The launch of 003 aircraft carrier releases three heavy signals, and at least one technology of China is far superior to that of the United States!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

China’s aircraft carrier 003 is launched!

According to media reports, on the morning of June 17, the naming ceremony of China’s third aircraft carrier was held in Jiangnan Shipyard of China Shipbuilding Corporation. According to the rules for naming naval vessels of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army, aircraft carriers are generally named after provincial administrative divisions. With the approval of the Central Military Commission, the third aircraft carrier was named “Fujian ship of the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Navy” and the side number was “18”.

According to the official news, the Fujian warship is the first ejection type aircraft carrier designed and built independently by China. It adopts a straight and long flight deck, is equipped with electromagnetic ejection and blocking devices, and has a full load displacement of more than 80000 tons. After the Fujian ship is launched, the mooring test and navigation test will be carried out. In the next step, the handover and listing work will be arranged as a whole according to the progress of each work.

The news released above is very heavy. He released five important messages:

1? Catapult aircraft carrier designed and built by China

Do not underestimate this “fully independently designed and built catapult aircraft carrier”. In this world, only a handful of countries have the ability to design and manufacture aircraft carriers, while only China and the United States have catapult aircraft carriers.

Therefore, China’s completely independent design and construction means that China is the strongest except the United States in the design and construction of aircraft carriers. The ejection type aircraft carrier also means that besides the United States, China has the strongest aircraft carrier technical capability. The saying that the ejection type is designed and built independently represents the strength of a big country, because only the United States and China can do this.

2? Flat through long deck

The so-called through deck means that the deck runs through from the bow to the stern. However, aircraft carrier 003 did not take off by sliding jump, so it is called a straight deck. 075 uses this kind of deck. Liaoning and Shandong ships also use full-length flight deck. However, if the bow has a ski jump takeoff device, it does not belong to a straight full-length flight deck. Flat through deck, of course, means more advanced technology and stronger configuration.

3? Equipped with electromagnetic ejection and arresting device

This message released two important messages: first, the aircraft carrier 003 was equipped with electromagnetic ejection and electromagnetic arresting devices. In the past, only the United States had electromagnetic ejection and electromagnetic arresting technology. Now China tells the world that China has more advanced electromagnetic ejection and arresting devices than the United States. This not only proves that China has the most advanced technology in the world, but also shows that some of China’s technologies have actually surpassed those of the United States. For example, the integrated power system, electromagnetic ejection and arresting device technologies on Chinese ships are higher than those on the Ford.

4? Displacement: more than 80000 tons

What is the discharge of No. 003? Before, many military fans speculated that it would reach nearly 100000, but Zhanhao thought this was unlikely, because there was no such precedent in the United States and China’s nuclear power had not yet been on board, so it is unlikely to directly put 100000 tons of nuclear power on board. The nuclear power related projects have not been approved for a long time, and it is impossible to transfer them to No. 003. Therefore, it is only 890000 tons that meet the actual situation. In fact, it is more than 80000 tons. However, even if it is more than 80000 tons, it is still the aircraft carrier with the largest displacement outside the United States.

5? Mooring test and sea trial will be carried out

Different from the media statement that the outfitting construction will be carried out in the next step when the Shandong ship was launched, this time it means that the mooring test and navigation test will be carried out after the launch. Why is there no outfitting construction this time? Is the media wrong? In fact, CCTV certainly won’t be wrong. Relevant information was also verified in the statement of the Navy spokesman that night, that is, there was no statement of outfitting construction, only mooring test and navigation test.

Why is this? In fact, in the final analysis, the construction technology of aircraft carrier 003 has been greatly improved. The construction of aircraft carrier 003 adopts sectional assembly, so many related equipment are directly installed in the section. In this way, the related equipment has been basically completed when the section is built, and the equipment is basically installed. Of course, there is no outfitting, or the workload of outfitting is very small, so it is not worth mentioning alone. One of the advantages of the segment is that it will shorten the construction cycle, which means that the time from launching to sea trial of aircraft carrier 003 will be very short. At the current pace, aircraft carrier 003 may go to sea from the end of this year to the beginning of next year.

