The legend of Gulou mountain

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Gulou mountain is located in the Yin of the Yangtze River in Pengze County, Jiangxi Province. It is connected with the blue sky above and the waves of green water below. The mountains stand tall and the rocks are jagged. The hillside is covered with green cedar and bamboo, and the red bayberry is covered with monkeys. The flowing water at the foot of the mountain is gurgling, and the fish play with the stones. The charming scenery attracted an endless stream of tourists. Since the Wei, Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties, Jiangnan has been developed step by step and has become increasingly prosperous. Gulou mountain has accompanied the people living here for generations, bearing the torture of wind, frost, rain and snow, and enjoying the spring sunshine,. With the changes of times, the rise and fall of society, and the advancement of history, Gulou mountain has left many beautiful legends that few people know.

Gulou mountain has an ancient name called Gulong mountain. It is said that in ancient times, there were no hills here, but a plain. At that time, there was a long drought without rain, and the rivers and lakes dried up, leaving thousands of miles of bare land. The people left their homes. One day, the eldest prince of the Dragon King of the East Sea flew over this place and saw this tragedy. He was so kind that he raised the wind and rain, and rained rain, saving hundreds of millions of lives. Everyone cheers and feels grateful. However, I didn’t know that an enemy villain reported to Tianting. The Jade Emperor was angry that he had violated the laws of heaven and ordered the Dragon King’s eldest prince to go to the scene immediately and never forgive him. The poor prince has been severely punished for the common people’s life. To whom do you appeal? He had to lie dormant at the scene and dared not move. Millions of years later, it turned into a stone mountain. Seen from a distance, the ridge is uplifted, so the local people call it Gulong mountain. Gulong mountain stretches for more than ten kilometers. At the foot of the mountain is qilihong mountain valley, in which there is a highway. During the rainy season, the valley is flooded and roaring. Gulong mountain floats slowly in the flood. The water and rocks compete with each other. The sound is like thunder, and the momentum is majestic, just like a dragon going to sea. At the North pass of qilihong mountain valley, there is a stone slope protruding to the water below Gulong mountain. People call it longzuitou. Under the dragon’s head lies the deep pool. The water surface is calm but bottomless. Once a local villager dived into the water to fish. He accidentally found a hole in the mountain in the water, so he went along the hole and soon saw a magnificent Dragon King’s palace, Qionglou fairy Pavilion, pavilions and waterside pavilions. There are many rare treasures inside, which make your eyes dazzling. Also see the Dragon son and the dragon daughter singing and dancing, and the music is sweet. The villagers went out of the cave in fear. The villagers were amazed. They immediately went to look for it. As a result, they could not see the cave. Only the sound of bell music came faintly. They were relaxed and happy to hear it.

Gulong mountain was later renamed Gulou mountain, which is related to the story of Zhu Yuanzhang, the emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty. It is said that Zhu Yuanzhang and chenyouliang fought for the world and fought in Pohu lake for 18 years. Once in a battle, Zhu Yuanzhang was defeated and fled in panic. Chenyouliang pursued him. Zhu Yuanzhang abandoned his ship in Duchang, Jiangxi Province, and hurried to Pengze Sandu. He was blocked by the high and steep Gulong mountain in front of him. The disabled soldiers and defeated generals were in a panic. There was no way to climb the mountain, no way to enter the land, no way to fly, and the pursuit of soldiers was imminent. He was in a great hurry. Zhu Yuanzhang was expected to die by chenyouliang’s sword. In desperation, he pulled out his sword and stabbed at the top of the mountain. There was an unexpected thunderbolt, a landslide and an earthquake. A long and narrow passage was immediately created in front of him. The emperor led the remnant to pass quickly. The pursuers followed, only to see smoke filled the air, the narrow valley closed, and the pursuers retreated in horror. Zhu Yuanzhang saved the day and said happily: “ Heaven will never destroy me. It is peaceful to escape this pass& rdquo; So he climbed the ancient dragon mountain, built a drum tower on a round Boulder, gathered the remnant and regrouped. He personally went upstairs to beat drums and ordered to fight back against the enemy. From then on, he turned defeat into victory, and finally wiped out chenyouliang and established the Ming Dynasty. The following year, the emperor passed down a decree to change the name of Gulong mountain to Gulou mountain. Change the name of an ancient post station at the foot of Gulou mountain to Taiping pass. After a successful general, thousands of bones withered. The Ming army took advantage of the victory to pursue and annihilate Chen Hanjun. Countless defeated soldiers were slaughtered. The blood flowed for seven miles and dyed the Gulou valley red. Therefore, the world changed the name of Seven Mile flood in the valley to seven mile red. Now spring is coming. Azaleas are blooming all over the mountains and fields. They are so red that they are truly Seven Mile red!

