The latest situation on the battlefield, two ominous signals!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for more than 100 days, but the latest situation on the battlefield makes people take a breath.

Completely personal, at least two ominous signals.

Signal one, Medvedev’s latest warning.

Medvedev, who was once president of Russia, is considered a close friend of Putin and is now the vice chairman of the Russian Security Council. In a recent interview with Al Jazeera television, he issued such a warning:

If, by God, these weapons are used to attack Russian territory, our armed forces will have no choice but to attack the decision-making center.

Perhaps for fear that the other side did not understand the connotation, Medvedev added:

Of course, it can be understood that, unfortunately, the final decision-making center in this case is not located in Kiev (Ukraine).

what do you mean?

See the interpretation of Western media: if Ukraine attacks Russian territory with American rockets, Russia will attack western cities.

Medvedev also warned that the war in Ukraine is pushing the world dangerously towards the end of nuclear war.

His original words are:

The apocalyptic knight is on his way. Now all his hopes are placed in the Almighty God.

Is there any element of threat?

I think there must be. It has always been an important feature of Russian diplomacy to speak harshly and put pressure on the West.

But will Russia really do it?

I don’t know, but I’m sure everyone knows what will happen to Russia.


Signal 2: the war situation is becoming more and more unfavorable to Ukraine.

Russia is stepping up its offensive posture. In Donbas, the street battle in northern Donetsk is continuing, and the Russian army has occupied a considerable part of the city.

In Slovensk, people are fleeing. The Ukrainian military says that the Russian army has gathered up to 20 battalions and is preparing to launch an attack.

The Ukrainian army was in the most difficult period in the battle of Wudong. Ukrainian President zelens said this week that Russian troops had occupied about 20% of Ukrainian land and Donbas was “almost completely destroyed”.

Although the Biden administration claimed that the premise of providing rockets to Ukraine was that ZELINSKY promised not to use these rockets to attack the Russian mainland.

But under this situation, Ukraine has offensive rockets. Can it resist the impulse of strong counterattack?

What’s more, there are fuzzy areas.

For example, Crimea. Ukraine regards Crimea as its own territory and can certainly launch attacks; However, Russia believes that Crimea is already Russian territory, and the Ukrainian army’s attack is to attack the Russian mainland.

Make an inappropriate analogy. In the American shooting case, I believe that no gun is allowed to kill civilians, but if the gunmen are too excited and even crazy, what are the consequences?

The ultimate holders of weapons are people with emotions. What will happen to Ukrainian soldiers on the front line if they fall into despair?

Americans should know very well.


Two ominous signals may eventually be a terrible cycle.

The United States supplies offensive weapons ? the Ukrainian army gets weapons to deal with the Russian army ? Western weapons attack the Russian mainland ? the Russian army retaliates against western cities ? NATO is bound to retaliate against Russia

As a result, it is probably the most terrifying situation – nuclear war.

Don’t think that the nuclear war is far away and the battlefield is changing rapidly, but one thing is certain that this is the latest nuclear war since the Cuban missile crisis.

Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons, Medvedev has threatened the nuclear Armageddon, and don’t forget that German Chancellor Scholz also explained why Germany refuses to provide heavy weapons to Ukraine, because he must do everything possible to avoid direct military confrontation between NATO and Russia. “I will do everything possible to avoid nuclear war.”.

Although he was ridiculed by Ukraine, it must be pointed out that Scholz was very sober. One cannot be bloodless, but a truly outstanding politician must always remain calm.

That thing has to have an end. What will the end be?

I think, no matter how hard it is to accept, the decision-maker should still be rational and be able to compromise.

What is reason?

For example, no matter how oppressed Ukraine is, it cannot launch a large-scale attack on the Russian mainland; Russia, however angry, cannot attack western cities on a large scale; In the end, no matter how intolerable the parties may be, they should not use nuclear weapons.

However, in the case of killing red eyes, it is always an unknown whether we can always maintain rationality.

What is compromise?

That is, it must face the cruel reality that Ukraine cannot defeat Russia and chooses to negotiate a ceasefire in order to avoid greater damage; Russia could not completely defeat Ukraine, which was supported by the West. In order to reduce further losses, it chose to go to the negotiating table.

For the west, if the war drags on, Russia will certainly be weakened, but the ensuing food crisis, energy crisis and inflation crisis may also devour itself, not to mention the possible nuclear apocalypse.


Therefore, we also see that subtle changes are taking place in the attitude of the West.

French President macron’s latest statement: we can’t embarrass Russia. In this way, we can build an exit ramp through diplomatic means on the day when the battle is over. I believe that France can act as a mediator. “

This was fiercely criticized by the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian foreign minister kuleba bitterly criticized that macron’s appeal to avoid humiliating Russia would only humiliate France and all other countries that asked to do so. Because Russia is humiliating itself

Ukraine’s anger is understandable, but can Ukraine shake the west?

It is worth noting that Biden’s attitude.

Asked a few days ago whether Ukraine needs to give up part of its territory in order to achieve peace, Biden answered as follows:

From the beginning, I said – not everyone agrees with me – that there can be no Ukraine without Ukraine. This is their territory. I won’t tell them what to do or what not to do.

what do you mean?

The Americans didn’t say anything, but they seemed to say everything.

Finally, what do you think?

First, we saw ominous signals. The bitter battle is still going on, and there must be a large number of people falling in a pool of blood. We are witnessing the greatest tragedy of 2022.

Second, we should be vigilant against extreme situations. No one wants it to happen. After all, it is about the fate of the whole human race. But what can we do? Perhaps, only pray, pray that they are rational, pray that they do not play with fire

Third, painful compromise. The best result is a painful compromise, similar to that of Finland. It is difficult for a sovereign country to accept, but you can’t expect to get what you can’t get on the battlefield.

If the world can not stand on its own, it will inevitably become a pawn of another country. A pawn can never change the fate of a pawn, nor can it change the outcome of being abandoned.

In this jungle world, this is the reality, the cruel reality.

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