The launch of the aircraft carrier 003 excited all Chinese people! According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), the launch of aircraft carrier 003 released three heavy signals:

1? China’s military technology and manufacturing capacity have reached a new level

Apart from the United States, the 003 aircraft carrier has the largest tonnage in the world, and all the technologies are also the most advanced. In particular, the conventional power has the configuration of electromagnetic ejection. This kind of R & D and manufacturing capacity is really only available in China except the United States. China’s ability to develop and manufacture such aircraft carriers has shown that China’s military technology has reached a new level.

More importantly, the construction speed of China’s aircraft carrier 003 is really too fast! Construction started at the end of 2018. It took only three and a half years from construction to launching, which is still the case under the interference of intermediate epidemics. Well, if the sea trial is conducted at the end of this year, it will mean that China has spent four years to build an electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier of more than 80000 tons, which must be said to be a miracle.

In the United States, the most advanced aircraft carrier Ford was started at Newport News Shipbuilding and dock company on August 11, 2005. The keel was laid on November 13, 2009, officially launched on November 9, 2013, and the sea trial began on April 8, 2017. It took nearly 12 years from the start of construction to the sea trial. That is to say, it takes less than half the time for China to build an aircraft carrier than the United States. This manufacturing capacity is really extraordinary.

2? China has the second most powerful navy in the world

No matter whether other countries are willing to see or recognize it, China has become the world’s most powerful navy. China is the world’s second most powerful navy in terms of tonnage and ship quality. Not only is the Fujian aircraft carrier technologically advanced, China’s 055 destroyer is also the most advanced in the world. The latest generation of Destroyer design drawings exposed by the United States were jokingly called plagiarizing China by American netizens.

It can be predicted that the comprehensive strength of the Chinese navy will gradually catch up. No matter who admits it or not, the comprehensive strength of the Chinese navy is the second in the world.

3? China already has more advanced technology than the United States

Many people don’t know why the electromagnetic ejection of the United States has always been a problem. How come China is an electromagnetic ejection aircraft carrier? In fact, all this is because of one person, Ma Weiming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering.

How awesome is academician maweiming? The electromagnetic ejection technology he developed has been waiting for aircraft carriers for many years, that is to say, China has long had electromagnetic ejection technology and has been waiting for ships for many years.

At least one technology of China’s aircraft carrier 003 surpasses that of the United States, that is, the integrated power system. In fact, China’s electromagnetic ejection technology and electromagnetic interception technology are both better than those of the United States. Yin Zhuo, a military expert and rear admiral of the Navy, once commented on the TV program: I can tell you clearly that our electromagnetic ejection is much better than the Ford electromagnetic ejection currently used in the United States, and our technology is much more mature.


Electromagnetic ejection is superior to that of the United States, and the electromagnetic arresting device is certainly superior to that of the United States. Our electromagnetic ejection is only superficially more advanced than that of the United States. What is more profound is that China’s ship integrated power system is more advanced than that of the United States. In other words, it is far ahead of the United States, at least more than ten years ahead of the United States.

The following figure shows the confident expression of academician maweiming in an interview with CCTV many years ago. He said that if we are ahead, we will be ahead of the United States. In fact, we are talking about the integrated power system. The integrated power system of Chinese ships is far ahead of the United States. Why can electromagnetic ejection be used on the Fujian? It is because of the support of integrated power system.



More importantly, the integrated power system is obviously not only on the aircraft carrier, but also the next generation of nuclear submarines and new warships. Of course, the more exciting news is that academician maweiming’s students have developed the electromagnetic gun that has been tested in the United States for many years and has finally failed based on the integrated power system. Perhaps in a short time, we may see the electromagnetic gun loaded on the 0.55 million ton destroyer.

The progress of the Chinese navy will make the military overlord the United States feel very uncomfortable! However, it is useless to be unhappy. It is at least ten years ahead of the United States! After so many years, there is no sign that the United States has really caught up. So now, China is ahead for more than 10 years?

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