The latest air force ranking, India sixth, China ranked seventh!

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Recently, the world modern military aircraft Dictionary (wdmma) website released a 2022 global air force ranking, in which the Indian Air Force was ranked sixth in the world, ranking first in the Chinese air force. As soon as the news came out, many Indian media were very excited.

As we all know, on the Internet, India’s big mouth is very famous. They connect with the sky and the air, and even Americans dare to scold. This time, the Indian air force actually surpassed China, and that pride is almost overflowing the screen.

“India’s military strength has surpassed that of China in all respects!”

“I, India, a powerful Asian country.”

“India: mysterious oriental power, yes, I am.”

So what is the truth? In fact, if you take a close look at the list published by that website, you can find the problem.

On the list, there are only seven countries in the top ten air forces in the world. Yes, you heard right, there are only seven countries in the top ten. That’s because the United States accounts for four places…

The US Air Force ranks first, the US Navy ranks second, the Russian Air Force ranks third, the US Army Aviation ranks fourth, the US Marine Corps ranks fifth, the Indian Air Force ranks sixth, the Chinese Air Force ranks seventh, and the Japanese air self defense force, the Israeli air force and the French air force rank eighth, ninth and tenth respectively.


This list looks more and more like a joke. The world’s air force is our U.S. air force, the second is our U.S. Navy, the third is Russia, the fourth is our U.S. Army aviation, and the fifth is our U.S. Marine Corps…

Together, just look at the top five, Americans occupy four seats. Don’t judge at all. Just give you Americans an award?

How about adding in the helicopter formation of Los Angeles police and New York police? I estimate that there are 99 of the top 100, all of you Americans…

Of course, I checked later. This wdmma is an American website, and people’s ass is in the United States. Of course, there is no problem with this ranking.

Besides, apart from those messy things, we recognize that the US air force is the first and the Russian air force is the second. In the current military field, there is no doubt about the strength of the United States and Russia. We can’t compare with them. Of course, we are convinced.

But why did India jump in front of us carelessly?

Is there anything special about them? Or do we always look down on the neighbor in the south?

Don’t worry, let’s analyze the real level of the Indian Air Force in today’s article to see if the title of the world’s sixth and Asia’s first air force is blowing out.

First of all, the military strength of a country is not measured by how many fighters and Air Force servicemen it has. This is all false. If I like it, I can claim that I have 10000 fighters, but 9900 of them are in the repair shop and can’t fly. What’s the use of this?

The Air Force servicemen are even more nonsense. India has 1.4 billion people, and will soon surpass China. One day the Indian Prime Minister is happy and says that 100 million people across the country will serve in the air force. Is the Indian air force the first in the world and invincible in the universe?

So, to measure a country’s military strength, we can’t just look at the data on paper, it depends on the battlefield!

So, what are the brilliant achievements of the Indian Air Force in the decades since its establishment?

Next, let’s open our eyes.

On December 18th, 1961, India sent troops to recover Goa, which had been controlled by Portuguese colonists for a long time. The Indian air force is facing its first tough battle since its founding.

Although the Indian Air Force piloted the backward p51 Mustang fighter, they were undaunted and courageous in the face of the advanced F4 ghost fighter of the Portuguese air force.

Unfortunately, Portugal has long heard of the strong strength of the Indian air force, and they put forward the slogan of “avoiding war and protecting aircraft”. Ghost fighters are still at home and are not deployed in Goa.

Inspired by the good news, the Indian air force launched an air strike on the daborim airport in Goa early in the morning, with 12 bombers dropping a large number of bombs and the airport runway destroyed.

An hour later, eight Indian bombers attacked the airport of daporim again, and one of the two Portuguese transport planes was blown up, leaving one barely fleeing

When the air force has achieved great advantages, the Indian army is also extremely brave. They dispatched 45000 troops to face less than 4000 Portuguese troops and 2000 local police.

After 36 hours of hard work, the Indian army wiped out 30 Portuguese troops with only 22 losses, and achieved a brilliant record. Finally, the Portuguese governor surrendered with more than 3000 people, and the Indian army successfully recovered Goa.

In the first battle of the Indian air force, it showed its spirit and combat effectiveness. It deserves the title of No. 1 in Asia!

In 1965, the first India Pakistan war broke out between India and Pakistan due to the competition for kuchiran in the south.

