The meaning of Zhang Wanyi’s name Zhang Wanyi’s name is poetic

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Zhang Wanyi was well known by many netizens in the wake of the awakening era. Later, she starred in the hot family emotional drama, the children of the Qiao family, and now she plays everlasting longing for each other with Yang Zi. Her star path is bright. Zhang Wanyi is not only very popular, but also his name is very poetic. What is the meaning of Zhang Wanyi’s name? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

The meaning of Zhang Wanyi’s name

When many people first heard Zhang Wanyi’s name, they thought it was his stage name, but it was actually Zhang Wanyi’s own name. Zhang Wanyi also has a sister named Zhang Wanqing. It is reported that Zhang Wanyi’s parents gave birth to Zhang Wanyi’s sister and brother after they were very old, so they named Zhang Wanqing Zhang Wanyi for sister and brother love, which means the love of late arrival.

Zhang Wanyi’s name is very archaic, and even there is a poem in the Song Dynasty called “ The water is not getting green, which means it is late, and the clouds on the river are white elephants and spring charming ”. After reading this poem, do you think Zhang Wanyi’s name is very amazing? And Zhang Wanyi’s temperament is also the same as his name. His temperament is relatively cold, and his eyes are particularly deep and have a sense of story. Even many insiders praise Zhang Wanyi’s temperament, which is also very unique in the entertainment industry. It’s like knowing Zhang Wanyi.

Zhang Wanyi’s name is poetic

Zhang Wanyi is currently shooting Tencent s+ costume drama, with top-notch actress Yang Zi. This drama is sure to have a lot of waves. After broadcasting, Zhang Wanyi’s career feels better. Moreover, Zhang Wanyi is also very popular with CCTV. It is reported that after everlasting longing for each other, Zhang Wanyi will enter the group of a drama that CCTV started shooting. Zhang Wanyi’s current route is to shoot both dramas and ancient puppet dramas to get traffic, and both sides at the same time. Xiaobian is still optimistic about Zhang Wanyi and looks forward to his everlasting longing for each other with Yang Zi.

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