The & ldquo; Psychic Gems & rdquo; How did you get here? What’s so special about this jade?

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How did the “magic jade” in the dream of Red Mansions come from? What’s so special about this jade? Next, the Xiaobian of China story network will explain it to you.

Jia Baoyu’s name comes from the “psychic treasure jade” he was born with. Many people also know that this jade has an unusual “relationship” with Jia Baoyu. So, what is so special about this jade? Why can he be born with Jia Baoyu, and it seems that he has a hard connection with Jia Baoyu’s life?

In this article, we might as well explore this problem together.


In the opening stage of a dream of Red Mansions, Cao Xueqin did not start with the Jia family, but first told a fairy tale, that is, when Nu Wa mended the sky, she refined 36501 stones, but when she finished mending the sky, she found that there was still one extra one, so she abandoned it at the foot of Qinggeng peak.

These stones are quite spiritual because of Nuwa’s refining, so when the last stone saw that 36500 “brothers and sisters” were all reused, and only one of them was abandoned after that, it was naturally very unpleasant in my heart, so I couldn’t help crying day and night. On that day, two uninvited guests came to Qinggeng peak, that is, the monk and Taoist priest who appeared from time to time in the following text.

It is said that this monk and Taoist priest also seem to be a bit unprofessional. They don’t concentrate on talking about cultivating immortality and understanding Taoism, but they insist on talking about some worldly splendor and wealth. After hearing this, this “depressed and frustrated” stone began to be moved.


At that moment, the stone begged the two to take it to the “rich and noble field and gentle village” of the world of mortals to enjoy it. The monk and I also persuaded it, but the stone firmly wanted to go. So, the monk and Taoist priest agreed to him, and just at this time, the God Ying waiter in heaven was ready to descend to the earth, so the two chose the God Ying waiter to take this stubborn stone to travel in this world.

Therefore, there was the scene of Jia Baoyu’s “born with jade” when he first appeared. To be precise, Jia Baoyu should be the reincarnation of Shenying’s waiter, and the channeling jade was the stone under Qinggeng peak before. The fates of the two are magically linked together, because the special way of common birth makes it seem that Jia Baoyu and this psychic Jade also have a “mutually beneficial and complementary” relationship. That is to say, Jia Baoyu seems to be a whole when he has this jade on his body. He is different from ordinary people in terms of talent and quick thinking. But once he loses this jade, he is a little lost and even worse than normal people.

In fact, the purpose of this stone (i.e. channeling Baoyu) is also obvious, that is, to experience the prosperity of the world and enjoy the prosperity and dignity of the world. Now, with the arrival of the waiter Shenying in Jia’s residence, it naturally enjoys the supreme dignity with Jia Baoyu. In this process, although this stone can’t speak, although there is no psychological description about it, what is basically certain is that its heart has gradually merged into this world, and the consequence is that its spirituality is reduced a little. Therefore, when Jia Baoyu was framed by Ma Daopo, it was difficult for this stone to play its role at first. Later, it was only with the help of the monk that he recovered his spirit.

It is obvious that Jia Baoyu’s life of luxury and extreme wealth in the first half of the year has also deeply affected this stone, making it gradually indulge in it. It may still feel that the monk and Taoist priest originally deceived themselves. The world is so good and comfortable, why not enjoy it?

It’s a pity that profits can’t last long!

Due to this “parasitic” relationship with Jia Baoyu, there is also a taste of “all prosperity and all losses” in the emotional aspect between the two. At first, Jia Baoyu’s life was indeed very nourishing, but as he grew older, with the girls around him marrying away, and after he had to walk out of the comfortable place of Grand View Garden, Jia Baoyu found that difficulties in life came one after another.

First, it’s about feelings. Jia Baoyu has always loved Lin Daiyu deeply, but it is difficult for them to get together in the end. After choosing to be with Xue Baochai, he still could not forget the “lonely forest of fairy girls outside the world”; On the other hand, he had to start his career which he hated most.

Jia Baoyu began to feel more disgusted and disappointed with life, whether it was his emotional delay or his disgust with the way of life. Naturally, this stone has a similar feeling. At this moment, he (it) found that the world of mortals was really like what the monk and Taoist said at the beginning, “there are many shortcomings in beauty, good things take time, and in a twinkling of an eye, happiness begets sorrow!”

Seeing through all these stones, he no longer had the heart to miss the world of mortals, but almost took the initiative to return to Qinggeng peak, and Jia Baoyu also chose to become a monk later. Both seem to have “realized”.

In this way, this stone and Jia Baoyu, the reincarnation of Shenying’s waiter, went through a journey in the world. Later, after returning to Qinggeng peak, he told Taoist Kongkong about his experience, that is, the later book stone, that is, a dream of Red Mansions. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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