The matter is not simple. The US military suddenly launched an air raid on this country!

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It’s not easy.

On August 24, Ukraine’s independence day, which is also the full half year after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, when the world’s attention is focused on Ukraine, many people may have missed a news. The day before, the US military suddenly launched another attack on a country.

This country is Syria.

This is also the third time Biden has ordered air strikes against Syrian targets since taking office.

According to the United States central command, on 23 August, the United States launched an attack on a military base in Deir Zor Province in Eastern Syria, destroying nine weapons and ammunition depots.

Why attack? The United States claimed that on August 15, several drones launched attacks on US bases in Syria. The next day, that is, August 16, Biden held a national security conference at the White House to discuss countermeasures; On August 22, Secretary of defense Austin and chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of staff Milly reported several counter attack plans to Biden. Biden immediately ordered air strikes against Syrian targets.

The US military claimed that the target of the attack was related to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. “The attack is necessary to protect the safety of Americans and to disrupt or prevent attacks by Iranian supported groups.”.

What about casualties?

The United States did not say.

According to US media, at least 10 people were killed and 3 others were injured in the US air raid. Among the dead and injured, some were members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and some were Afghan Shiite fighters recruited by Iran.

Of course, as in the past, we don’t know whether the reports of the American media are true or not, and we can’t get confirmation anyway.

The U.S. military also provided a detail, saying that it originally intended to air raid 13 targets, but later found that there were many people near the two targets. In order to reduce casualties, it attacked 11 targets.

This is the wisdom of American propaganda. After the air raid, it should promptly report the situation and guide public opinion first; There are also details. For example, it was intended to attack 13 targets, but later 11 targets were attacked. They have noses and eyes, indicating that they are benevolent and righteous.

News needs to be fast and detailed, but we don’t know whether such details are true, but as soon as you quote them, the world will fall into the US military’s routine.


Are all these facts?

I think Syria has not responded yet, and Iran has strongly expressed doubts.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry immediately issued a statement condemning the US air strikes. Iran’s attitude is very clear: the target of us air strikes has nothing to do with Iran.

The statement also pointed out: “the US attack on Syrian infrastructure and people is a violation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The key is, in the eyes of the United States, does Syria have sovereignty?

When I saw that on western social media, some people could not help roast: Why did the United States launch air strikes? Because there were armed attacks on US bases. But where is the US military base? Because it is in Syria, and it is an uninvited base illegally established.

In Syria, the US military wants to build a military base, even if the Syrian government strongly opposes it. Objection is invalid! Moreover, the US military also specifically stressed in the statement that it would not leave Syria. But if you attack me, I will fight back strongly.

This is only a superficial reason. As I said earlier, things are not simple. Syria has all kinds of frictions every day. Why did it suddenly launch an attack?

You know, this is the third time that Biden has ordered attacks on Syrian targets since he took office more than two years ago.

In addition to the so-called drone attacks on US military bases, there are several other background factors that cannot be ignored.

1. The United States is conducting nuclear negotiations with Iran, and the negotiations need chips. The sudden air attack by the United States is also a warning to Iran: do not think that I only talk about not fighting, and I will fight if I want to. It can be regarded as a warning to others.

2. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for half a year. In the face of Russia’s attack, the United States and Ukraine have also criticized Biden for being too soft. How can it not be soft? As soon as Biden waved his hand, he dispatched US troops to air raid Syrian targets. Persimmons should always be picked soft and pinched.

3. People’s hearts are scattered. Anyway, in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and other countries have not listened to the United States recently. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is also secretly contacting Iran. The United States also sends a signal to Saudi Arabia and other countries to launch air strikes. Don’t worry. I haven’t left yet. I can still fight.

4. Recently, the “American oil theft” has entered the international hot search. Taking advantage of the occupation of Eastern Syria, the United States Exploited Oil privately and then resold it. It’s too ugly to eat. It’s also for the sake of reducing heat. The U.S. army fought a war and shifted its target.


The situation is very treacherous.

On the same day that the US military launched the air raid, Iranian officials announced that a general of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was killed two days ago while on duty in Syria, but did not disclose more details.

Who did it?

I don’t know

Anyway, in this land of tigers and wolves, when is it time to avenge each other.

Finally, what do you think?

Let’s make three superficial views.

First, Americans are indeed belligerent.

I have just seen a material. In the history of less than 250 years since the founding of the United States in 1776, the United States has launched about 400 Wars (sometimes Americans deliberately do not call them wars, saying they are military actions). On average, 1.6 times a year. This air raid can certainly not be counted as one. Therefore, you can see that the US military bases are all over the world, and the Americans will fight whenever they say so.

Second, the United States is also very anxious.

Why do you say that? As I said earlier, there are several special backgrounds for this air raid. In order to concentrate on dealing with the big powers in the East, the United States is stepping up its withdrawal from the Middle East. But is it so easy to go? The sequelae has begun to appear. Even in the Middle East, the little brothers have seen through the United States, so they are less likely to listen to greetings. Can the United States not worry? Let’s play a dozen to show that I’m still the boss in the United States.


Third, poor Syria.

This really makes me feel particularly moved. You know, back then, Syria was also a big country in the Middle East. When Assad stamped his foot, the earth would shake three times. But now, the mountains and rivers are broken and the armed forces are separated. On this land, there are the Russian (Russian) army, the Iraqi (Lang) army, the Lebanese (Hezbollah) army, and the Turkish (Turkish) army, the US Army, and the Israeli (Israeli) army that are not invited. After you fight, I will fight. The Turkish army and the US Army have established many military bases.

What is respect for national sovereignty and territorial integrity?

International politics does not believe in tears. Alas, without the strength of the country and the unity of the people, the result will often be the division of the country and the suffering of the people, and the country will also become a shooting ground for the great powers.

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