, he left.

Although the whole process was less than a minute, it was a very careful arrangement, which could not only publicly announce that the KMT “representative office in the United States” had been established and the personnel had been in place (the representative was Huang jiezheng), but also avoid causing friction in Sino US relations.

Under normal circumstances, they would not see an official at the level of Antony Blinken, but this has created pressure on the DPP, because their “representative” xiaomeiqin has never had the opportunity to share the same frame with Blinkin.

On June 2, Zhu lilun went to the United States to unveil the card. The Democratic Progressive Party also knows that the United States is to check and balance them.

The United States’ exercise of checks and balances in Taiwan did not begin now. It began as early as when Chiang Ching Kuo “lifted martial law”.

Many people boast that Chiang Ching Kuo initiated “democracy”, which is simply not the case in history. The U.S. is worried that the Chiang Dynasty will continue again and again. If in the fourth or fifth generation, a person in power (a descendant of the Chiang family or a trusted follower) suddenly decides to negotiate with the mainland for peaceful reunification, the United States will lose completely.

Although this possibility is very small, the core of the Chiang family’s dynasty came from the mainland after all, and the United States must be foolproof.

Therefore, after 1987, the forces of the DPP advocating “Taiwan independence” developed rapidly. Together with Lee Teng Hui, they echoed from top to bottom. In the 1990s, the DPP became a force that could counter the Kuomintang. Can this be done without the support of the United States?

When Taiwan Province entered the “political party rotation” (A-Bian came to power in 2000), the United States realized the strategy of checks and balances and split Taiwan politics. Today, no matter which party or faction in Taiwan Province, it must curry favor with the United States.

However, because the Kuomintang is too wasteful, the old problem has not been changed at all: only empty talk, no action; They will split but not unite; Bully the soft and fear the hard, bully the good and fear the evil; He is arrogant and narrow-minded.

The KMT as a whole “can not help the mud to the wall”, where is the slightest bit of Chinese character?

Such speculators as Chu lilun are the most typical politicians in the Kuomintang. In the eyes of the United States, he is nothing more than a handy gadget.

He must also complete the tasks assigned to him by the United States, and he will enter when the United States enters; If the United States retreats, it will retreat.

If the mainland online media also like to use elections to analyze the Taiwan issue, it will only make these US pawns become illegible.


Who is on stage? Does it mean much to the mainland? National reunification is a historical mission, and it will never be affected by who wins or loses at the bottom of the well.

Besides, if the Kuomintang, a century old shop, wants to gain dignity, turn over and wash away its disgrace, it must stand up and support the reunification of the motherland, contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and seek the forgiveness of the entire Chinese people. This is the only way out for the Kuomintang.

It is a dead end to take advantage of foreign countries!

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