The lowest score of Douban variety show dear, the score of Douban for dinner is only 2.3

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In recent years, domestic variety shows have developed very well, but in fact, many variety shows are plagiarized. Some variety shows that are very popular in foreign countries may not be popular if they are not translated into Chinese versions. Douban has the lowest score. My dear comes to have a meal. The remake of the variety is Korean hot variety. Please give me a meal show. Unfortunately, my dear comes to have a meal with a score of only 2.3 on Douban, ranking at the bottom. Why is this? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Douban lowest score variety show dear, come to dinner

Please give me a meal show is a program hosted by the famous Korean host jianghudong and Lee Kyung Kui. Some guests will be invited to go to ordinary Korean families with the host to have a meal with these people. Of course, the guests have to find these people themselves. My dear, coming to dinner is a program launched by Oriental satellite TV. The form of the program can be said to be exactly the same as that of show. Unfortunately, my dear, the reputation of coming to dinner shows polarization.

Many Chinese netizens also like to see “please give me a meal” show, but everyone really mocks the attitude of dear ones coming to dinner. The reason is that the stars in Korean programs put their identities low. They are grateful to ordinary people who are willing to invite them to dinner. No matter how simple the food is, they praise it. But when my dear friends come to dinner, many stars look like they are above the crowd. It seems that it is very easy to go to ordinary people’s houses for a meal. Ordinary people should feel lucky.

Dear, the score of Douban is only 2.3

The reason why netizens can’t like their dear ones coming to dinner is the attitude of these guests. They agreed to invite them to dinner and specially cooked meals to entertain them. These stars are also picky and don’t know how to respect these plain people. So after the program was broadcast, all the dear guests who came to dinner were scolded for hot search, and the program was stopped after a few episodes.

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