The Middle East is not anyone’s “backyard”! No one wants to stop China!

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US President Biden arrived at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel on the afternoon of July 13. Biden will also visit the West Bank and Saudi Arabia from July 13 to 16.


Israel has carefully prepared to build an airport stage and a press area, and specially deployed a laser missile defense system, so that Biden can make a speech here with peace of mind.

But Biden made another mistake. In his speech, he described the Holocaust against Jews as “honor”, and later changed the name to terror, which caused netizens to laugh.

It’s really difficult for a 79 year old man to undertake such a “heavy” job.

Biden said when meeting with Israeli leaders that the United States will continue to play leadership in the Middle East and will not allow China and Russia to fill the “vacuum”

As soon as he arrived in the Middle East, he attacked China and Russia and coerced other countries to choose sides. This is what American media call the “journey of unity”.


Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin quickly refuted this statement at a regular press conference today: the people of the Middle East are the masters of the Middle East, and the Middle East is not anyone’s “backyard”, let alone the so-called “vacuum”… China is willing to work with the international community to continue to contribute more positive energy to the realization of peaceful development in the Middle East.

In other words, China will never recognize the hegemony of the United States, and the United States will not want to regard this as its own “backyard”, and no one will want to block China’s presence in the Middle East, whether in the past, present or future.

Biden said “American leadership” as soon as he opened his mouth, which is just a euphemism for American hegemony. The more the United States emphasizes “leadership”, the more it shows that its hegemony is losing.

Biden’s “vacuum” refers to the impact of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan on the ability of U.S. forces to intervene in the Middle East.

As long as we understand these two points, we can know the real purpose of Biden’s visit:

1? The United States should strengthen its control over oil producing countries in the Middle East and maintain the “oil dollar” system;

2? Establish enemies in the Middle East (countries close to Iran are enemies) and exclude China and Russia from the region, so that the United States can do whatever it wants.

However, when the strength of the United States is seriously declining, Biden can only rely on his mouth to deceive and add the pitiful “assistance” to achieve the above two points.

I don’t know whether Biden is really confused or a flash in his mind. He actually wants Jews and Arabs to establish an alliance.

Biden announced yesterday that he would provide $316million in aid to Palestine in an attempt to restore Palestinian Israeli relations.

He also said that he would work with Israel to help establish 4G networks in Palestine by the end of 2023.

Israeli Prime Minister Rashid said in Jerusalem that Jews are willing to extend a hand of peace to Arabs and asked Biden to convey this kind message to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Iraq.

Trying to solve the Palestinian Israeli conflict with $316million is simply a dream. If the Palestinian government (PLO) accepts this and cooperates with Israel, then “Hamas” will definitely launch an attack, and the Palestinian people will definitely choose to support “Hamas”.

The president of the United States thought that this blood debt accumulated for decades could be resolved with a visit. Where did Biden get his confidence?

It is impossible to establish a “Jewish Arab alliance” on this basis.

Which of the Jewish occupied Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the old city of Jerusalem, the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and the Syrian Golan Heights will not cause explosive conflicts?

Biden’s words are exaggerated, but he dare not touch any actual problems. Trump recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Does Biden have the courage to overthrow it?

Jerusalem concerns the legitimacy of the Saudi regime. It has become the “Guardian” of the Islamic world because it guards the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and Jerusalem is the third holy city.

Although the Arabs cannot recapture Jerusalem by force, Saudi Arabia must not give advice. Otherwise, Iran will demand the “guardianship” of Mecca and Medina.

Besides, how can Israel be friendly with Arab countries? The cohesion of Jews comes from the “victims” of the siege. Once the cohesion is broken, Israel will no longer exist.

How can two groups without mutual trust form an “alliance” to serve the interests of the United States.

Therefore, Biden’s so-called “journey of unity” has ended before it began. The only value is the “big internal publicity” to the United States.

Oil – USD

The Middle East is the concentration of oil producing countries in the world. At the same time, it is also the confluence of “five seas and three continents” (Red Sea, black sea, Caspian Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Arabian Sea). No major country will ignore this region.

One of the foundations of dollar hegemony is the “oil dollar” system, which includes the overall control of oil exploration, production, refining, transportation, maritime routes and pricing power, which is reflected in the settlement currency.

The United States has always used killing to ensure the “oil dollar” system. Gaddafi and Saddam have challenged it, but what is the outcome? The United States executed two people with the highest profile means. One was abused in all ways and exposed in the street; One is sent to the gallows and broadcast all over the world.


Is this really for ordinary netizens? This is the United States and the West giving lessons to local tyrants, warning them with bloody pictures.

Therefore, the local tyrants have learned to cooperate with the United States carefully.

