The love between Weng Fan and Yang Zhenning: For the sake of Mr. Yang’s body, I have been going to bed early and getting up early for 16 years

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In 1995, Weng Fan, a student of Shantou University, participated in an event. This event was a conference of physicists held at Shantou University. The most dazzling protagonist of the day was scientist Yang Zhenning, and Weng Fan was the receptionist.

This is the first time Weng Fan has met his future husband, but at that time, young Weng Fan could not have imagined that he would fall in love with this great physicist many years later.

first encounter

Because of this event, Weng Fan, Yang Zhenning, Du Zhili and his wife became acquainted. The young but cheerful and generous Weng Fan left a good impression on Yang Zhenning and his wife. The three left each other’s address and contact information. The senior wrote a letter asking for some academic questions.

But at this time, Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan could not be regarded as acquaintances, Yang Zhenning’s peach and plum are all over the world, and Weng Fan is just an ordinary student. Weng Fan did not expect that he would have any intersection with Yang Zhenning. After graduating from university, Weng Fan, like ordinary graduates, found a job and lived a dull and contented life. At work, Weng Fan also met his first husband. The two of them looked like talented people, so Weng Fan entered the marriage hall logically.

However, this marriage did not go well. Although the two people had good personalities, they were still too young at that time. They entered the marriage on impulse, but their love was consumed by firewood, rice, oil and salt. Two years later, the two felt that It was really difficult to get along, so he decided to break up peacefully, and Weng Fan returned to being single.

In October 2003, Yang Zhenning’s wife Du Zhili passed away. Weng Fan felt very embarrassed when she learned of it. Out of courtesy, she sent Yang Zhenning a letter expressing her condolences to Du Zhili and persuaded Yang Zhenning not to be too sad. Half a year later, Yang Zhenning was invited to return to China to settle down, and the two exchanged letters more frequently. Yang Zhenning even invited Weng Fan to come to Sun Yat-sen University to meet.

The two became friends from ordinary teachers and students. The appearance of Weng Fan allowed Yang Zhenning to gradually get out of the sadness of losing Du Zhili. Although Yang Zhenning was already eighty-two years old at that time, his thinking logic was still the same, and the traces of the years are gone. In Yang Zhenning, there is another kind of charm.

Friends are hard to find

For Yang Zhenning, Weng Fan is also different. She is much younger than Yang Zhenning, but facing Yang Zhenning, she is not as nervous as an ordinary student. Weng Fan is cheerful, considerate and considerate of others. In other words, although his status is very high, it is precisely because of his detachment that he rarely finds friends with whom he can take care of himself. After Du Zhili’s death, Yang Zhenning couldn’t even find someone with whom he could share the joy of life. Weng Fan’s appearance made up for it. this blank.

Yang Zhenning gradually got used to calling Weng Fan to chat every day. They had to talk on the phone almost every day. Even Weng Fan’s friends could see the undercurrent between the two people and teased Weng Fan: “Professor Yang is looking for you every day, right? like you?”

Weng Fan was very uneasy in her heart. In fact, she also admired Yang Zhenning very much, but she was not sure of Yang Zhenning’s heart for her. During that time, when Weng Fan was on vacation, she and her friends traveled all over the world, but she was always concerned about Yang Zhenning in Beijing.

Yang Zhenning on the other side is also thinking of Weng Fan. He has already fallen in love with Weng Fan. In Yang Zhenning’s heart, there is no need to cover up love, so when Weng Fan was traveling, he was preparing to propose marriage. As soon as Weng Fan came back, he received a gift from Yang Zhenning. As a surprise to her, Yang Zhenning sincerely asked Weng Fan if he would like to spend the rest of his life with him?

Weng Fan agreed immediately. After Yang Zhenning got Weng Fan’s nod, he accompanied Weng Fan back to his hometown to meet his future father-in-law and mother-in-law. Weng Fan’s father was shocked at first, because the age difference between Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan was too big, but listening to him. After Yang Zhenning and Weng Fan’s request, the parents considered it again and again, and finally agreed to the marriage. With the blessing of his relatives, Weng Fan married his beloved.

This made Weng Fan endure a lot of gossip, and many people gave her a strange look, thinking that this woman was for fame and fortune. Before marrying Yang Zhenning, Weng Fan had expected the outside world’s discussion, but she didn’t mind. The marriage was for her own happiness, and she didn’t care about other people’s opinions.

support each other

Because Weng Fan has lived alone for many years, his routine is quite chaotic, which also affects his body. After getting married, Weng Fan decided to change his routine back, which is good for both himself and Yang Zhenning’s health. Yang Zhenning went to bed early and got up early every day, and Weng Fan slowly began to get used to getting up at eight o’clock and going to bed early. After doing this for a few years, my physical and mental state has improved a lot.

Weng Fan said with a smile that he has insisted on going to bed early and getting up early for 16 years. Yang Zhenning is getting older and older, and he must also consider Yang Zhenning’s health. Weng Fan also learned a good cooking skill for Yang Zhenning, and cooks three meals a day for Yang Zhenning by himself. After the two of them have finished their work, the best pastime is to take a walk in the nearby park against the evening breeze. Nearby neighbors often see the couple going out hand in hand.

It is true that they are not young boys and girls anymore, but it is not a matter of falling in love sooner or later, even a great scientist is naive and cute in front of his beloved wife. The fifty-four-year-old age difference did not make Weng Fan feel the generation gap. She felt that she and Yang Zhenyu knew and loved each other. Age was irrelevant.

Occasionally, the media will release photos of the two couples. In the photos, the eyes of the two people looking at each other are always full of tenderness. When people asked Weng Fan what his plans were in the future, Weng Fan said mildly that he just wanted to live a good life with Mr.

“Mr.” is an old-fashioned and sweet title among lovers, while Yang Zhenning calls Weng Fan “Mrs.”, in their warm home, full of their decoration and love for life. They both cherish this encounter so much, although not everyone can understand this love.

Unknowingly, the unpopular lovers have been loving and loving for more than ten years, and time has not killed their love. They respect each other and care for each other. This is what love should be like.

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