The & ldquo; Three flowers gather at the top & rdquo; What’s going on? Why did the twelve golden immortals become mortals?

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What is the story of “three flowers gathering at the top” in the romance of Fengshen? Why did the twelve golden immortals become mortals? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

There is a saying “three flowers gather at the top” in the romance of Fengshen. The twelve golden immortals have also been cut off from the top three flowers in the Jiuqu Yellow River array. Only the three flowers of yunzhongzi are still there. This is also the reason why yunzhongzi has become the object of everyone’s envy. It has profound blessings. However, what are the three flowers on the top, and why can they be cut off? Shouldn’t the cultivation of the immortals be in their own bodies? Can they be exposed outside and above their heads? How were the three flowers of the twelve golden immortals cut off?


“Three flowers gathering at the top” is a kind of internal alchemy. The so-called “three flowers” refer to human flowers, ground flowers and smallpox. However, the “flower” here is not a flower in the real sense, but a “flower”, which can be understood as essence, that is, essence, spirit and spirit. After Zhao Gongming was killed by Taoist Lu, his three sisters, namely Sanxiao Niang, came to collect the corpse for him. In fact, they had no malice at all. Although their brother died, they did not have such a strong desire for revenge at the beginning.

However, I didn’t expect Zhao Gongming’s death to be so tragic. Therefore, Sanxiao must avenge Zhao Gongming. That’s why they set up the Jiuqu Yellow River array later. This is a very powerful array. There are hidden killing opportunities in the array. If a fairy enters the Jiuqu Yellow River array, he will be removed from his cultivation and become an ordinary mortal. If a mortal enters, he will only die. Therefore, the twelve golden immortals will be cut off by the mixed yuan gold dou.


Therefore, the result of the twelve golden immortals is actually the normal performance level of the Jiuqu Yellow River array. However, in addition to them, there are also the land pressure Taoist and Yang Jian who are also drawn into the array. Why did nothing happen in the end? In fact, the most likely thing is that Sanxiao didn’t want to do this to them. Otherwise, according to the result that he could let mortals die, Yang Jian was still a mortal at that time and died long ago. How could he come out alive? As for Lu Ya, they wanted to avenge Zhao Gongming. Of course, they used the same method to avenge Zhao Gongming. So they shot three arrows at Lu Ya, but they didn’t expect that Lu Ya was not dead, and they escaped.

However, the twelve golden immortals seem to be intending to be sucked into the powerful Jiuqu Yellow River array. Before the Hunyuan gold bucket falls, the Taoist priest immediately smears oil on the soles of his feet. Jiang Ziya carries an apricot yellow flag, so there’s nothing wrong with it. As for the twelve golden immortals, I don’t know whether it’s because they know they can’t escape or because they really intend to suck them, What is shown in the original text is that they are sucked in one by one, rather than twelve together. It is reasonable to say that they have the time and opportunity to escape.


However, they were finally sucked away. If it was not their intention, it could only be said that the power of the Hunyuan gold fight was too powerful for the twelve gold immortals to carry, so they were sucked in. The final result was that they all became mortals. However, if they did this on purpose, it would make sense, because only in this way could they attract the first emperor and the Supreme Lord to kill Sanxiao. The twelve golden immortals cannot die, but Sanxiao threatens their lives. What can we do? Only let Sanxiao die.

Therefore, it’s really not easy to buckle one ring after another. The twelve golden immortals were cut off and the three flowers on the top of them. Although they became mortals, they did not die. According to the romance of the gods, some of them eventually re practiced, and some of them judged, with different outcomes. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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