The man was furious when he broke his wife and cheated on the scene, and the woman protected her lover to showdown

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Why is it so hard to maintain a long-distance relationship?

Because the two have not been together for a long time, the passion in their hearts is difficult to maintain only through phone calls or videos.

Take what we often say “love over time”. The premise is that two people need to get along day and night. If the two places are separated, let alone “love”, even if the previous “love” will become “ruthless”.

The same is true of marriage. If your other half is not at home for a long time, you will not only feel more and more insecure, but also feel more and more empty and lonely day after day, always want someone to accompany you and satisfy your emotions. and physiological needs.

The North Jiangsu woman was caught, her husband broke through the scene and was furious, and the scene was out of control for a time

Zhang Qin (pseudonym) has been married to Ma Chao (pseudonym) for several years. The two knew each other on a blind date. They feel that they will get married when they are old. The relationship is not deep, but it is acceptable.

Anyway, no matter how vigorous the relationship is, it will become dull in the end, as long as life can go on.

Due to the nature of his work, Ma Chao needs to go on business trips from time to time, sometimes for a few days, sometimes for a dozen days, or even a month.

Because Ma Chao couldn’t accompany his wife at home often, he felt that he had wronged Zhang Qin, so he tolerated Zhang Qin a lot. As long as he was at home, he basically did the housework.

If you perform well at work, you will buy Zhang Qin a new mobile phone, bags, clothes, cosmetics, etc. when the bonus is issued. After the salary is paid, he will leave himself a basic living allowance, and the rest will be transferred to Zhang Qin.

As for Zhang Qin, she resigned after she got married, went out to play cards with others during the day, and went out to dance or something at night.

Before she got married, she knew about Ma Chao’s work, so that he would not have time at home all the time. At that time, she didn’t think it was anything, and felt that she could accept it.

But after a few years, she couldn’t take it anymore.

It’s fine during the day, and my mind is spent on playing cards, but when I go to bed at night, I always feel a little lonely.

Some people have said that a woman is a delicate flower, and it needs someone to care and nourish it all the time, otherwise it will easily wither.

Zhang Qin feels that she is in this state now. To be honest, in terms of material things, Ma Chao did not treat herself badly, but what she needs is not only material things, but also company and love, because they have not lived as husband and wife for a long time.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to, but her husband is too busy.

Huang Chang (pseudonym) met when Zhang Qin went to play poker. At first, the two were just poker friends. It didn’t take long for Huang Chang to express his affection for her, saying that he liked the feeling of being with her very much.

Zhang Qin refused at first, but under Huang Chang’s sweet words, Zhang Qin, who was eager to be loved, quickly raised his flag and surrendered.

Maybe it was because she was lonely for too long, or maybe it was because Zhang Qin was brave enough to marry Huang Chang, and even when her husband was on a business trip, she would bring people back to their house and live a sweet two-person world.

On the day of the incident, it was the seventh day of Ma Chao’s business trip, and it stands to reason that he would have to go home for almost five days.

Later work was temporarily handed over by a new colleague, so he handed it over to other colleagues, and he went home early.

Before returning home, he also went to the mall to buy a bag, intending to surprise his wife, but when he opened his door, his wife prepared a “big surprise” for him first.

In his own room, his own bed, his wife and other men are doing some things that can only be done between husband and wife. Which man can still be rational when he sees this scene?

The moment he opened the door, Ma Chao couldn’t believe his eyes. There were two people lying on their wedding bed, one of them was his wife, almost all of her clothes were taken off, and only her underwear was left.

The other man in the room was basically naked, with only one pair of pants. When he opened the door, the two were still hugging each other.

Looking at the bag in his hand, Ma Chao felt that he was a fool, and a fool with a glowing green head.

The scene in front of him was simply unsightly. Ma Chao was so provoked that he became furious. He rushed up to Zhang Qin and slapped Zhang Qin loudly, shouting:


“How long have we been together”

But who knew that Zhang Qin was not afraid at all, seeing Ma Chao hitting her, she backhanded and hit her back.

This made Ma Chao angry enough, and he was about to teach Zhang Qin a good lesson, but the “male junior” actually started yelling.

Whether it was Zhang Qin or the “male junior”, Ma Chao didn’t want to let go of either. After pulling Zhang Qin away, he pulled the “male junior” and started to fight. But before he could beat him a few times, he was stopped by his wife.

And in the face of the overwhelming fact, Zhang Qin simply broke the jar and broke down, and she had a showdown with her husband:

“You saw it all”

“If you think about it, let’s go together, if you don’t think about it, then leave”

Looking at his wife who was protecting the “boyfriend” behind him, Ma Chao felt at that moment that he might as well feed her to the dog if he was good to her before, it was not worth it.

Su Daqiang feels

To be honest, it’s not uncommon for people to cheat these days, but it’s rare for someone who cheats to be so righteous and so blatant to defend their lover.

As the cheating party, no matter what reason you have, it is good to be with other people when you are not separated from the other half. This is your fault.

Not to mention, Ma Chao can be regarded as a good husband in other aspects except that he can’t always accompany Zhang Qin at home.

Zhang Qin couldn’t stand the loneliness and cheated, and took her lover home. After being caught, she still looked aggressive, as if cheating was just a small matter, and she even had a showdown.

This kind of person who only cares about himself and doesn’t take other people’s feelings seriously, stay away if you can.

In Su Daqiang’s view, cheating because of being too lonely is simply untenable.

There are many couples in this world, and for one reason or another, they have to separate the two places, but as long as they maintain their hearts, they can always find a suitable way to get along.

It really doesn’t work, isn’t there a way to separate it?

Feeling that you can’t find a sense of security from your other half, that the other half can’t meet your needs, or that you feel lonely, these are all things that can be said. Husbands and wives need to communicate.

In addition to eating, your mouth can also be used to speak. Don’t keep everything in your heart. When something happens, you will only blame the other party blindly.

In fact, many things can be solved very well. It can take care of the reputation of both parties and make each other well, and it is not necessary to be an enemy and go tit for tat.

Perhaps, there is some truth to that famous Internet saying: women don’t care about decency, they are decent because they are not tempted enough; men don’t care about loyalty, loyalty is because the stake of betrayal is too low.

Marriage is not easy, do it and cherish it! There is an old Chinese saying: “Making troubles out of nothing”

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