The most divisive “Independence Day” in the United States, “this is no longer the country we want to defend.”

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On July 4, 2022, the United States celebrated its 246th birthday.

Let me start with a cold knowledge: How did the name of the United States of America come from? Baidu or other information platforms say that it announced the establishment of the United States of America by issuing the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776.

In fact, the United States did not have a formal country name in the two years from 1776 to 1778. At the beginning, there was a mistake in naming and speaking.

Europeans used to call the people here Anglo Americans, that is, Anglo Americans (or British Americans), to distinguish Mexicans, Spaniards, Peruvians, Chileans, etc.

In early 1778, when the United States and France signed the treaty between the United States and France, they called themselves “the United States of America”, but the bank draft was printed with “the United States of America”.

On July 11, 1778, the United States Congress passed a resolution in favor of using the “United States of America” on the bill as the official country name, which has been used until now. And removed the prefix “Anglo” to draw a clear line with Britain.

Therefore, there is no such thing as “the establishment of the United States of America was announced in 1776” in history.


In 1777, there was the first national flag, the oil painting “Betsy Ross embroidered the national flag”

How did the United States come from?

The independence of the United States is of progressive significance in history, which is a heavy blow to European colonialists.

However, the objective conditions for American independence were created by the struggle between Britain and France. In 1763, the seven-year war between Britain and France ended, and the two countries signed the Paris Treaty.

As a result, major changes have taken place in French foreign policy. France is bent on killing Britain. However, France, which has suffered heavy losses in land and Navy, does not want to go to war directly. It wants to incite and support the rebellion of British colonies to revenge Britain.

Shuwasser, the foreign minister of Louis XV of France, continued to send intelligence personnel to North America. From the report he received, he concluded that anti British sentiment there was very high and needed to be set on fire.

In 1774, when Louis XVI succeeded to the throne, the new foreign minister verjean continued the policy of his predecessor. He urged Louis XVI to increase support for North American rebels, “Britain is France’s natural enemy, an insatiable, dishonest and unjust enemy”.

Louis XVI agreed with verjean’s proposal, and the British were also inciting the rebellion in Corsica.

France planned and supported the rebellion of British North American colonies for at least ten years, and what the United States had to do was to organize the rebels.

In order to safeguard its own interests, Britain introduced the sugar act in 1764, abolishing the duty-free treatment of some colonial goods, which violated local interests and triggered a campaign against British wine.

In 1765, Britain introduced the stamp act because of its tight finances. To maintain its troops in North America, it needed to obtain huge military and administrative expenses.

All newspapers, pictorials, certificates, bills, bonds, advertisements, calendars, contracts and other printed materials must be pasted with a half penny stamp duty ticket. This is the first time in 100 years that London has directly taxed the North American colony.

In October, 1765, the colonies linked up and held a conference against the stamp act in New York, proposing “freedom, not stamp duty!” Slogan.

Various anti British organizations have been established. Pennsylvania is called the “United faction”, Connecticut is called the “unitists”, New York is called the “outlaw faction”… Collectively referred to as the “son of freedom”, and women’s organizations are called the “daughter of freedom”.

The United States does not care about “democracy”, otherwise, it can only follow the line of parliamentary struggle, and the Americans chose force (the voice of democracy was later robbed by them).

On November 1, the day the law came into force, the carriage of the governor of New York was smashed, the residence of the chief justice, the head of customs, and the officers in Boston was smashed, and the scarecrow simulating the tax official was hanged in a parade

After several years of gestation, the two sides are getting closer to the “decisive battle”, and French weapons and funds are constantly secretly flowing into North America.

On December 16, 1773, the famous “Boston Tea dumping incident” broke out.

In 1774, the king of England issued five intolerable decrees, and the two sides went to war. In essence, this is a decisive battle between the North American bourgeoisie and the British bourgeoisie (feudal + colonial) that concerns the core interests.

On the night of April 18, 1775, British officer Smith led 800 soldiers to search the secret arsenal of “son of freedom” in Concord. After the members of the local communication (Intelligence) network learned that, they sent people to ride fast horses to Lexington and concord to report.

At dawn on April 19, the “militia” ambushed on the road met the British army in Lexington and fired the first shot of the war of independence.

In this ambush, the British army killed 73 people, captured 26 people and injured 174 people. The casualties of the “militia” were less than one third of the British army, which made Americans firmly believe that the British army can be defeated.

On April 28, the “New York militia” with great confidence occupied all municipal institutions and material warehouses, and seized all British ships in the port.

On May 1, the New York colony established a “Committee of 100” to command the war of resistance against Britain.

