The large-scale military exercises of the US Army are useless!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

The US military’s “brave shield-2022” large-scale military exercise is being conducted in the waters near Guam, Mariana Islands and Palau. The US media frankly said that this is a “warning to China”.

However, it was this military exercise that embodied two absurdities of the United States.

Two aircraft carriers, Lincoln and Reagan, as well as the amphibious assault ship Tripoli, were deployed in the military exercise. Because the ship can take off and land F-35B, it is also known as the “lightning carrier”. It also dispatched more than 200 aircraft, 15 surface ships, and 13000 combat personnel from the three armed services and the Marine Corps. The scale is not small.

In response, the Guam daily mail directly shouted, “the US military’s dispatch of such a large fleet is a warning to China.”

However, the apparent strength of the United States just reflects its weakness. Two points:

1. The United States simply does not dare to force

Despite the fact that the United States is always tough and tough, in fact, it does not dare to use military force in the face of countries such as China and Russia. The key lies in its inability to bear the consequences.

The mutual destruction under the balance of nuclear terror will not be mentioned.

Even if it is a conventional military showdown, the final result of a collision between a large number of countries such as China and the United States must be that both sides will lose and there will be no winner. In this way, the United States will lose its ability to contain Russia and India, as well as its control over Europe, Japan and other countries. The final result will be that the United States will rise together, and its hegemony will collapse into a third rate country.

Either of these results is completely unacceptable to the United States.

War is a continuation of politics. It is to achieve economic, territorial or other purposes. The first priority of the United States is to maintain its own primacy and maintain American hegemony. Once this highest goal is destroyed, the United States will have to carry out war, which obviously does not conform to normal logic.

Therefore, although the United States is making a bluff, it is actually just a bluff.

2. The location of the US exercise is very interesting

The US exercises were held in the waters near Guam, the Mariana Islands and Palau, and many netizens have found their connotations.

When the “shield of courage” exercise was first conducted in 2006, the background of the exercise was set in the Taiwan Strait near the Chinese Mainland. It was aimed at direct military intervention in the war in the Taiwan Strait. Now, just 16 years later, the United States has gone to Guam thousands of kilometers away to hold the exercise. It is said to warn China, but this “warning” is getting farther and farther away from China.

This is not difficult to explain. Now, within 500 kilometers of China’s inshore, this is a restricted area for US warships; Within 2000 kilometers, the survival probability of US ships is very small. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the United States will go to Guam, which is more than 3000 kilometers away.

In the future, American ships may not be able to stay within 4000 kilometers.

The boundaries of the Black Sea and the Far East have exceeded the limits of the United States’ national strategy, and the United States war is bound to be defeated. There is no chance of victory. This is one of the reasons why the United States has conducted many military exercises around Russia, but dare not personally intervene in the Russian Ukrainian war. Similarly, if the United States wants to compete with China in the Far East, even if it has all its 11 aircraft carriers, the result is very positive.

? US aircraft carrier video screenshot

Therefore, it is boring for the United States to engage in these things. In the eyes of laymen, it is very powerful for so many aircraft and warships to engage in such a big battle; It’s useless for anyone who knows something and can do it.

It is enough for the United States to fight against countries such as Iraq, Libya and Syria, because it can fight others, but others cannot fight the United States. It is a one-way operation. But when a stronger opponent is encountered, when others can attack the US aircraft carrier fleet, its gadgets are a pile of living coffins at sea.

Who can the United States do? Iran once directly captured American soldiers and opened fire on the US army two years ago. The United States did not dare to do so. Even Iran dare not move, let alone China and Russia. The United States did not dare to end the Russian Ukrainian war in person. Even with every military aid, it carefully took care of Russia’s feelings, for fear that if it angered Russia, it would burn itself.

Therefore, these things made by the United States seem powerful, but in fact they are useless. They are just bluff and even make people laugh.

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