However, with the increase of U.S. oil production and imports from Canada, U.S. oil purchases from Saudi Arabia and other countries have declined. Only about 5% of Saudi Arabia’s oil exports are sold to the United States, and the United States purchases in order to maintain relations.

China has unconsciously surpassed the United States and become the main target of Saudi Arabia’s oil exports (more than 20%, last year China imported 87.58 million tons of crude oil from Saudi Arabia), and its imports to other Arab countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, are also rising.

What law stipulates that oil transactions between the Middle East and China must be settled in US dollars? No, the United States is just using violence to maintain its “law”.

As a big buyer, it is more convenient, efficient and faster for both parties to settle in RMB. In addition to oil, it is well known that China’s import and export trade volume with global goods is large. This laid the foundation for countries to use RMB for settlement.

During the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States did another stupid thing eager for quick success and instant benefits. The United States and Britain escorted their allies to kick Russia out of the swift payment system, resulting in hundreds of billions of dollars of unusable Russian funds. Even the overseas assets of Russian companies and citizens should be confiscated.

This caused panic among Middle Eastern countries that had carefully cooperated with the “oil dollar” system, and local tyrants accelerated the process of using RMB to settle oil transactions.

Otherwise, what will happen when they are treated by the United States in the same way one day? They are not Russia and cannot force others to settle in Middle Eastern currencies. So, what is the significance of hard-earned petrodollars?

When the United States and the Soviet Union competed for hegemony, the United States brought a sense of security to the local tyrants. Then, the means of the United States today have brought them a sense of fear. The United States can bomb Saudi Arabia and other countries at any time for reasons of “human rights violations” and “undemocratic”.

The Middle East hopes that China can exert influence here, which is the key.

The United States is unable to bring anything beneficial to the Middle East, just a mouth, and the so-called “Middle East version of NATO”.

When NATO expanded eastward, the United States said it was necessary to expand the values of “freedom and democracy”, so after the “democratization” of Poland and other countries, they can join NATO, and Russia need not be nervous.

However, the United States is engaged in “NATO” in the Middle East. Who does it share values with, Saudi Arabia? Qatar? The United Arab Emirates?

When the United States deceived the world with lies, it also fell into the pit of lies. Biden wants to use n lies to fabricate the reason of “NATO in the Middle East”.

In the 1960s, the United States once made a “Baghdad treaty” here, which eventually fell apart. In 1979, the United States ally Iran changed the sky, which reduced all U.S. investment to ashes.

NATO in the Islamic world, unless the United States is crazy.

Saudi Arabia does not need money. What it needs is not “NATO”, but development and security.


When Saudi Arabia wanted to develop infrastructure, the United States had no choice but to let Japan undertake the Saudi contract. However, Japan has repeatedly delayed the construction of those desert railways and desert airports. Saudi Arabia directly cancelled the contract with Japan, and even kajiv oil field refused to cooperate with Japan.

China’s infrastructure level has been in the leading position in the world, and Saudi Arabia’s “Mai Mai high speed railway” was opened in November 2018. Saudi Arabia originally asked Spain to build this railway, but the Spanish finally gave up. Saudi Arabia added money to find China Railway, and finally found the right person.

At present, as long as there are landmark infrastructure projects in the Middle East, most of them are undertaken by China. Is it useful to find America? The United States will only sell you weapons.

Biden agreed to sell offensive weapons to Saudi Arabia, which he had banned himself.

The problem is that now China’s weapons are also being sold to the Middle East, including drones, rockets and missiles. Saudi Arabia also bought “Dongfeng” missiles that year, which is highly praised. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the United States to use weapons against Saudi Arabia.

From the perspective of Middle East countries, they also never want to become the “backyard” of the United States.

Local tyrants are not stupid. Look at the “backyard” of the United States, Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador… How are you doing? Those who eat dirt eat dirt, and those who sell drugs sell drugs. Where did the hundreds of thousands of refugees pouring into the US Mexico border come from? People in the “backyard” of the United States can’t live.

Does Saudi Arabia want to become such a country? Stay away from the United States to ensure safety.

In order to prevent the United States from jumping off the wall, China and Russia are also building international platforms, “BRICs” and “SCO”, which are becoming more and more attractive. Compared with the “Middle East version of NATO”, these are not military alliances, but the economic cooperation organization and the anti terrorist cooperation organization, which are platforms in line with the interests of all countries.


The United States will continue to quarrel with China in the Middle East, but its monopoly status no longer exists. In fact, this is a hegemonic and anti hegemonic struggle in the Middle East.

All those who seek hegemony have been destroyed one by one in history. Will the United States be a survivor?

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