In the early morning of September 6, the Indian army suddenly launched a large-scale attack on Pakistan without declaring war. Under the fierce attack of the Indian army, the Pakistani army retreated gradually due to inadequate preparation.

After a whole day of preparation, the Pakistani air force finally launched an attack on the evening of September 6!

At this time, it has been four years since the Indian Air Force made its first move. After four years of development, the strength of the Indian Air Force has reached a higher level.

Unfortunately, the Pakistanis did not speak of martial virtue and sent planes late at night to launch pre emptive air strikes on patankot, adampur and halwara air bases in India.

The Indian in his sleep had no defense at all and could only be beaten passively. Under extremely adverse conditions, the Indian Air Force fought back bravely and actively. Finally, it consumed the fuel of the Pakistani air force, drove away the invaders and won the air battle with only a small loss of blowing up and injuring more than 40 fighters.

After the battle, Indian media cited the battle of Pearl Harbor as an example. In those days, the powerful U.S. military lost 231 aircraft and countless ground personnel were killed and injured. Today, Indians will only reach a fraction of the U.S. military, but only 40.

This shows that the strength of the Indian air force is comparable to that of the US Army.

After this war, the Indian Air Force really stood up!

If these two battles took place more than 50 years ago, they have no reference value.

Then you are very wrong.

In 2019, the Indian Air Force was once again powerful.

The reason is that armed groups in Pakistan attacked the Indian police force, causing heavy casualties. The modi government of India took foreign hardline as the policy keynote, so it ordered the Indian air force to carry out cross-border strike operations.

More than 50 years ago, the Indian air force, which was comparable to the U.S. military, was not satisfied. In these 50 years, they studied hard and prepared their troops, and did not want to stop the pace of development for a moment.

Every year, the Indian Air Force buys a large number of fighters from Russia, France, Britain, the United States, Italy and other countries whose strength is far inferior to its own, just to make the military industry of these countries have money to develop and catch up with its own pace as soon as possible.

Invincible loneliness, who can understand?


Therefore, this time, against armed groups in Pakistan, the Indian Air Force did not use domestically produced aircraft, but transferred 12 aircraft in good condition from two mirage 2000 fighter squadrons to form an attack formation, and conducted a pre war drill.

Indian intelligence personnel immediately provided the coordinate information to the Indian Air Force after learning the location of the Pakistani militants’ camp. On the night of February 26, the Indian air force carried out a cross-border strike.

Afterwards, the Indian army claimed that the attack destroyed the militants’ camp and wiped out 200 to 300 militants!

Although, after the end of the war, the media of various countries visited the area attacked by the Indian army and found that all the bombs of the Indian army fell in the woods on the mountain. There was no armed camp here at all, and there was no sign that 200 to 300 people were destroyed.

In the bomb explosion area, only the crows, the soil and the trees were killed. In terms of personnel, the only injured person was an old man who was injured by the glass shattered by the blast wave in the nearby village.


Even foreign media reported that none of the bombs carefully assembled by the two mirage squadrons of the Indian Air Force hit the intended target. Of course, it was precisely because they missed the target that a large number of civilian casualties were not caused.


Finally, after the investigation of the media of various countries, it was concluded that the reason why the Indian warplanes failed to hit the target was that the Pakistani warplanes reacted quickly. In order to avoid the exchange of fire, the bombers threw ammunition hurriedly, and the whole fleet withdrew hurriedly

But these, on the one hand, are rumors. On the other hand, imperialism is jealous of the strength of the Indian air force, making up false news that discredits the Indian air force! The nature is too bad!

This battle is clearly another great victory for the Indian air force, which has dealt a great blow to the arrogance of those invaders.

Those who offend India will be punished even if they are far away!

This is the loudest response!

Throughout the glorious war history of the Indian air force, there is no doubt about the strength of the Indian air force. According to incomplete statistics, since the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the Indian Air Force has fallen, ah no, shot down more than 1000 military aircraft, an average of one in more than 20 days.

Therefore, India’s ranking is expected. Which country in the world has killed more planes than India in recent years?

So, it’s no big deal that the Indian Air Force has surpassed us. We are inferior in skills. We must admit that ah San has already left us far behind. We should face up to ourselves and don’t be jealous of others!

Finally, I hope everyone’s focus will not be on laughing at this ranking list, or arguing and pointing out the mistakes in it.

Our focus is to figure out how to make Americans fully believe it.

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