The list of winners of the 36th hundred flowers award was announced. Zhang Yiyuan Quan won the title of film emperor and film queen

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The 36th popular film hundred flowers award was held in Wuhan, and many platforms also broadcast the award live. I believe everyone is also very concerned about the award, especially the best actor and actress. The winners of the 36th hundred flowers award were announced, and Zhang Yi and Yuan Quan won the film emperor and queen respectively. What is the specific situation? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

The winners of the 36th hundred flowers award were announced

In addition to the award-winning Zhang Yi, the 36th Hundred Flowers Award winner (best actor) was nominated by Liu Ye, Yiyang Qianxi, Wu Jing and Shen Teng. Before the announcement of the award, many people had guessed that Zhang Yi would win the award, because he did well among these people. Zhang Yi won the award for Zhang Yimou’s director on the cliff. The Zhang Xianchen he played in the film definitely deserves the title of film emperor.

Among the film queen (best actress) of the 36th Hundred Flowers Award, in addition to the award-winning Yuan Quan, Zhang Xiaofei, Zhang Zifeng, Jia Ling and Deng Jiajia were nominated. In fact, before the award was announced, many netizens guessed that Zhang Xiaofei would win the award. Because Zhang Xiaofei’s dress today is really eye-catching and beautiful, many netizens thought that Zhang Xiaofei already knew that he had been designated as a movie queen. The result did not expect that the final winner was Yuan Quan, who was shortlisted by virtue of the film Chinese doctors. Although the film has a general reputation, Yuan Quan’s performance in the film is really excellent.

Zhang Yiyuan Quan won the title of film emperor and Empress

The best supporting actor of the 36th hundred flowers award is Hou Yong, who was shortlisted this time by virtue of the people guarding the island. The best supporting actress is Zhu Yuanyuan, who was shortlisted with my aunt. The best newcomer award is Harlem, and the best director award is wenmuye. Both of them were shortlisted by virtue of miracles and stupid children. The best screenwriter award is for several famous screenwriters. What do you think of the winners of this year’s Hundred Flowers Award? Is it deserved or regretful?

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