On June 15, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution on the organization of the Continental Army and the appointment of Washington as commander in chief.

On June 17, the “New England militia” repulsed several rounds of British attacks at Banke hill. Although it finally withdrew, 1054 British troops were killed and injured.

Inspired by the battle of Bunker Hill, Charleston also set up a militia. The people of Georgia broke through the British Arsenal and grabbed a large number of guns and ammunition from the British ship to confront the British army.

Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania, established a “military alliance” and began conscription.

By October, there were “militia” organizations in all colonies.


Although Washington was the commander-in-chief, this “army” belonged to various colonies, just for the joint war against Britain. After the war, everyone went to his mother. The so-called Washington’s voluntary resignation is just a beautiful story.

On July 4, 1776, during the Second Continental Congress, 13 colonies adopted the declaration of independence. Therefore, this day was designated as independence day.

The initiative to declare independence was Richard The declaration of independence was written by Jefferson and signed by 56 people, most of whom were slave owners.

The war was still going on. In 1777, Spain refused to recognize the independence of the United States. It was useless for France to persuade, but Britain did not dare to send heavy troops to North America.

As a result, on June 21, 1779, Spain declared war on Britain for Gibraltar.

On December 20, 1780, the British declared war on the Netherlands because of the discovery of the secret trade treaty between the Netherlands (neutral) and the United States. France was unable to protect her little brother because of the outbreak of the great revolution.

The British policy of attacking Europe everywhere has suddenly reduced the military pressure of the United States.

The Dutch, who had fallen out with Britain, began to provide loans to the United States in 1782. These loans became the only source of revenue for the 13 states in North America and maintained the Americans’ impending financial collapse.

Unable to fight again, Britain signed the Paris agreement with the United States with the intervention of France on September 3, 1783. The war ended and the United States gained international recognition.

In 1787, several “Founding Fathers” of the United States held a constitutional convention secretly in Philadelphia and established a truly national government.

The United States is splitting

Over the past 200 years, the United States has developed from a loose and weak country composed of 13 colonies to a superpower, and is superior to European powers. The main principles of the rise of the United States:

1? Separation of church and state, free economy, concentration of power (capital + politics, especially after the civil war)

2? Elite rule and anti Democracy (Jefferson said that American civilians are too stupid to enjoy too many political rights. Workshop craftsmen, workers and farmers should stand in their own positions, and national affairs should be managed by noble rich people.

3? Bully the weak, establish and consolidate hegemony (starting from strength and position)

4? Highly publicize patriotism and adhere to the priority of the United States.

5? Pursue “American exceptionalism” in international affairs


Now the U.S. relay is in the hands of 79 year old Biden. Biden stressed in his “Independence Day” speech, “we are facing division, but we have the ability to choose unity.”

From the epidemic, the gun ban, to inflation, to the prohibition of abortion, the group division caused by the opposition in American society is becoming more and more serious, and some American media even think that civil war will break out.


Fox also broadcast a video. Carl Dekker, a World War II veteran who just celebrated his 100th birthday, sadly talked about the contrast between the past and the present in the United States at the “Independence Day” celebration, and couldn’t help but collapse and cry, “this is no longer the country we want to defend.”.

However, these chaos is not entirely Biden’s responsibility. In fact, when Obama went to Hiroshima to pay tribute to the Japanese, the historical justice and evil had been overturned and became a kind of political correctness.


The principle of separation of church and state has been destroyed by trump. He invited the evangelical goddess stick Paula to the White House as an adviser, and even listened to her opinions on epidemic prevention policies.


The virus retreats, retreats, retreats! Political enemies retreat, retreat, retreat! When a country is dying, there must be demons.

The “God woman” in our village did not go to the United States, which was obviously overqualified.

This year’s “Independence Day”, the United States even fewer fireworks, Phoenix, Arizona, Sacramento, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota and other cities have canceled the fireworks show.

The main reasons are poor freight logistics, soaring shipping costs, and the Sino US trade war. 96% of American fireworks imports come from China, which is good and cheap, and can be sold legally in every state, but the fun of American people has been deprived by politicians.


There are fewer fireworks, but more shootings. On independence day, white gunmen shot from high near Chicago, killing 6 people and injuring 36; There was also a shooting at the Philadelphia concert.

The United States really doesn’t care about human life and human rights. Don’t forget how it genocided Indians after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, and how to repay these debts?

But in some people’s eyes, the United States is still a spiritual totem. Maybe this is the distance that produces beauty.

However, it is a happy thing that the United States is moving towards division.

Countries oppressed by the United States will be able to choose their own development path.

And those who like America have more Americans to love, two, four, eight… The more, the better!

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