Standing in the qilihong Valley, you can see the steep rock cliffs of Gulou mountain, which is like a long circular high wall. The landscape is very magnificent. It is said that the mountain was originally flat, and there was a plain at the foot of the mountain, which was open and magnanimous. Master Xiang said that this was the place of dragon vein, and the emperor would come here to establish the capital. What a coincidence! When the crown prince had an affair with a palace maid, she became pregnant. Fearing that the life of the palace women might be lost, the crown prince secretly moved out of the palace with the help of the big supervisor. It is also planned to build an imperial palace at the foot of Gulou mountain, the Golden Hall of cangjiao, waiting for the palace maids to be established as the main palace after inheriting the throne. The palace maids were ecstatic and flattered in every way to please Taiji. Unexpectedly, the prince shocked the merciful goddess of Avalokitesvara. On a whim, she said: the prince, the prince! He made a palace without telling the world. How can a palace maid be a queen? We must properly handle this matter as soon as possible. After thinking about it, she decided to go down to earth for an investigation, so she jumped down from the lotus throne and turned into a salesman, carrying a load of daily necessities on her shoulders, peddling all the way down the Gulou mountain. Besides, there is a small village at the foot of Gulou mountain. The name of the village is Liu, the God. It is located in the east of qilihong Valley, close to the foot of Gulou mountain. The river in front of the village flows all the year round. Green bamboos grow all the year round. It is said that during the fierce battle with chenyouliang, Zhu Yuanzhang settled Ma, who had just been born by his wife, here, and left 500 soldiers to protect his safety. At that time, Zhu Yuanzhang was commanding the battle in the front, and the rear was empty. Chenyouliang sent an army to attack Ma camp, and 500 guards died for three days and nights. It was extremely critical. Suddenly, green bamboos exploded along the river, 3000 people jumped out to help the war, and the Chen army was defeated by internal and external attacks, Mahalanobis was in danger. Or: Bamboo soldiers are divine soldiers! After Zhu Yuanzhang became emperor, the 500 guards still remained. They settled down and worked there, but changed their surname to “Liu”. But there are no “ Leave ” Last name, “ Leave ” And “ Liu ” Homophonic, so I changed my last name “ Liu “. these are probably the reasons for the name of Shenxia Liu village. Shenxia Liu village is also magical. The village site is close to the river and is only less than three meters higher than the water surface of the river. However, during the flood outbreak period, it is surging and more than ten meters higher than the village site, but the water passes around the village like avoiding water drops. There is no water in the village site. It is strange! Two wonders are that there are no mosquitoes and flies in the village all the year round. Once an unbeliever made a special trip to the village for investigation. In dog days, he slept in the village for three days and nights. As a result No mosquito and fly bite, and cool and pleasant, safe in a dream.

The villagers of Shenxia Liu village are simple, kind, hardworking and wise. The small-scale peasant economy provides ample food and clothing. One day, a group of idle people came to an idle courtyard near the village. They were not discharged during the day. No one knows what they want to do. On this day, empress Guanyin came down to investigate here. She carried a peddler’s load and called for a sale. The gate of the courtyard opened. A middle-aged man came out, wearing a square scarf and hat, a long gown and a pale face. The left side of his face was beardless, and the right side was full of long black beard. The bearded man came straight to the salesman. He picked some items and put them in his arms, but he said he would go back to the hospital to get the money to pay the bill. He went into the house without looking back. Then came out another middle-aged man after another. Their clothes and beards were as lifelike as the first one with a side beard. They also took goods without paying money. The goddess of Avalokitesvara did not care about them and let them do what they did. So ninety-nine beards came out, and a full load of goods was taken away. Guanyin knew it well, and had long used some magic power. He branded their clothes with invisible serial numbers, and followed the last man into the yard. Only the last man paid the money, and the first 98 people refused to admit it. Avalokitesvara’s kind words and persuasion made her fists and feet together. The merciful goddess of Avalokitesvara shook her head and sighed and went out of the courtyard. She went to the site of the prince’s palace not far away. Stone and wood building materials were piled up at the site, but the construction had not yet been carried out. When I opened my eyes, I saw that the site of the palace was located in the center of the dragon vein, and the purple air was rising. After the investigation, there were clouds under my feet, and I went up to the Lingxiao temple to report to the jade emperor one by one. The Jade Emperor was so angry that he summoned the God of Gulou mountain with Taibai Jinxing and told him: “ In the vast universe, there are ninety-nine sidebeards ganging up to do evil. Such misconduct will pollute the eastern pure land. There are also today’s crown prince, whose behavior is wrong, and heaven forbids. Return as soon as possible and deal with it properly& rdquo; The mountain god understood it, returned quickly, and exerted his magic power. Suddenly, lightning flashed and thundered. The sky was dark, the earth shook and the mountains shook. With a loud roar, Gulou mountain was beyond recognition. The gentle hillside suddenly became steep like a wall. The prince’s palace sank underwater, and 99 side huts disappeared. The compound and Shenxia Liu village were safe and sound. The sun came back and the wind was sunny. Later, I heard that the palace maids were exiled among the people. Some people said that the palace maids threw themselves into the water and killed themselves. The ninety-nine beards were carried away by the strong wind. After hard training, they all reformed, earned their own living, and became rich through hard work. Their families have a great fortune. If there is an immortal in the mountain, they will be famous, and if there is a dragon in the water, they will be spiritual. It is gratifying that there is a beautiful legend about Gulou mountain. I hope to pass by friends at the foot of Gulou mountain, “ Stop and sit at the maple tree night ”! Bring these stories of history and God in all directions!

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